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G3 continues its country report on the Slovenian gaming market with an appraisal of the businesses currently involved in the sector, fromoperations, distribution andmanufacturing

Slovenia’s larger casinos are located near to the Italian border and tap in on the relatively restricted market there. In fact the casinos in Gorica, Primorska and Karst region recorded 92 per cent foreign visitors in 2009. Those casinos based in the west of Slovenia also generated some 78 per cent of the GGR of all the casinos (€142.5m).

HITGROUP The Hit Group operates casinos and gaming and entertainment centres, hotels, a travel agency plus various snack bars, coffee houses, sports arenas and exhibition and congress halls. The Hit Group comprises of 11 subsidiary companies which includes the parent company Hit d.d established in Nova Gorica and ten subsidiary companies of which six are located in Slovenia and four in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia which are:

Hit Coloseum which is a Sarajevo registered company and was set up in 2002 to manage HIT’s business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily the company’s casino operation there – Casino Coloseum gaming and entertainment centre. The centre has 150 slots ranging from poker, video slots, multigames and electronic roulette plus 11 table games.

Hit Montenegro was set up in 2004 and today operates the Maestral Resort and Casino which includes 107 slots, three electronic roulettes plus table games at the casino located on the Montenegrin coast. Hit International in Serbia acquired land in 2007 for the development of a gaming and entertainment centre and is currently submitting plans.

The Casino Kristal Umag is the Croatian company which opened the Kristal

Gaming and Entertainment Centre in Umag. This is housed in the three star hotel which has 80 rooms and four suites and has 245 slots and 13 gaming tables. The company’s Slovenian based subsidiaries include ICIT development company, Hit Alpinea hotel operations company, Casino Kobarid, Hit Bovec ski resort, Hit Sentilj and Hit Larix slot hall.

At the end of 2008 the company had 1,300 rooms available to hotel guests and the number of overnight stays came to 462,000. The HIT group began in 1983 when several smaller companies merged into HGPGorica, a hotel and tourism company. This was followed by a casino opening at the Park Hotel in Nova Gorica the following year.

In 1986 the company changed its name to d.o (working organisation) HIT and in 1989 the Hit Casino Rogaska Slatina , now known as Casino Fontana was opened. In 1990 the company name was changed to HIT d.o.o Nova Gorica and the following year a third casino was opened in Kranjska Gora followed by one in Otocec called Kastel Casino in 1992.

In 1993 the Perla Gaming and Entertainment Centre opened which was later renovated in 2001 and in 1997 HIT opened its own sports centre. HIT was transformed into a joint stock company in 1998 and a year later the HIT Hotel Casino Kranjska Gora was renovated and renamed the Korona Casino and Hotel.

In 2004 HIT opened the Aurora Gaming and Entertainment centre in Kobarid (of which it owns 60 per cent) and also the renovated Maestral Hotel, now known as the Maestral Resort and Casino.

By 2006 the company had opened a Casino Drive-In in Vrtojba (later closed in


In 2009 theHitGroup was given the status of Superbrand 2008 and opened a new wellness centre called SpaPerla.

Today the company operates five casinos–Park,


and Fontana andwas also granted two concessions for operating slots

gaming halls–Larix

and the CasinoDrive- in (Vrtojba) both of which expire at the end of this year.

In 2009 the Hit Group was given the status of Superbrand 2008 and opened a new wellness centre called Spa Perla. Today the company operates five casinos – Park, Perla, Korona, Mond and Fontana and was also granted two concessions for operating slots gaming halls – Larix and

2008) and opened a new hotel wing in the Perla Gaming and Entertainment Centre in Nova Gorica.

The following year the Park Gaming and Entertainment Centre was renovated whilst in 2008 the Hit Company began a new development strategy for the group for its 2008 to 2012 period. This included the renovation of the Kanin Hotel in Bovec and the purchase (Hit owns 75.3%) of the Casino Larix, a slots hall in Kranjska Gora tourist destination covered by umbrella company Hit Alpinea.

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