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32/ MAY 2011 THE RIDER

Q.R.O.O.I: 11 Harwood Avenue South, Suite 202, Ajax Ontario L1S 2B9 Telephone: (905) 426-7050 • Fax: (905) 426-7093 Email:

Toronto, Ontario, April 20, 2011 - The Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program is pleased to announce the highlights of the 2011 Quarter Horse racing season.


Bob Broadstock 18101 Cedardale Road, Nestleton, Ontario L0B 1L0 (905) 986-0044



Erik Lehtinen RR #2,

Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R2

(905) 852-5245

Greg Watson 785 Hwy 7A,

Bethany, ON L0A 1A0 (705) 277-0248

Doug Cheetham

32 Talbot St., Brampton, ON L6X 2P5 (905) 796-9640

René Hunderup

P.O. Box 310, Station Main, King City, ON L7B 1A6 (905) 886-7886

Steve Hunter

231485 County Road 24, Grand Valley, Ontario L6X 2P5 • (519) 928-5209

2011 Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Features a Rich, Innovative Stakes Program 7050.

There will be 456 racing opportu- nities offered over 49 days, from early May at Ajax Downs to the end of October at Fort Erie RaceTrack. Quar- ter Horse racing events will include the Friendship Festival of Racing, Satur- day, July 2 through Monday, July 4, at Fort Erie Race Track. This weekend will feature the G3 $100,000 AQHA Bank of America Challenge, sure to attract some of North America’s fastest

horses. Also running this weekend is the $50,000 CanAm Challenge, match- ing Canadian-owned horses against American-owned horses and the popu- lar Battle of the Breeds races, matching Quarter Horses against Thoroughbreds. An unprecedented stakes program is being offered this year in Ontario. Featuring 29

stakes races at two different racetracks, participants will race for more than $1.7 million

“The Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario (QROOI) are proud to offer

dollars in added money during the 2011 season.

such a rich and exciting stakes pro- gram,” said QROOI President Bob Broadstock. “We have pulled this all together with the support of the Quar- ter Horse Racing Industry Develop- ment Program, the Ontario Racing Commission, Fort Erie Race Track and Ajax Downs and the American Quarter Horse Association. What a privilege it is to be working so collaboratively with these groups for the growth and sustainability of Quarter Horse racing in Ontario.” The Stakes Program Guide with nomination dates is available online at or by call- ing the QROOI office at 905-426-

Important dates to remember: May 15 - Opening Day at Ajax Downs. Live racing on Sundays and Tuesdays through October 2

nd ~

July 2, 3, 4 - Friendship Festival of Racing. Fort Erie Race Track ~

September 24 - QROOI Yearling and Mixed Sale, Orangeville Fair Grounds October 8 - Quarter Horse racing

August 21 - Family Day at Ajax Downs. Live racing action plus activi- ties for the kids ~

Brian Farell

C2130 - Hwy #7, RR #1, Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0 (705) 357-3214

returns to Fort Erie Race Track ~ . Three full Saturdays, plus three days of mixed thoroughbred cards

For more information on Ontario’s Quarter Horse racing, breed- ing and industry development pro- grams, please visit the Quarter Horse Program section of the Ontario Racing Commission website at www.ontario- or contact the Program Coordinator at 416-213-0520 or qhprogram@ontarioracingcommis- .

2011 Program Sponsors Announced for Post Racing Incentive Program

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Quarter Horse Rac- ing Industry Development Program (OQHRIDP) is pleased to announce the participating industry associations for the 2011 Post Racing Incentive Program.

The following associations have entered into a sponsorship agreement with the OQHRIDP to support the promotion, verification and admin- istration of this year’s $20,000 Post Racing Bonus.

• Dodge Rodeo Tour - • Eastern Canadian Barrel Futurities (ECBF)

• Mid Western Horseman’s Society (MWHS)

• National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA)

• Ontario Barrel Racing Association (OBRA)

• Ontario Quarter Horse Association (OQHA)

participation in the speed events of barrel racing and pole bending.

• Ontario Rodeo Association (ORA) www.orar-

The Post Racing Incentive Program is designed to support the market for Quarter Horses at the end of their racing career in Ontario by encour- aging people to purchase retired racehorses and use them in horse sport.

Sponsor associations host recognized events and those participants using horses which have previously raced in Ontario Quarter Horse races earn points and become eligible to receive a share of the $20,000 Post Racing Bonus. Cur- rently the bonus is attached to performance and

2011 Quarter Horse Program Criteria Books Now Available

Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program Toronto, ON – The Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program has pub- lished the 2011 Program Crite- ria Book which provides the specific details for the suite of Quarter Horse Programs worth over $8 million in 2011. The criteria book is now available on-line and has now been mailed to all persons licensed by the Ontario Racing Commis- sion for Quarter Horse racing in 2010.

2011 Program Highlights · The Ontario Jackpot Derby is looking to attract top three- year-olds with $150,000 added money. The Derby is intended to continue to raise the profile of Ontario Quarter Horse racing and build on the success of the Ontario Jackpot Futurity. The Jackpot races are unrestricted by the residency of the owner or the birth place of the horse. Breeders of successful Program

Registered horses in these races are eligible for 2011 Stakes Breeders and Stallion Bonus rewards.

· The Program introduces the $100,000 added Ontario Sires Stakes Futurity, restricted to Ontario Sired two-year olds in the Program Registry.

· A minimum of $50,000 added money for Stakes Program purses has been approved for 2011.

· Ajax Downs has 40 days of racing and there will also be additional racing opportunities at Fort Erie Race Track in 2011. · The Group Benefit Subsidy is now available to industry par- ticipants holding multiple Quar- ter Horse licenses. Eligible recipients will now be subsi- dized at the highest rate. · The Skills Development Pro- gram includes Pathway to Employment and Education, a Mentor wage subsidy and scholarships for a range of equine-related education pro- grams.

The Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Devel- opment Program was developed by the Ontario Racing

Commission with the coopera- tion from the horse industry to support development of a strong and sustainable

For further information on events being hosted this year, eligibility requirements and application forms, please contact the associations listed above, visit the Quarter Horse section of the Ontario Racing Commission website at or contact Sandy Anthony, Program Coordinator by phone at 416-213-0520 or by email at The Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program is administered bt the Ontario Racing Commission.

QROOI - WSIB Information Sessions

Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc. is setting up a meeting with a WSIB Representa- tive. This is to provide an opportunity for our members to have their questions answered. Exact time and date has yet to be established. Pre-reg-

Notice to the Industry

ORC Approves 2011-2012 Budget – reduced to pre-2004 levels

Quarter Horse racing industry in Ontario. Specifically, the Program’s main objectives are to achieve measured, balanced growth for the sector and to improve the quantity and quali- ty of Ontario-bred racing stock active in Quarter Horse racing in Ontario.

Program criteria and all required forms for 2011 can be accessed from the Featured Showcase section on the home page of the Ontario Racing Commission website at: www.ontarioracingcommis- . Information may also be obtained from the Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario (QROOI) website at

The Governing Board of the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) has approved a balanced budget for the 2011/2012 fiscal year which lowers regulatory expenditures to pre-2004 levels. It has also lived up to its com- mitment to the industry and eliminated the interim $800,000 service deficit fee introduced one year ago.


• the Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program,

• the Equine Medication Con- trol Program, including the CPMA’s TCO2 Program, • the Human Alcohol and Drug Program, and

The 2011/2012 regulatory budget has been set at approxi- mately $ 8.9 million. The com- parable figure in 2004, prior to the ORC assuming various industry program costs, was $ 9.9 million. The cost to admin- ister these industry programs in total add about $ 3.3 million to the budget, and include: • the Horse Improvement Pro-

• the implementation and moni- toring of the Ontario Racing Program.

The ORC has made consid- erable efforts to maintain costs and operate in a fiscally respon- sible manner while responding to the service level demands of the industry. For more than five years, the ORC has virtually flat lined its expenses and intro- duced cost restraints.

While these efforts shall

continue, the Governing Board advised the Administration that the ORC should not and will not deviate from ensuring that it continues to provide quality ser- vices to the horse racing sector. The ORC must continue to ful- fill its legislated mandate of protecting the health and safety of the horse, the safety of par- ticipants and protecting the pub- lic interest.

The commitment is to examine these core services for better and more efficient means of delivery. Any service not directly related to fulfilling the mandate should be evaluated to determine whether they would be funded through full cost recovery, off-loaded back to the industry, or dropped.

istration will be required. Please advise our office if you are interested in attending this ses- sion by telephone at (905) 426-7050 or by email at

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