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MAY 2011 THE RIDER /21

Announcing a New Program in need of Sponsors

War Veterans, Horses And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A New Approach

Rocky Mountain House, AB - CAN PRAXIS, a new program for Canadian Forces Veterans, is based near Rocky Mountain House, AB. It offers practi- cal opportunities for veter- ans to “recharge, regain and renew” their lives after experiencing traumatic stress, for example, in Afghanistan. It compli- ments existing therapeutic programs by offering two components: conflict- reducing communication training with Steve Critch- ley, who has 28 years of service with the Canadian Forces and who is now an international mediator.

small local areas of trust and cooperation. Steve developed a belief that peo- ple can work together to achieve realistic and posi- tive results. He was deco- rated with the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD). His academic preparation, in association with Dr. Nancy Love and Dr. Daniel Dana, has enabled him to teach the PULSE program in the UK, Italy, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. He contributes a sound the- oretical foundation and his own vivid experience to the conflict-reducing conversa- tions.

Jim Marland worked

a horse, the horse responds to the per- son’s body language. The horse’s response increases the participant’s self-awareness. As participants gain more insight into the way they think and behave, they are able to relax and moderate their response to stress. They increase the quality of their lives and the lives of their families. CAN PRAXIS participants take part in the first nationally recognized, certified Equine-Assisted Learning Building Block TM Program Series© used across Canada and currently being studied by the Universities of Saskatchewan, Regina and Calgary. Arlene Krivoshein, LLB, a Cer- tified Mediator and Negotiator said:

“Some books are a ‘must read’, some films are a ‘must see’ but your Equine-Assisted Learning is a ‘must do’. Thank you; you provided an experience I will never forget and practical, insightful lessons I will always use.”

Foundation Reining Training Centre

Specializing in Natural Horsemanship & Body Control Foundation/Western Dressage

CAN PRAXIS is looking for individuals or companies who will assist by providing sponsorship, as a realistic way of supporting our troops and acknowledging their efforts. For more information contact Steve Critchley at steve@versatility- , (403) 631-2489 or Jim Marland at (403) 844-4090.

Body control/western dressage, reining training,colt starting, lessons, coaching, tune ups, ‘train the trainer’ teachings

Certified Professional Horse Trainer “Putting my spin on things!”

Susan Dahl

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The second compo- nent is Equine-Assisted Learning with Jim Mar- land, who has worked as a psychologist for the federal government and maintains a horse-based practice. Steve and Jim take a sim- ple, practical and profound approach. Veterans learn how to reduce stress and increase coping skills. Using horses allows veter- ans to learn more about themselves. Veterans’ fam- ilies are welcome and become effective partici- pants in the healing pro- cess, thereby improving the quality of life for the whole family.

Steve Critchley is a practicing mediator with international experience. He bases his work on his military experience in the Bosnian war where he wit- nessed dire human conflict. His experiences include negotiating with armed bel- ligerents and establishing

with the ten largest UK companies, offering com- munication and leadership training using mountains and lakes as a classroom. Before moving to Canada, he spent time mountaineer- ing in the UK, Norway, Greece, Kenya, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand; sailing on the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean; cycling from the UK to Afghanistan and hitch-hiking through Africa. He is a Registered Psychologist (NT), Regis- tered Social Worker (AB), Professional Speaker (CAPS), a Kepner Tregoe Process Consultant, a Cer- tified Equine-Assisted Learning Facilitator and he holds the Advanced Cer- tificate of Adventure Edu- cation. Jim has a deep understanding of human nature, human needs and human behavior.

Why use horses? As participants walk alongside

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