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gym novices who want to test the waters in rela- tive anonymity. Now there were a few diehards watching the game on the treadmills or ellipti- cal machines but I peeked in the weight room (don’t worry, I wasn’t actually going to go in) and it was deserted. I love it! I’m now rooting for the Leafs and hoping that a playoff run will have the same effect.

DAY 6 Note to Self #1

If, in the dead of winter, you are going to the gym after a morning of doing random errands, bring your gear out of the trunk as early as pos- sible. A semi-frozen sports bra is not exactly the uplifting experience I was looking for.

DAY 8 Note to Self #2

It is best to put your earphones in, find your playlist and get it all started BEFORE starting the treadmill. Otherwise, you run the risk of fall- ing off and looking a little silly. Just saying.

DAY 11 Tap Tap

So it’s been a few weeks and I am feeling the pressure (friendly, non-judgemental pressure mind you) to join my friends in various classes. But honestly, I just don’t feel I’m ready. First, my endurance and muscle strength are still in the nascent phase and secondly, I am really not that coordinated. How do you know when you are ready to move from the relative anonymity of the fitness centre into a group class? I wish they had a “tapping” system – where the trainers would roam the fitness centre and discreetly tap you on the shoulder to let you know you have been “called up”. That would be awesome. Then again, I would be so distracted watching who was getting the tap. I would no doubt fall off the treadmill. Again.

DAY 15 The Towel Dilemna

So my new challenge to myself is to try one new thing at the gym each week. This week? The showers! Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this is too easy for a challenge. But not true, there is shower etiquette and tech- nique to master before being confident. I think I did pretty well. I forgot to bring flip flops but other than that, didn’t seem to offend anyone in any way. But I have not mastered the towel situation. Gym staff, with all due respect can I


tell you that if you are a woman with, let’s say – curves – and who is maybe a teensy bit self- conscious of her curves (especially given all the super thin women walking around the change room in various states of nakedness), having towels that are the approximate size of a gra- ham cracker does not help the situation. Even using two of the wee cracker-towels, I still had to make some hard choices about which body part to cover up and which to share with the rest

ing my weights and I tell you, I walked a little taller and prouder on the way back to the locker room. And guess what? I only used 1 towel for the shower! You go girl!

DAY 21

True Confessions of the TV Kind

Confession time: While most of my motivation at the gym is definitely getting in shape and tak- ing charge of my heart health, another part of it (and a generous part at that) is being able to watch Law and Order reruns during the day. There must be 30 screens in the fitness centre and not a single one is turned to Max and Ruby! Genius!! As I get stronger physically, I am itch- ing to try some of the group classes to mix it up a little, but I really am torn because I hate to leave my TV. Maybe after Sweeps Week.

DAY 24 My Hips Don’t Lie!

Hold up! I have big news! I do believe my winter coat is looser on me than it was a month ago. Now I’m not saying it’s loose exactly, but loosER which is pretty great nonetheless. I was suspi- cious of this a couple of days ago but I chalked it up to a thin sweater and wishful thinking. But now I noticed it again so I say it’s official! Can my jeans be next?! Cross my fingers. Update – went this evening and tried the

steam shower after all! So there. It was awesome! DAY 27

Tennis Anyone?

of the locker room. Other than that, thoroughly enjoyed showering without any of my children banging on the door to get in. Next week’s chal- lenge? It’s a toss up between trying that sadistic looking stair machine in the fitness centre or the steam room.

DAY 18 Woo Hoo!

Total revelation at the gym today – I actually rock! Seriously. I’ve been lurking around for 3 weeks now, feeling a little self-conscious and embarrassed about being in slightly inferior shape than the majority of ORC members (just slightly, mind you). But today I realized that I should totally be proud – there I am sweating it out and making a difference and basically say- ing “not today, Sir” to heart disease and a whole host of other weight-related diseases and that rocks! I had this revelation in the middle of do-

So, I cheated a little in that I didn’t try some- thing new at the gym this week. Unless you count the restaurant. Which actually, I do and it is deelish!! Love, love, love the smoothies and the soup. Yum. Seriously, daytime TV and homemade soup? Someone should’ve told me about this long ago. But I digress. The reason I haven’t tried out anything other than a new soup this week is that I am psychologically pre- paring myself for a BIG new thing next week. Wait for it. . .a private tennis lesson! Ouch and Yikes!! I am literally scared. And also super ex- cited. Wish me luck! Now, to find a suitable skirt...

ORC’s Mystery Mover is an Oakville local and proud mother of three busy kids, which may ac- count for at least some of her sagginess and a large part of her sense of humour! To read more about her journey to health, go to:

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