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I-DEPSYS-CASHVALIDATIONANDSTORAGE i-depsys is a unique cash validation and storage device that can help protect and secure cash at all stages of its journey from customer to croupier, to cash-in-transit company, and finally to the cash centre and bank. In development for six years, this market-ready product’s principle goal was to give operators the ability to know the true cash position of their business in real-time. At the same time, i-depsys handles cash in such a way that it eliminates the need to physically count cash at the end of the day.

“Six years ago we sat down with Martin Watson of Genting Stanley Casinos in the UK and described a product that would provide a real-time reporting system for cash and secure that money in a drop-safe,” describes i-depsys’ Andrew Beddoe. “He said that was great, but we should go further. If our system could eliminate the time-consuming, labour intensive physical cash count at the end of the trading day, then we would have a ‘must-have’ product on our hands. So that’s what we did.”

Shifting from the idea of a simple drop-safe to a system that securely stores bank-proof pouches proved to be a key decision in the development of i-depsys. Working with the established retail supplier, Volumatic, the combination of i-depsys’ cash validation and storage solution with Volumatic’s TruPouch, closed the loop on the idea. “We count the cash at the table and plunge it into the bank-proof pouch,” explains

control and relaxed when entering notes into a machine than a change machine. Putting notes into an AWP looks like game play… putting notes into a change machine suggests the player is losing and needs more change to continue play. And who wants to register to themselves and others that they are losing?

THESOLUTIONISOFTENANOTERECYCLER A gaming machine with note-in and coin- out is a recipe for coin starvation. Arcades may get around this with trained personnel to refill machines. Staff may be available on-site to reduce downtime, but ultimately downtime will occur. Whether a player likes to wait to receive his or her winnings is debatable with a pretty clear direction. What happens to those machines where no trained staff is nearby to react, such as in motorway café,

Mr. Beddoe. “The validator processes the transaction in real-time so that the operator knows their cash position at all times. The system eliminates shrinkage, is totally secure and rids the casino of the need to count their cash at the end of the day.”

In the UK, where i-depsys has been extensively trialled, the busiest casino in the country currently takes over £1m in cash every 1.75 days. The count for this casino lasts between six to nine hours per day and needs four people to physically process the cash. The casino estimates that it’s a cost to the location of £120,000 per year. An installation of i-depsys is now taking place after a successful trial. “Our product allows staff to make money not count money,” states Mr. Beddoe. “It currently costs casinos a significant amount to count

Although change

machineswere often nearby, operators found fromtheir surveys that

cashbox take increased


dramatically)when the note changing facilitywas

incorporatedwithin themachine.

restaurants and bars? The benefits of a note recycling solution becomes much more defined in these circumstances.

Note-in, note-out has taken its time to enter the street gaming world. After all, technology required is much more complex and requires heavy investment. The timing for future return of investment must be part of the development plan for any such manufacturing company. This could explain the delay in the creation of such a product for the market.

The product pricing plays a role – it is naturally more expensive than a just note reader – while the question gaming machine manufacturers ask concerns the justification of this investment. Once again player feedback has been essential. Proven cashbox uptake has kick started


cash. Cash is the most awkward commodity to secure. Our product eliminates all of that.”

Following initial discussions with Genting Stanley, i-depsys worked extensively with the operator to ensure that the product met all the demands thrown at the system by Stanley’s development team. It is the only product of its kind in the world that can not only count money quickly at the table, but gives operators the ability to eradicate the count, which means that the practicalities offer huge cost savings. “We are talking to all the major operators in the UK, including: Stanley, Grosvenor, Gala, and LCI,” says Mr. Beddoe. “We have also had interest from major international groups.”

The i-depsys unit itself can be integrated at the table with minimum disruption, much in the

this market segment into life. The real trend in the street market is towards note- in, note-out. The number of manufacturers offering note recyclers has increased dramatically in the last year. Furthermore, several manufacturers offer different product options as well. The growth market is that of note recyclers in the street gaming market.

CASHLESS...THEWAYFORTHECASINOMARKET? Cash handling has taken a similar journey in the street market with coin validators and note readers. However, cash is not king in an ever growing number of casino slots, which negates the move to note recyclers. The reason is ‘cashless.’ Whether via card or ticket, players have become accustomed to receiving wins on a plastic card or via a paper ticket showing a barcode win. This has brought

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