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68/ MAY 2011 THE RIDER REAL Types of Soil.....Good old Mother Earth

ESTATE: By Teri Davidson.

This is the perfect column for this time of year because those of you with heavy clay soil are remembering why you hate spring thaw! Soil type is a consideration not many hobby farm

buyers take much note of but it cer- tainly is something they should be aware of especially when keeping livestock.

I grew up in the little hamlet of Whitevale outside of Pickering Ont. on a dairy farm . I never had any inkling of the different types of soil though I’m sure my grandparents knew the pro’s and cons of their soil type. Once I started selling real estate which involved not only city properties but rural ones as well I started hearing different sellers and buyers talking about their soil types and what happened with drainage, crop production and the attributes of matching soil requirements to land use.Of course every landowner can find reasons why his or her type of earth is a good one, especially when they are wanting to sell!

My husband and I have friends, we’ll call them Dib and Pip, who live outside of Brantford on a 110 acre farm where they train, teach english riding and western sport .The soil there is heavy clay and this particular winter has been a nightmare. Because they have such a large group of hors- es and students , riders are constantly bring the horses back and forth

through the different paddocks and the entry gate areas have become cess pools of clay and water. I was in the barn two weeks ago waiting for my daughter to clean up when I heard a hard knock at the closed barn door. I opened up the upper portion of the door to find one of the other kid’s mom standing there looking very dejected and saying “I have a situa- tion here!” As I swung back the bot- tom half of the same door I could see she was leading her horse in with no boots on her feet which were com- pletely encased in solid wet mud, her socks were pulled forward , weighed down with mud and she was mud right up to her knees. She had the horses lead in one hand and her boots in the other. The boots where totally mud covered and filled. She’d gone out to get her horse and as she tried to manouver in the run-in, her feet had become stuck, and as anyone who has ever been on wet clay soil knows, she had been sucked down into the mire. When she tried to pull forward her boots had been sucked right off her feet. She’d hung on to the horse , fished her boots out of the mud and walked back through it in the frigid muck, sinking and slipping all the

way to the barn. As she cleaned up I thought to myself I’d never seen any- one with such bright red feet in my life!

This scenario is an almost everyday occurance at my friends farm all spring long. It’s the constant source of conversation and we love to tease Pip about how wonderful the sandy loam soil is here on our farm where the horses never get mud fever , our boots stay on our feet and our washing machine doesn’t get clogged up with dirt. Pip always responds with the “attributes” of heavy clay for growing and holding the grass down so his horses don’t get sand colic and his root system isn’t destroyed......he also always brings up the fact that he has a beautiful breeze on his hilltop farm which we don’t have and I always respond, “ I can buy a fan!” Lot’s of fun....this country liv-


Teri Davidson is Broker/owner of Associate Realty in Brantford Ont. Teri has been a licensed member of the Brantford Regional Real Estate Association for 34 years.

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