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Company: InnocoreGaming

G2E in Novemberwill see several newproducts launched by InnocoreGaming, one of the leading manufacturers ofPC based computing platforms for the gaming industry.

Title:Wheel of Fortune - Secret Spins Company: IGT Europe

Wheel of Fortune Secret Spins fromIGT is the first WOF game featuring the unique and eye-catching Reel Wheelmechanical top box and the first with Reel MultiPLAY, delivering two independent base games, each with three reels and single paylines.

Utilising 3D Multi-Layer Display technology,Wheel of Fortune Secret Spins creates the look of mechanical reels while delivering video animations for both spinning reel and video slot players.

IGT has created a game that is the perfect theme formid-denomination players and all players interested in the excitement of MultiPLAY, combining this with a newmultiplier bonus feature and optional MEGAfx Surround Chair, which completes the package providing players with an exciting and immersive experience.


Title: Magic Roulette Platinum Company: Magic Dreams

Among the latest videoreel games Magic Dreams presented at the SAGSE show in Argentina, new Stand Alone Video Roulette Magic Roulette Platinum, developed on Xtend platform, proved a real hit.

The former Magic Roulette has been extremely successful in Latin America and for this reason Magic Dreams choose to develop a new evenmore impressive and attractive version.

Magic Roulette Platinumis a Single Zero Roulette that has been totally reviewed in order to give to the player the highest comfort andmost intuitive gaming experience.

Magic Roulette Platinumleaves the player concentrating immediately on the game strategy and thanks to the “Speed Configuration” feature each operator can choose the rotation speed of the wheel to ensure that Magic Roulette Platinum generates the highest levels of income.

The redesigned user-friendly table features all the “called bet” options of the traditional Roulette table and, as in the previous Magic Roulette, the Platinum version also displays all the extended game statistics in its top screen.

The newproductswill add a newdimension to the highly successful and versatileDPX-S Series range and offer existing customers a springboard to easilymove to newer, higher performance technology (being backwards compatiblewith the existingDPX-S410). For newcustomers, the newDPXS Series products provide a leading edge platformonwhich to base their newproducts.

Utilising the very latest computer technology, the highly integrated single board computers allowthe game designer to transformtheir electronic game machine into amultimedia powerhouse.High performance graphics engines are included that offer 3Dacceleration andmulti-monitor support and dual core 64-bit CPUs allowoptimal use of the latest 64 bit operating systems and systemRAMup to 8GB.

Although the newproducts provide a great step up in computing power, the core gaming hardware is based on Innocore’s robust, field-proven architecture that is deployed in tens of thousands of gamingmachines worldwide and approved by the regulatory bodies for allmajormarkets. This helps speed the customers’ time tomarket aswell as giving themthe confidence that the platformwill be reliable andmeet the long termrequirements for their next generation games.


Title: NV11 Bank Note Validator & Note Float Company: Innovative Technology

The NV11 fromInnovative Technology incorporates an NV9 USB bank note validator and ‘Note Float’ payout unit. NV11 = NV9 USB Bank Note Validator + Note Float.

The newmust have validator payout systemfor operators, the NV11 optimises cashmanagement to help alleviate the problemof coin starvation and keep machines fully operational.With a 300 note cash box and the capability of storing a further 30 notes in the Note Float unit for future payout, the NV11 can be utilised to give change or prizes.

As note pay-in becomesmore commonplace in the AWP industry, the ability to payout notes is amust to alleviate the pressure on coin hoppers and keep machines fully operational. The exceptional value NV11 reduces the frequency of operator refill, optimising


cashmanagement by utilising notes already collected frompay in.

The Note Float unit can be

programmed to store and dispense any single denomination note, using a last in first out systemwhere the last note stored in the Note Float is available for payout or transfer to the secure cashbox.

The NV11 is USB capable and reprogramming is simple

via the configuration button. Mounted horizontally the NV11 stands 246mmhigh and comes with a standard 300 note cashbox. Communication with the NV11 is achieved using Innovative Technology’s eSSP Protocol or ccTalk and each unit leaves the factory preset, so is ready for immediate installation.

Technical Data - 30 note capacity in Note Float - Horizontalmounting

only - Standard cashbox capacity: 300 notes - Combined dimensions: 246 x 222 x 104mm- Combined Weight: 2.2 kg - Power supply: 12V +/- 10% - Current: 350mA Standby, 3A Peak for 300mS - USB capable - eSSP Protocol (encrypted SSP) or ccTalk.

The products are also backed by Innocore’s usual guarantee of 5years ofmass production life.

“We take great care to plan our products roadmap and time product releases tomaximize performance and lifecycle. The newDPXS Series products provide a quantumleap in performance over our existing products and anything available fromother suppliers. Through Innocore’s close strategic allianceswith chipset and CPUmanufacturerswe are able to be the first out of the gatewith these significant newproducts” said Craig Stapleton, Innocore’sProductDirector.

The newproductswill be on showat theGlobal Gaming Expo tradeshowin Las Vegas in November.


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