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confidence is karate. It is suitable for all chil- dren, regardless of their body type, coordina- tion, size or gender. Physical attributes like speed, strength and size are not as important as focus, self-control, commitment and discipline. Many people envision karate as depicted in

the movies. But karate is not about prolonged, ferocious fighting. In fact, karate is not about violence at all. Karate is about respect, confi- dence, self-control and humility. A good karate program goes beyond teach- ing students basic karate blocks, kicks, and

strikes. It teaches life skills—the mental and emo- tional tools that enable your child to achieve their highest goal: becoming the best person they can be! The student is allowed to develop at his or

her own pace. The goals that they achieve are all their own. Training instills mental and physical discipline necessary for a healthy life. They are participating in a safe and stimulating environ- ment in which the child can have fun and learn to interact with others. Students are encouraged to do their best ev-

My daughter Mckenzie is in grade 3 and has been taking karate for 3 years. It has been a fundamental factor in changing a shy girl into a confident one both in social settings and in school. Before we started with karate, my daughter would refuse to talk in new situ-


ations or speak in large groups. With karate, my daughter has built confidence as she moves through the katas. She takes great pride in how much she has learned and mastered. Through

Sensei Kirk’s firm but warm teaching style, she now has the confidence to join tournaments, teach other students, "run the bags", and show off her kata to family and friends. Using the "big voice" she has learned from helping to teach others in karate, she is now able to enjoy participating in class presentations. Thank you Sensei Kirk for helping to build a firm foundation in confidence and self-esteem!

ery step of the way. Karate boosts self-esteem for each and every student who participates. There are no winners, just an all around celebration of success and accomplishment achieved by all who take part. But don’t take my word for it. One parent

writes: “When my son, Evan, joined the karate program 9 years ago, he had low self-esteem. This has changed dramatically. He has developed bet- ter concentration, focus and coordination skills along with making a lot of new friends, which truly helped raised his self esteem.” (Donna, ORC Karate parent) Cultivating your child’s self-esteem is one

of the most important things you can do as a parent. A strong sense of self-worth will enable your child to remain positive in any situation, and ensure they are well equipped to deal with whatever challenges life throws at them. Why not furnish your child with the tools they need to succeed, and try a program like karate?

Combining mind, body and spirit, the ORC Karate Academy is a well-rounded activity for any child. There is no yearly contract to sign. Non-members are most welcome, and there are no grading fees up to brown belt. For more information contact Sensei Kirk Atkinson 905.822.5240 ext. 612.

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