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The market for note recycling has grown quickly in recent years and operators can choose amongst a wealth of products. CashCode’s Bill-to-Bill 60 can recycle 60 notes. The Vega from JCM offers a recycling capacity of 30 notes and the Billhopper from Azkoyen can recycle up to 10 notes.

REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE When the market cannot supply the right product…do it yourself. This was how MEI was born in the 1960s, when part of the Mars group required a coin- handling system for the new and upcoming vending market. The parallel in the gaming market is Merkur Gaming of the Gauselmann Group.

Identifying the future requirements of a changed gaming law, it was the company founder and CEO Paul Gauselmann who had the vision of successfully introducing a banknote recycler into the German AWP market. The Merkur Dispenser 100 has the ‘made in Germany’ quality that has seen it quickly grow to a product often seen as a necessity in the German AWP market. With the capacity of recycling 100 notes, the Merkur Dispenser 100 offers operators often enough capacity. The ‘made in Germany’ quality speaks for itself with it becoming an operator favourite in the German AWP market. International demand, especially from change machine manufacturers, shows that the Gauselmann Group have developed a product with real operator benefits. Understanding operator requirements lies at the heart of the Gauselmann Group with over 350 entertainment centres in operation around Europe.

handling process – to avoid human error.

Money is attractive to everyone and each operator has to secure the process and minimise costs. The potential attack via manipulation is a subject that has plagued operators for many years and will continue to be an area of focus. Money handling manufacturers naturally understand how disruptive manipulation is to their business. Miller Heiman teaches that one of the major buying influences is when the customer feels threatened. It is not an infrequent occurrence that a money handling manufacturer has lost business due to product manipulation in the field. A market for manipulative tools exists.

The money handling industry is extremely dedicated and the innovations in security continue to prevail. The major jump was from standard or binary communication

Innovative Technology has chosen a very interesting route with the SMART Payout that recycles 80 notes of mixed denomination – thus being able to pay out all notes that are inserted. This is coupled with the brand new NV11 that has a recycler float of 30 notes.

Change machines often require a much higher note capacity. The Merkur Dispenser 100 has found a keen market in the field of smaller and medium- sized change machines. Larger change machines demand more note recycling and two companies stand out here – namely CashCode and MEI. The Bill-to- Bill from CashCode can recycle up to 300 notes. With such a high capacity, simple note-in and note-out becomes a priority and the fact that the Bill-to-Bill can load up to 25 notes at one time into the mechanism and pay out up to 20 at a time clearly make this product user- friendly. The BNR from MEI when equipped with the BNF can accept up to 30 notes at one time and the BNR itself can pay out up to 15 notes at one time. Research on bringing optimal user benefit has seen MEI introduce a loader unit within the BNR – here up to 300 notes can be stored to replenish the four recycling modules (of approx. 170 notes in total). This is a further step in preventing note starvation, in other words that the recycler can pay out the required amount at all times.

to serial, then to encrypted serial. Money Controls has played a major role in the European AWP industry with its cctalk protocol. Innovative Technology has its own SSP protocol, on which the company places particular emphasis. The EBDS+ protocol from MEI is renowned for its security. The ID003 protocol from JCM is used by several other banknote reader manufacturers as well.

The range of protocols reflects the individual market needs. However, it is also a reflection of the constant drive in the market to offer the best and most secure protocol in the market to differentiate each supplier from their competitor. The question may be raised as to whether a single secure protocol – independent of the manufacturer – would be more beneficial to the market place? The move to USB secure protocols may be just that answer.

G3 I OCTOBER 2010 I PAGE 56 Security is amajor

issue for operators on a number of

levels. Security is not just limited to the

exclusion of fraud coins or notes,

although this is a major innovating driver for the industry.Money handling products

support and control themoney handling process–to avoid human error.

PROACTIVECASHHANDLING The cash handling choice is becoming more complex. Operators can choose between low cost and high end solutions. Experience has shown that a buyer who is not aware of the product advantages will focus more on price. This often has an adverse effect if the product does not match the needs. Cash handling manufacturers are dedicated in informing the end users of the advantages of their products. MEI has proven extremely successful with its value-added (VAT) strategy. MEI and partners work directly with end users (e.g. casinos), introducing the Cashflow SC directly to the slots management team. A free-of-charge trial allows the slots personnel to get to know the product and compare its with the note readers in operation. The traditional route is then no longer for the cash handling manufacturers via the OEMs, which allows cash handling innovation to

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