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Consolidation,merger and acquisition is about to strike the

online gaming sector in the sameway as the land-based sector

‘An unwinnable war,’ was the description a casino manager recently gave to describe the battle taking place in France between the land-based and online gaming sector. The decline in average player spend per visit from €60-25 and a fall-off of regular players in favour of a more casual clientele, is causing deep concern. “In the past,” he states, “French players had the choice between the lottery and casinos. Today, we must add online. It is on this ground that the war is taking place and it is proving unwinnable.” He predicts that 20 per cent of casinos will eventually disappear in France, with

institutions already heading into or close to bankruptcy. “Mergers and acquisitions will reshape the gaming landscape, with great gaps between those groups that engage in online gaming as opposed to those solely land-based,” he states.

The shift taking place in regulated online markets in Europe is a watershed moment for the gaming industry, and not just for traditional land-based operators. The regulation of online gaming is causing great consternation in the online casino sector. Protected by the lack of regulation and licensing, online casino sites have existed in an opportunistic bubble that

has prevented land-based operators, for the most part, from competing with them on a level playing field. Right now, as markets across Europe begin to regulate the online gaming space, online casino operators are extremely worried. The small online operators are about to have to compete with land-based brands, with greater reach, advertising spend and liquidity. Consolidation, merger and acquisition is about to strike the online gaming sector in exactly the same way that it’s pulling apart and reconstituting the land-based sector.

The real merger in all of this is between the two sectors. Those operators able to leverage the opportunities between the two previously isolated and disparate sectors will benefit from economies of scale, brand recognition and liquidity (in terms of offering players the very best games, rewards, prizes etc.). Everything is going to change. It’s not so much that it’s an unwinnable war, but it is likely that those businesses unable to acquire the licences, to take their offer into each of the gaming channels and simultaneously create environments for players both real and virtual, will taste defeat.

The battle lines across Europe are being drawn and it’s the small independent operators in online and land-based that are currently facing the biggest challenge.

Howdo you win the


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