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MAY 2011 THE RIDER /57

REACH Huron 2011 – Woodbine Entertainment Group Sponsored Fundraising Event Clinton, Ontario – April 23, 2011 –

REACH Huron has now finalized plans for a major fundraising event. The event will be held in the Terrace Dining Room at the Mohawk Racetrack on 9430 Guelph Line in Campbellville, Ontario on the evening of June 3rd, 2011. WEG has graciously donated the dining room and full buffet to REACH Huron.

While the evening will be hosted at

the standardbred race event REACH Huron is looking to all agricultural, equine and education partners to attend to help celebrate the charitable value of REACH Huron and to partake in a relax- ing and fun evening.

highlights: The evening offers a number of

• Our special guest will be Carol Mitchell, Honourable Minister of Agri-

culture, Food & Rural Affairs. • Live standardbred racing action with several high profile Casual Breeze stake races.

• Central Ontario Standardbred Associa- tion (“COSA”) has donated a special $5,000 betting pool and each of our guests will have the chance of winning the opportunity to place a $500 bet on one of the evening’s races. Proceeds

Mule Moms on Parade

DeerFields Stables will be showcasing their Mule Moms Gypsy Vanner Horse Experience at the Caledon Fair June 10, 11 & 12, 2011

Mule Moms: A Dream Come True A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a horse mare. They have been put to work on the farm and as pack ani- mals for millennia.

includes 20 Mule Moms.

Although generally good-natured, there is one lament that has cursed this equine breed since the beginning of time: the females cannot conceive. Despite the fact that they lactate and exhibit all the other virtues of motherly love that nature has bestowed, they are naturally barren, their parental instincts and innate desire to nurture unrequited. In fact, it is common knowledge among mule owners that a molly mule will try to steal a horse baby if left in the same pasture. That is all expected to change with the arrival of the Mule Moms embryonic transfer program at Gypsy Gold Farm near Ocala, Florida and DeerFields Stables in Palgrave, Ontario.

In order to make his breeding pro- gram more productive, Dennis Thomp- son, owner of Gypsy Gold Farm, looked to embryo transfer. But it was veterinarian Dr. Pablo Toro who suggested using mules. The current breeding program at Gypsy Gold and DeerFields Stables

On Canada Day, Mule Mom ‘Mary Francis’ gave birth to a Gypsy Vanner filly at Gypsy Gold Farm in Ocala, Florida. The baby was named Prima Sora – Spanish for First Sister. Photo by The Rider

The two Gypsy Vanner breeders have also conceived a plan to bring the Gypsy Vanner horse to the attention of the public at large, especially children. “Kids love horses and this horse is one of the most beautiful in the world,” said James Wil- son, owner of Deerfields Stables. “When we thought about the charm of a Mule Mom raising them, it seemed like a won- derful undertaking to embark upon.” To showcase the near-miraculous phenomenon of a mule raising a Gypsy Vanner as its own, plans call for the installation of a Mule Mom and its foal in equine-oriented facilities in America, Canada, and elsewhere. The presentation includes audio-visual components, with widescreen TVs providing an entertaining and informative overview of the process. Other elements include a children’s story- book, an animated TV show, a documen- tary, plush toy, t-shirts and more. Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo has embraced the exhibit, where kids and adults can witness a mule with its foal, including Vanner rides and a gift shop full of Mule Mom and Vanner collectables. Judging by both the exceptional beauty of the Gypsy Vanner and the inno- vative methods of the two breeders, this is an introduction that will build a lifelong affection in the hearts of young people in communities all over the world.

from a successful bet will be split 50/50 with our guest.

• Door prizes will include the Great Canadian Gaming donated 3 day overnight stay at the River Rock Casino Resort, Vancouver. • Races can be sponsored as shown in the attached package and we are proud to say that the Ontario Harness Horse Associa- tion has donated a Win sponsor- ship.

• Each guest will enjoy the tremendous buffet provided by WEG, have a chance at the COSA sponsored $500 bet or one of our exciting door prizes and they will

also be given a $20 betting vouch- er and an OLG slot offer for the evening. (photo Id required) Tickets are on sale now at REACH Huron and through select ticket vendors at a cost of $100.00 each. Those with questions and those wishing to purchase tickets are asked to please contact REACH Huron at 519 606 1482, or This event will help REACH Huron to achieve its goals, give back to the industries that support us and to the broad based community where our charitable services are needed so much.

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