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South American Masters (M50+). He received a Bronze Medal in the 2005 Squash World Mas- ters Games, and over the past eight years has been a Finalist at the Squash Canada Masters Open Championships six times. Mike is cur- rently the Chair of the Squash Canada Masters Committee, member of the Squash Canada Competitions Committee and a member of the Squash Ontario Board of Directors. For Mike, squash, fitness, family and coach-


ing all represent a way of life: "Volunteering in sport has given me an excellent tool for 'giving back'- discipline, physical/mental development, sportsmanship, teamwork, communication, pos- itive competition- all great lessons." Last May, a herniated disc caused a loss of all feeling down his right leg, and led to a drop foot with no toe movement. "Fortunately," he says, "by mid Octo- ber I had 60% recovered and kept improving. I won the Squash Ontario Masters Open a couple of weeks ago." With a champion's drive, Mike adds, "I am

looking forward to the next World Masters Games in Italy, July 2013. I hope to keep play- ing the 'Age Categories,' do some tour/travel in Europe and perhaps Australia/New Zealand to compete in some Masters Tournaments once I retire from teaching in the next couple years, and maybe earn another medal in the World Masters Games or the World Squash Champi- onships within the next 4 years." Mike Bertin is a Master at the Game of Life!


Originally from Trinidad, Annette has always loved fitness; she’s been a member for 20 years. 15 of those years were spent on the tennis court, playing the sport she still loves.

M Fibromyalgia,

ention Annette Wheeldon’s name to anyone at the club, and they’ll know her.


the chronic and debilitating medical condition she suffers from, and spine, rotator, and Achil- les tendon issues now prevent her from playing tennis but Annette remains a force of nature. She states, “working out makes me feel energetic and I want to move to push my body!” At 64, she is dynamic and feisty. She loves Heidi and Marika’s Group Power, Joelle’s Spin and Marg’s Pilates. She attends Regan’s Abs class as well and is a cheerleader in her promotion of movement. Annette took medication for osteoporosis, but after two years of Group Power weight training, she proudly no longer needs them! “Come out every day and DO something, instead of moan- ing and groaning,” she orders. Ok, Annette, we will try to keep up with you!

AT EDICK IT’S OUR PASSION to take a unique approach to build, design and maintain your property. It’s our passion to create landscapes of distinction that will reflect you and your home. Our dedicated team of experts will listen, assess, design and guide you through the creation of an environment that fits your needs, vision and budget. Our passion is firmly planted from small upgrades to complete property enhancements and revitalization.

Since 1949 we’ve been building a reputation for exceptional attention to detail. Family owned and operated, we are a full service landscape company that’s been creating and maintaining properties with honesty, integrity and respect. EDICK. OUR DEDICATION TO QUALITY IS ALL IN THE DETAILS.



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