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16/ MAY 2011 THE RIDER

2011 Ontario Trail Riders Association Board of Directors President

Janice Clegg

Everett, ON L0M 1J0 Home: 705-434-0816 Cell: 519-940-1445, Work: 800-360-5821,


Membership/ Web Site/ Education Wendy Downer Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0 Home: 705-322-0287 Email:

1st Vice President / Booth/ Marvin Halladay Orton, ON L0N 1N0 Home: 519-787-2307 Cell: 519-938-0695


2nd Vice/ Trail Book/ Grants Marjory Morden Proton Station, ON email:

Fundraising/ Special Projects Morris Radomskey Everett, ON L0M 1J0 Email:

Secretary/ Ride Schedule Kari Kelly

Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0 (705) 322-6338,


Administration Shirley Bodnarchuk Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0 Email:

Treasurer Jan Belanger

Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0 Home: 705-322-2027 Email:

Ontario Trails Council / Ontario Equestrian Federation Regional Representative Coordinator Bonnie Simpson Kirkfield ON K0M 2B0 Home: 705-438-5752 Email:

OTRA: Box 3038, Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0 •

The Ontario Trail Riders Association Inc, established in 1970, is an equestrian organization which promotes recreational trail riding and the creation, development, preservation and safe use of trails.

OTRA and its members represent the equestrian trail user with the Ontario Trails Council, Ontario Equestrian Federation and Equine Canada. We welcome your membership to help sup- port the voice of OTRA on your behalf. For more information please visit our website at

Conservation Halton Master Plans Available Big Ben Memorial Trail Update

Final draft Master Plans for Crawford Lake, Hilton Falls, Mount Nemo and Rattlesnake Point Conservation Areas are now available on the website: www.conserva- A number of these parks are used by equestrians and from my quick review of the plans, I could not see any specific references to equestrian use. Local users may wish to contact Neil Switzer at Conser- vation Halton for more information regarding the plans.

Karin Zawadowsky

The Big Ben Memorial Trail Initiative’s Proposal has been approved by Lanark County Municipal Trails Corporation. There are still four more stages in the approval process before the BBMT will become a reality. This trail is intended for “non- wheeled” user groups including equestrians and will be situated in the Lavant block of community forest in Lanark Highlands Township. The trail planners are proposing a network of low-maintenance looped trails in the forest which will be linked to existing roadways.

Gayda Errett Coordinator, Big Ben Memorial Trail Initiative

OTRA Trail Riding Clinic

May 28-29, 2011

Two days of workshops on trail riding, safety, traveling and camping with your horse. Fees: $40 per person for members

Pine River Ranch, Everett

includes OTRA membership overnight camping.

$65 per person for non-members which Fees include all workshops, Saturday lunch and

Pre-registration is required by May 20, 2011.

Contact: Janice Clegg at Kari Kelly at

News From The Board

OTRA LETTERS OF PATENT ~ Many Equestrians ask “What is Otra and What do They Do” ? Well the Board of Directors, are looking at applying for Grant money and in doing so, we have to supply our “Letters of Patent”. In reading them, I thought that others also might be interested in what they say: “The Objects for which the Corporation is to be incorporated are: To advance the interests of recreational trail riding in the Province of Ontario by encouraging and assisting estab- lishment of equestrian trails and bridle paths where cir- cumstances warrant, and co-ordinating the development and use of these in such a way that they will be of lasting benefit to horses and riders, and to the general public.”

CAN AM ~ OTRA hosted 3 different educational clin- ics at CAN AM and all 3 were very well attended. In an effort to hold the AGM earlier in the year and to host it in south western Ontario, it was decided to host it at CAN AM, as many of our members try to attend this event. Many OTRA members did attend even though the organizers of CAN AM were moving us from room to room. A suggestion was made at the AGM that per- haps Director’s meetings could be done online and less frequently. We currently use MSN, which is free, for online meetings when needed. The Board checked into other methods, however there are fees and minimum equipment requirements, at a considerable cost to each Director. The current Board of Directors will be meet- ing the 3rd Thursday of each month when possible, at the Schomberg Library. Director’s meetings are open for any member to attend.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS ~ I am sorry to say that both Ruth Pugh and Karin Zawadowsky have not contin- ued on the Board of Directors. They have both been a tremendous help to Otra. Thank you Ruth and Karin. Kari Kelly will be taking over the newsletter in the Rider but we do not have someone at the moment to take over Trail Development.

CLINIC ~ A clinic is planned for May 28th and 29th . Please contact Kari Kelly or Janice Clegg to register.

FUN-D RIDE ~ When: July 30th, 31st & August 1st . Where: Pine River Ranch, Everett. Mark your calen- dars for this fun filled weekend. There are a variety of rides that go out each day to the Dufferin County and Simcoe County forests. The trails are sandy with some hills. Saturday night has an all you can eat BBQ.

OTRA CALENDAR ~ The 2011 Calendar of Events has been mailed out to anyone who was not able to pick it up at Can Am. If you have not received your copy, please check to make sure that you have renewed your membership or if you have moved – did you let us know? Your membership form can be mailed to: OTRA P.O.Box 3038, Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0

Janice Clegg, President

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