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MAY 2011 THE RIDER /17

MHCO Members & their Miniature horses literally let their hair down to raise money for the new MHCO Youth Plus Club!

Submitted by Carolyn Aarup MHCO members and their Miniature horses literally let their horses’ hair down at the 1st annual MHCO Fuzzy Show & Fun Day held Sat, April 9, 2011 at Quardreams Equestrian Centre in Mount Forest. The show was held to help raise funds for the new MHCO Youth Plus Club. The MHCO Youth Plus Club is for young people 21 years of and under who are interested in learning about and enjoying their Miniature Horses, providing them with various activities such as fun days, clin- ics, campouts, and social activi- ties.

and Cheryl Scutt. All exhibitors received a goodie bag full of carrots for their horses donated by Savage Moor Farms. Laurie Green baked up lots of cupcakes to sell as a fundraiser for the MHCO Youth Plus Club. Rob Green was our Club Photographer for the day and captured lots of smiles on the exhibitors depicting the fun had by all!

The new MHCO Fuzzy Show & Fun Day offered its members of all ages a day of fun and a chance to visit with their fellow members in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The rules were simple: no clipping or show prep, no show halters, no show clothing to be worn! Over 60 people came out in total with 23 exhibitors & 29 horses exhibit- ing including a number of new members! The average number of exhibitors per class was 20. MHCO Youth Plus Club Committee Chair Doug Savage was assisted throughout the day by his MHCO Youth Plus Club committee members including Angie Trumpler during registra- tion and score keeping done by new members Kelly Cetnarski

The day started with a brief Show Clinic taught by Carolyn Aarup who discussed basic Show Eti- quette, Sportsmanship, Appropriate Show cloth- ing for Humans & Hors- es, Line set-up. The group was then divided up into three groups which rotated to different instructional areas for the rest of the morning: Showmanship & Halter with Carolyn Aarup, Jumping with Heather Aarup & Doug Savage and Obstacles with Katie Young & Angie Trumpler.

High Point Youth of the Day, Nikki Trumpler with Judge, Michelle Courtemanche

Lunch was included with exhibitors’ entry fee and a food booth supplied by Quardreams. Doug, Bev, Michelle, along with MHCO President John McCallum, handed out gifts to all the Youth exhibitors: leads

donated by SavageMoor Farms and horse-themed pillowcases hand crafted by Frannie Fil- ipowicz. John’s decision on the MHCO Youth Plus Club Poster Contest winners was announced: 1st – Amy Trum- pler, 2nd – Payton Swaffield, 3rd – Makenna Louks. The

The Fuzzy show began in the afternoon judged by Michelle Courtemanche, stew- arded by Bev Beesley. There were 14 classes offered which included a number of “hair length” measurement classes (Longest Whiskers/Bridle Path, Longest Tail, Short- est/Longest Body Hair, etc), Costume and vari- ous relay type events which encouraged teamwork for both horses and humans. Spectators were even treated to a class where exhibitors showed off special tricks they had taught their horses. High Point Youth of the Day, Nikki Trum- pler, received a beauti- ful trophy donated by Eve Dexter. Full list of results on the MHCO website

All the youths pitched in and helped clean up the grounds which allowed us to save on the clean up fee thanks to Quardreams. All proceeds went to support the new MHCO Youth Plus Club. A very big thank you

winning poster will help promote the 2011 MHCO Club Point Shows.

goes to our Youth Plus Club sponsors: Fran & Walt Filipow- icz, Doug & Caroline Savage, Eve Dexter, Swaffield Septic Services, Kelly & Mike Doher-

ty, Dakota Winds Farm. For more information on the MHCO and its new Youth Plus Club, go to

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