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Advansys is a companywhich

develops top of the line, innovative systems for the gaming industry

such as powerful slot management

systems called the

SlotScanner range. This product offers various systems fromSlotScanner

Accounting and Cage, SlotScanner

Ticketing, Play Tracking,

Progressive Jackpot System, Cashless

andMultisite option. Advansys operates

systems in a total of 56 casinos onmore than 9,000slot

machines all over the world.

which are operated in casinos, arcades and gambling lounges.

The company was founded in 1999 as an associated company of Elektroncek d.d and today sells its products worldwide and has since set up other subsidiary companies in Asia-Pacific, Canada and the US. It was a company started by Joze Pececnik, who back in 1989 was asked to fix a gaming machine by a local casino operator and from there developed Princess, an electronic roulette prototype.

It was met with staggering response from its introduction at ATEI in London in 1998 and sold to Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and ex-Yugoslavian countries. That same year the company introduced its first generation of multiplayer games, Megastar roulette, dice and video.

Development continued and in 2000 the company began to receive constant orders from the ELAM Group and in 2006 sold a 50 per cent share of Eleckroncek to Aristocrat. The company then began to expand worldwide and this was boosted by the introduction of the fourth generation multiplayer, G4 Organic.

The company’s net sales revenue in 2008 amounted to €31m of which €11m was from the domestic market with the remainder from foreign markets.

ALFASTREET AlfaStreet was the first company in Slovenia to produce the multiplayer roulette. It began its production back in 1997 and throughout the years has developed a good reputation for such products and today has around 3,000 multiplayers worldwide.

GAMINGHALLS Of the 33 gaming halls the majority are operated by independent companies though include operations from Admiral d.o.o (subsidiary of Novomatic) which has the Admiral Hotel and Casino Resort in Kozina, southeast Slovenia.

The resort centre was opened in December last year and is close to the Italian border. The size of the resort is 25,000 sq.m and Novomatic invested around €10m in the project which includes a three star hotel and new access roads. The casino area is 1,300 sq.m and features 200 slots plus three electronic roulettes. The site where the new casino is housed replaces an old two star hotel which was completely renovated during the project. The new hotel features 40 rooms, a la carte restaurant, bar and sun terrace.

Casino Portoroz operates one gaming hall in Zusterna whilst HIT operates the Hit

Larix in Kranjska Gora and the Casino Drive-in.Casino Bled also operates a slot hall Casino Vulcano near the Austrian border in Karavanski which features 40 slots and an electronic roulette. The concession is valid until 2012.

MANUFACTURERS Slovenia itself remains a small market and although offers little in terms of new business or excessive growth on home turf, has however managed to become home for a number of key manufacturing companies.

The country houses a number of companies particularly those in the multiplayer sector. Some of the main ones include:

INTERBLOCK Interblock is a worldwide recognised trademark in multiplayer gaming machines from roulette, blackjack, dice, craps, keno, bingo and video games


AlfaStreetwas the first company in

Slovenia to produce themultiplayer

roulette. It began its production back in

1997 and throughout the years has

developed a good

reputation for such products and today has around 3,000 multiplayers worldwide.

The family owned business is most well known for its multiplayer electronic roulette however the company has developed a series of new products over the last few years such as multiplayer bingo, blackjack, multi game/multi wheel/multi terminal platform. There is also the ability to connect the games to be played in electronic or live set up.

Alfastreet’s Albert Radman said: “We are constantly developing our products and we try to follow the gaming market trends. At the moment the gaming fashion is turning towards single terminal gaming stations instead of classic closed composition like the most common eight player machines.

“Slovenia is a small market although we still have a considerable share of our local market but this means around 30-35 multiplayers. Slovenia will not see any growth for a long time. The existing clubs are already operating at a marginal profit

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