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thank-you for their business. Additional services can be highlighted and promoted via such a system – for example the in-house restaurant. This motivates player loyalty – a key feature in the ever-competitive gaming world. Information is provided in real time so no player card is required to award a player anonymously.

TICKETSPLEASE... Two major manufactures dominate the ticket market – namely FutureLogic and Transact, while the link between Nanoptix and CashCode has enabled another major money handling player to bundle these products together for slots manufacturers.

The market for ticket printers is still relatively new (outside the US) and the economical product cycle is still seeing growth in a number of markets. To prevent it being seen as a commodity which is price sensitive, manufacturers are integrating new solutions to make their products stand out in the value chain. PromoNet from FutureLogic integrates a marketing and loyalty programme into their GEN2 ticket printer. Players can be rewarded when the operator chooses – be it on special occasions or just as a spontaneous

host of operator benefits, for example the Ardac Elite’s state-of-the-art imaging technology and 4-way barcode reader allows customers to insert barcode tickets in any orientation, increasing acceptance rates and user satisfaction.

transfer into the gaming market at a quicker rate.

INNOVATIONISTHEKEY Innovation plays a key role in cash handling as we have seen throughout the report. A further excellent example is with high-end banknote readers. JCM has continually brought high-end solutions with the WBA, UBA and now the iVizion. IVizion sees better with Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology, 100 per cent full image capture of note and ticket, optical note centering and has excellent optical and mechanical anti-stringing technology.

CashCode introduced the One banknote reader to the market last year as the universal solution for the gaming market. This universal approach reduces logistic and support costs, while improving overall performance, reliability, and future proofing. Money Control’s Elite provides a

Cashless gaming is gaining the

upperhand in the

casino environment. Casino slots have

traditionally chosen the highest quality components. The machine pricing market being

relatively inelastic and the sheer play

demand has driven this.

The MEI Cashflow SC has grown very strongly in the marketplace as the product speaks for itself, as proven in the VATs. Excellent acceptance rates and minimal maintenance requirements have made this a firm favourite on the casino floor.

Companies such as Innovative Technology and GPT are following the Japanese method of firstly providing low cost solutions and then continually upgrading them. Such companies are now offering banknote reader high-end solutions as well with the NV200 and GBA GV1.

ANDTHEFUTURE? Cashless gaming is gaining the upperhand in the casino environment. Casino slots have traditionally chosen the highest quality components. The machine pricing market being relatively inelastic and the sheer play demand has driven this. The demand for redemption machines should continue to rise. The security and flexibility aspects speak for themselves. The cut-off point is often a comparison between such machine pricing and wage rates in the local country.


The EPIC 950 printer from Transact includes its patented ServerPort feature to connect the printers to the customer playing tracking system. It can generate countless ticket options and promotional layouts with the ticket layout editor and can be saved in the printer’s very large memory.

Crane Payment Solutions along with Nanoptix has developed a cash management solution. Using the CashCode one note reader and a Nanoptix Paycheck 4 printer access can be attained to three separate reports: Last Five Bills Inserted, Performance Report (for on the spot validator and printer statistics) and the Cashbox Audit and Performance Report which provides information on the financial contents of the cashbox. This service gives additional information when required by the operator.

GDP rises in South America of over five per cent each year over the last 10 years could mean a new important market for such machines. Similarly, the demand for coin and note counting/sorting machines should grow strongly. These machines, which are required at every branch of a bank are becoming more and more important to operators.

Major changes are also taking place in street gaming. Multi-games, server-based gaming, Internet lottery terminals, high- end cabinets – gone and going are the days that a slot machine was placed for only as long as the individual game was popular. An extensive choice of games that can be constantly updated means that a slot machine will tend to spend more and more time at a single location.

Price should not be such a driving factor in such circumstances and the choice of the correct components is therefore much more important. Casino-style cash handling components are almost the standard in the VLT market. They are being seen more and more in arcades. Note recyclers show their real value when the number of attendants are not sufficient to provide money changing facilities to players. This is particularly the case in the food and drink sector, i.e. machines that are placed in pubs, bars, kiosks and restaurants.

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