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22/ MAY 2011 THE RIDER Ontario Pinto Is More Than Just A Flash Of Colour Submitted by Tracey Russell

One unique show series offers Ontario equestrians the venue to compete and earn points under three different asso- ciations, plus points in all breeds open classes. The associations offered are OPtHA (Ontario Pinto Horse Associa- tion), PtHA (American Pinto Horse Asso- ciation) and the APHA PAC program (American Paint Horse Association Alter- native Competition Program). Combined shows are a fun addition to the schedules of many Ontario riders, whatever breed of horse they ride. Ontario Pinto Horse Association is excited to combine forces

with the Ontario Paint Horse Club for the first time at the new Ancaster Fairgrounds on May 22nd.

Riders who are just beginning to show and those who would like to polish up their skills are welcome to participate. The shows are affordable and appeal to a wide range of rider levels and disciplines. A family-oriented environment welcomes newcomers of all ages and provides opportunities to compete at every level in a supportive environment.

The OPtHA provides Pinto competi- tion for Youth, Amateur and Open levels in English, Western Performance and

Speed Event classes. They provide all breed competition for Lead Line, Beginner Division and Open classes. Every show has a qualified judge for the multi discipline show bill. The Multi-judged shows allow points to be accumulated for the American Pinto Horse Association awards in less time.

OPtHA will be hosting their 2nd

annual Pinto fall colours trail ride that will be held at Teen Ranch in Orangeville, October 2nd. Join us for a scenic trail ride and a catered hot lunch. All riders must have a 2011 OPtHA membership.

The year is capped off with a catered awards dinner with winners of numerous trophies, plaques and ribbons. A silent auction and raffle

draws follow the annual general meeting held in December.

For further information, visit the OPtHA website at www.ontariopin- or email Don’t for- get to ask about the New Member Incentive – 1 free judge.

New Recreation Funding Program for 2011

COURSE DATES: June 9-12, September 22-25 and November 17 -20

4 day Certification course, over 18 years of teaching and hands on experience, Jodi is a Reg. Massage therapist for people as well as an Osteopath. With a lifetime of equine experience Jodi can provide a wealth of knowledge. Willing to come to your barn if 6 or more interest-

Learn basic Anatomy, confirmation, movement, lameness, Massage theory. Hands on Massage each day. Improve your horses ability through massage or start your own business (519) 855-4447

The Ontario Equestrian Federa- tion is pleased to announce the intro- duction of the new Recreation Fund- ing Program for 2011. OEF Presi- dent Allan Ehrlick feels that this is an important step in the future of recreational equestrian activities in the province, “Together with Equine Canada, the OEF invites eligible member affiliate organizations to apply for funding consideration. The program is designed to fund educa- tional programs and trail develop- ment for equestrian communities in Ontario.”

About the fund

As of 2010, all Ontario Eques- trian Federation members became a member of Equine Canada with remittance of a $5 fee (increased to $10 in 2011) per member. It was agreed that 30% of this fee would rollback to the province in the form of funding for non-sport projects or programs that benefit recreational riders and the equine community as a whole. The total funding available for 2011 is approximate- ly $26,000.

“Equine Canada, together with its provin-

cial partners, has introduced a nation- al membership fee to drive programs to serve Canada’s recreational rid- ers,” states Equine Canada President Mike Gallagher. “Through this new initiative, we hope to see more than $100,000 flow back out to grassroots equestrian activities across the coun- try in the coming year - from trail development and refurbishments, to education and program development for the recreational rider.

to apply for funds. Associations who are members of the Associations Advisory Council are not eligible to apply.

“We encourage OEF members to take full advantage of these grants to enhance recreational participation in this fabulous sport. Thank you to the OEF for launching an easy-to- follow application process. Equine Canada looks forward to learning more about the many creative activi- ties these grants will support in Ontario.”

Who can apply?

Eligible equestrian clubs or organizations applying for funds must be members in good standing with the OEF Recreation Council (Affiliate membership). All organi- zations that are not current 2011 Affiliate members are encouraged to join the OEF so that they are eligible

What will grants be awarded for? Applicants must demonstrate that funds are being used for educa- tion. This could include seminars, guest speakers, safety courses, and the health and welfare of the horse. Another eligible use would be for trail development such as creating new equestrian trails, upgrading existing trails, building bridges, stag- ing areas, trail improvement for the safety of horse and rider, etc. The funding program is designed to match dollar for dollar, and applicants must provide proof of matching funds for their program. The OEF Recreation Council has the right to cap funds at its discretion. For further information on the program and/or joining the OEF Recreation Council please contact Catherine Barker at 1-877-441-7112 or 905-709-6545 ext. 23, or visit

Sandy Webster To Speak At Greys On Grass Education Centre

Submitted by Nancy Findlayson

Several years ago, when I was starting out on the road to my equestrian career, I met an amazing “little” woman called Sandy Webster. She was to be my boss, mentor and eventually my closest friend. Listing her accomplishments could easily fill a novel. Some of her achieve- ments just to name a few are, first female jockey in Canada (Quarter Horse), Steeplechase jockey in New Zealand(Thoroughbred), winning Thor- oughbred trainer, Canadian team Polo cross member, ‘A’ Pony Club graduate, competitive driver, and Advanced 3-Day Eventer who quali- fied for the PanAm games and was long listed for the Canadian Event team.

Sandy’s first and foremost love is therapeu- tic riding. She is a passionate advocate for people with special needs and is an innovator in the industry, having developed adaptive tack and horse and rider programs that are the standard in most therapeutic stables today. She is a NAHRA Master Instructor, CanTRA Advanced instructor, CEF Level 2 coach (eventing), Level 1 (English) Examiner for Advanced Instruc- tors, Mentor and an Accreditation Site Evaluator. Sandy was instru- mental in developing the Wounded Warrior TR program for the Amer- ican Military’s Afghan veterans. She was the Program Director and Management Consultant for several therapeutic stables in Texas, Alaba- ma, Georgia and California. I could go on and on, but perhaps some- day, if she ever slows down, she will publish her memoirs.

In 1989 she was introduced to me as the new Program Director and my “boss” at CARD which is where our incredible journey together began. Through the years I

have watched her persevere and succeed in the face of physical and emotional adversity, never taking “No” for an answer and not letting me take it for an answer either. Watching her tirelessly pursue her goals while motivating others to do the same taught me that with enough time and effort, anything is possible. Her winning person- ality, gentle manner and ability to see the best in people has earned her much respect and an excel- lent reputation, both in the horse industry and beyond. She is an international clinician and motivational speaker with an energetic, dynamic style. It is due to her encouragement and belief that “Education is the key to producing better horse people”, that our “Greys on Grass” Equine Education Centre was conceived and now runs. On Thursday July 7th, Sandy Webster has gra- ciously accepted our invitation to speak at Greys On Grass Equine Education Centre on the topic “Overcoming Fear and Gaits of Change”. It will be good to have her back in Canada!

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