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Analysis Discriminator hoppers from Azkoyen.

Innovative Technology has taken this concept a step further with the SMART hopper. The SMART Hopper is a true multi-coin hopper - operating at 12 coins per second it eliminates the need for multiple hoppers, sorters and coin routing.

NEWTRENDS- IT’SALLABOUTTHESIZE The beauty of money handling is that the companies involved never stop looking for new solutions to benefit the player and operator. Take Astrosys for example: the GBA ST1 integrated stacker has been developed to offer a new payment system that offers a horizontal note entry for top bill insertion. Called the GBA ST1-T, this novel adaptation is designed specifically for any type of machine that features a console-type control panel, making it ideal for such amusement devices as cranes, sports games and videos.

Manufacturers of coin payout hoppers have also risen to the latest market challenges. For example, the Italian Comma 6a market demands that three coin denominations are paid out (EUR 0.50, EUR 1 and EUR 2) but the machines are often smaller than in other countries. The solution has been to cascade different denominations in one hopper so that three different coin types can be paid out by either two hoppers or even just one. Operators can choose between a wealth of hoppers, for example, the compact hopper from Money Controls, the Cube hopper from Suzo Happ, the Hopper Discriminator from Alberici and the T3 and

needs of complete money handling – e.g. coin acceptance, coin sorting and coin payout… the whole process. Such a philosophy dominates company strategy.

Azkoyen in Spain and Alberici in Italy adopt this strategy successfully, too. Manufacturers that offer not just note readers, but note recyclers are proving a complete or improved banknote solution and are seeing demand rise sharply.

The casino market relies heavily on banknote acceptors. This is the port of entry for players and quality is key. Placing bill readers on slots had an immediate effect on profitability and security. Manufacturers such as CashCode (part of Crane Payment Systems), JCM Global, MEI Global and Money Controls have placed key research and development in their banknote readers, with international successes confirming their dedication to the market.


Over the years slots machines have tended to become smaller and/or thinner. The challenge to the manufacturer is to include all necessary components in a shrinking cabinet. The cash handling industry was forced to innovative to offer smaller solutions as well. Take the example of coin validation. The traditional 5” coin mech is being replaced in many markets by the 3½” coin mech. NRI was the first company to introduce an electronic 3½” back in the 1980s with the G13.

This modular size has often become the standard and operators can choose from an excellent range of such electronic coin mechs – such as the EMP 800 from wh Münzprüfer, the SR3 from Money Controls, the RM5 HD from Comestero, the AL range from Alberici and X6 from Azkoyen to name just a few. Casinos that still use coins and/or tokens have a further requirement – acceptance speed. Some manufacturers have a high-speed version of their 3½” coin mech. Some have a dedicated casino product. The Microcoin QL coin validator is a high speed multi-coin validator used extensively by casino manufacturers. The Condor from Money Controls is their specific casino coin / token-handling unit.

Today, a note reader for casinos must offer more than just great and safe banknote acceptance. Both the ICB from JCM and Easitrax from MEI underline the additional features operators can adopt from a note reader. Both systems allow the operator to instantly see how many types of different denomination notes are in the respective cashbox, making use of RFID technology. Detailed reports give operators additional confirmation of the cashbox contents. Furthermore, cashboxes no longer need to be strictly aligned to a specific slot as once the information has been captured, the memory is wiped clean and the cashbox can be inserted into another slot.

SECURITYKEEPSONGROWING Security is a major issue for operators on a number of levels. Security is not just limited to the exclusion of fraud coins or notes, although this is a major innovating driver for the industry. Money handling products support and control the money


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