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Ready for blast-off: Ecsite 2012

jEan-baptiStE dESboiS I

t’s with a great deal of enthu- si asm an d honour that the

city of Toulouse, Cité de l’espace and the Museum of Toulouse join forces to host the Ecsite Annual Conference 2012 : Space and time, unlim- ited, from 31 May to 1 June. Cité de l’espace is the most important

learning park in Europe dedicated to space and astronomy which it presents through permanent and temporary exhibitions (for example, you can actually explore Mars on our premises with the “Explorez Mars” exhibit), objects of space exploration (as displayed through the Mir Space Station and capsule Soyouz, among others), arte- facts from space (we display one of only five moon stones available in Europe, granted to us by NASA), shows (IMAX films, our won- derful planetaria), and events. We bolster our work through close part-

nerships with the most important regional actors in science, industry, academics, asso- ciations, tourism, as well as with national and international figures related to space (including CNES-agence spatiale française, the European Space Agency and NASA). Based in Toulouse, a world epicentre of

civil space engineering and production, Cité de l’espace has the primary objective to promote science to the widest possible public audience and inspire youth to pur- sue science-related careers. Cité is also a hub of the space sector’s cutting edge activity; laboratories, research centres, schools and universities, enterprises and public orga- nizations all gather at our park to advance inquiry into space. We’re a proud contributor to the reputation of Toulouse and its status as a Midi Pyrénées “city of knowledge”. On the occasion of Cité’s 15th anniversary,

we are taking on a complete renovation of our permanent exhibition which the del- egates of Ecsite 2012 will have a chance to sneak preview in June. Without a doubt, this edition of the Ecsite

Annual Conference will be a rich exchange of information surrounding the idea of Space and time, unlimited – a conference theme that not only echoes the heart of our institution, but also speaks to us as individ- uals in today’s society.

Jean-Baptiste Desbois, director general, Cité de l’espace

8 Mind Museum opens in Manila

Bonifacio Art Foundation (BAF) has unveiled the Mind Museum in Taguig, a city located in the Metro Manila region of the Philippines. BAF has led the project

to establish the country’s “first world-class science museum”, with design work undertaken by Ed Calma of Makati City-based Lor Calma and Partners. Te 7,600sq m (81,806sq ſt)

building, which contains five galleries across two levels, fea- tures a futuristic and organic design inspired by cell growth and molecular structures. Interior exhibition areas span 3,560sq m

Te interior area, designed by Jack Rouse Associates, has five galleries

Museum. Jack Rouse Associates acted as exhi- bition masterplanner and exhibit designer. Other groups involved with the project

(38,320sq ſt), with the five galleries compris- ing Te Story of the Earth; Te Story of the Universe; Te Story of Life; Te Story of the Atom; and Te Story of Technology. More than 250 “hands-on” and “minds-on” experiences have been installed at the Mind

include Singapore Science Centre (planning consultant) and Cobalt Engineering. The US-based media group National

Geographic Channel has signed a partner- ship allowing “complete access” to its digital media library used in exhibits.

Science museum for Stennis Space Center

A new US$30m (€23m, £19m) science museum and visi- tor attraction has opened at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, US. Te 72,000sq ſt (6,700sq m)

Infinity Science Center houses a number of interactive exhib- its and educational galleries on earth and space – including ones that examine the work of NASA and Mississippi’s important contributions to space exploration. The ground floor will be

dominated by the Earth Gallery, which includes the Global Patterns exhibit, recreating the various cycles and patterns that characterise Earth as a system; and the Deep Ocean Lab, where vis- itors will be able to use technology to make a 3D map of the floor of a large water tank.

Te new centre will house a number of educational exhibits on space Other spaces include the Great Nations Dare

to Explore gallery, a 4,000sq ſt (372sq m) maze that will give visitors the chance to explore their way from early Egypt to a future that could see colonies established on Mars and the moon.

Mississippi science museum unveils expansion

Te Mississippi Museum of Natural Science (MMNS) has officially opened a conservation and biodiversity facility in Jackson, US, follow- ing a US$5m (£3.1m, E3.8m) expansion. Financed by the state and federal gov- ernments, the new 19,000sq ſt (1,765sq m)

Read Attractions Management online

Mississippi Center for Conservation and Biodiversity (MCCB) houses laboratory and collection spaces. MMNS’ collections currently contain more than 1 million animal and plant specimens, with its “wet collection” of alcohol- preserved items exceeding storage capacity.

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