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test (jumping jacks in the change room which, by the way, totally winded me), and keeps every- thing where it should be. I’m tempted to “wear it out of the store” like a kid with new shoes but decide to save the test drive for the gym!


A Warm Hello and a Kiss Goodbye

Okay, I just came back from my first session at the club and I have to say – I’m pretty excited! My anxiety was getting pretty high but Gabriella in Membership literally couldn’t be nicer. She showed me everything, introduced me to so many people (how does she know every single person there!) and got me excited about trying out the programs. Somehow in her capable hands the thought “sure, I could totally try squash” crossed my hand/eye coordination chal- lenged mind. A warm and fuzzy beginning to my journey for sure! Then the hammer dropped. I had to change

and make my way to the dreaded Fitness Assess- ment. I knew it would be bad. It’s sort of like waiting for the bank receipt to print at the ATM or watching the total increasing at the Target reg- ister – you know the number will be nasty. You know generally what it’s going to be. But you can’t help scrunching up your face and watching out of one eye anyway – hoping for a surprise. Well, there was no surprise here. The num-

ber was in the ballpark I thought it would be and let me tell you, this is a large ballpark. But, I unscrunched my face and opened my other eye and looked at the number. Really looked. And said goodbye. Because the good thing about this number is that I’ll never see it again. It’s my be- fore. And you can’t get to after without being hit up in the head with before. Now, I don’t really want to share ALL the horror with you, but just so you can keep tabs on me (and to keep me honest), I will share my % of body fat and BMI. Now prepare yourself and no judging – 39.1% and 29.7 respectively. I know right? Ouch!! I’ll give you a monthly update and see how it goes. My 6 month goal? To get down to 30% body fat and 26% BMI. I think that is both reasonable and doable. With a little jiggling of course.


The Great Thing About the Superbowl

Here is something I now know for certain: the gym, like Ikea, Home Depot and probably every steakhouse with a TV in the country, is virtually empty during Superbowl! So great for


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