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Zoos - at the heart of conservation


hrough the support of mil lions of visitors,

AZA zoos and aquar- iums are spending millions on conser- vation. In fact, a recent study shows that in 2010, AZA zoos and aquariums spent $130 million to protect animals around the world. In total, AZA zoos and aquariums supported 1,906 projects in 112 countries. Protecting animals in the wild can happen

in a variety of ways. Some institutions, like the Wildlife Conservation Society and San Diego Global, have extensive programs all over the world. T ey hire their own scientists and fi eld conservationists and do the work themselves. Other zoos, like the Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown, SD, make dona-

“Sometimes nature needs

some help getting things started”

tions to other conservation organisations. For Bramble Park, their conservation part- ner of choice is the Jane Goodall Institute. Some zoos and aquariums have exten-

sive rescue and rehabilitation programs for sea turtles and manatees. T ese include the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas, and South Carolina Aquarium in Charlestown, SC, working with sea turtles and Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo focusing on manatees. Some zoos focus their conservation eff orts around one of their signature animals. For the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee and Zoo Atlanta in Georgia, that means hundreds of thousands of dollars for giant panda con- servation work in China. Sometimes nature needs some help get-

ting things started. The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle breeds and releases endan- gered butterfl ies. Oglebay’s Good Zoo in Wheeling, W Va, does the same with hell- bender salamanders. For the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona, its black-footed ferrets and the Los Angeles Zoo its California condors.

Tim Lewthwaite, publications manager, Association of Zoos and Aquariums

12 Work to begin on NY Aquarium

Work will begin later this year on the US$30m (22m, £19m) Ocean Wonders: Sharks! exhibition, the fi rst phase of a US$150m (112m, £94m) expansion of the New York Aquarium in the US. T e 50,000sq ſt (4,600sq

m) Ocean Wonders exhibit will accommodate 115 species of marine animals, including more than 40 sharks. Housed in an iconic new

building and expected to be completed in 2015, the expan- sion will add more than 500,000 gallons of tank space to the aquariums capacity. T e design of the building and the exhi-

T e Ocean Wonders exhibit will accommodate more than 40 sharks

bitions has been a collaborative eff ort led by the in-house design team at the aquarium’s operator, T e Wildlife Conservation Society; Seattle, US-based architects T e Portico Group; and a team of consultants including Doyle

Partnership. T e Architect of Record is New York City-based, Edelman Sultan Knox Wood. T e expansion forms a key component of A Sea Change, a 10-year partnership launched in September 2009 by the aquarium operator (Wildlife Conservation Society), the City of New York, and the Borough of Brooklyn.

Chester Zoo unveils £30m Islands plans

Chester Zoo has unveiled plans to bring the islands of Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines to Cheshire, UK, as part of a £30m scheme showcasing its conservation work. The Islands project is to

enable visitors to explore the themed and immersive landscapes by boat or on foot, with features including educational exhibits, play areas and eateries. Species including the Indonesian Rhinoceros

T e designs for the exhibit were drawn up by architects Dan Pearlman Zoo director general Dr Mark Pilgrim said:

Hornbill and the Sumatran Orang-utan will be among those on show. A major new Indonesian tropical house is also included in the plans. Architects from the Dan Pearlman group of

Germany are behind the designs for the Islands project, which Chester Zoo believes will be the fi rst scheme of its kind in the UK.

“Our wildlife expedition will be based on real life, real people and real stories and will be unlike anything seen in a UK zoo. “Islands will not just showcase the areas that

the zoo works in, but will also be a platform for some of the most endangered animals on the planet.”

Ripley to open third aquarium in Toronto, Canada

Attractions operator Ripley Entertainment has confi rmed that it will open a new aquarium in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2013. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada will be a

12,500sq m (135,000sq ſt ) family attraction with more than 5.7m litres (1.5m gallons) of

Read Attractions Management online

water and featuring marine and freshwater habitats from around the world. T e CA$130m (US$131m, €100m, £84m)

aquarium will be third in Ripley’s portfolio, following previous openings in Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, US.

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