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Title: FERMadrid showcase Company:

NovomaticGaming Spain

NovomaticGaming Spain, part of the NovomaticGroup of Companies revealed its state-of-the-art products at the Fer Interazar, one of Europe'smost important trade shows lastmonth. The showrepresented an unique opportunity for Novomatic's Spanish subsidiary to exhibit its latestmachinemodels, top games and profitable gaming solutionswith a strong focus on the Spanish B-machinemarket (arcades).

NovomaticGaming Spain presented a comprehensive range of innovative products tailor-made for Spain's B-machinemarket segment; including great performingmulti-games, attractive AWPmachines as well as popularmultiplayer products and jackpots.

Top performing products for the Spanish B-market. Exclusively designed for the Spanish B-machine market, NovomaticGaming Spain exhibited its recently licensed Novo-Line Salon, an excitingmulti- gamemachine that has already received excellent feedback fromSpanish operators at June's ANESAR

Highly popular and fast-paced, this videoPoker game is sure to raise temperatureswith itswin combinations and bonuses.

Visitors to the event also enjoyed BingoKing, a revolutionary take on the classic game Bingo from Novomatic subsidiary company AstraGames and a strong addition to Novomatic's Spanish B-market gaming portfolio. Blending the timeless Bingo game with an inventive newtwist, BingoKing is sure towin over Spanish playerswith its fun-to-followanimated graphics.

Exhibition in Madrid. Featuring nine brand-newbonus games this grippingmulti-game product generates excitement for guests and operators alike.

For smoking hotPoker entertainment, Novomatic Gaming Spain also introduced American Poker II.

Successful games for the casinomarket NovomaticGaming Spain also exhibited highly its successfulmultiplayer products for the casino market including themagnificent NovoMulti- Roulette and the famous, fully-animated Novo Flying Baccarat. This product,with its broad international language selection choice, strikes a perfect balance between the thrilling action of theMini-Baccarat and the appeal of secure, personalised electronic player stations.

Also on showwas the ever popular Super-V+ Gaminatorwith a great range of top-rankingmulti- gamemixes and selected gaming highlights for the Spanish casinomarket.




Reflecting its focus on 'Changing theGame' for casino operators, VLTmarkets and slot players,WMSGaming will exhibit a collection of Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) games for the Italianmarket at ENADA Roma 2010, the 38th Annual International Amusement&Gaming Show, fromOctober 6, 2010toOctober 8, 2010in Rome, Italy. WMS’ portfolio of products, enabledwith innovative, proprietary technologies and player-appealing game content,will be on display at Booth 005 at the New Rome Trade Fair in Rome.

“WMS continues to deliver awide-range of games, technologies and platforms that reflect our commitment toPlayerDriven Innovation andwe believe our portfolio of products on display at ENADA Roma 2010will serve to further demonstrate that commitment,” said Sebastian Salat, president,WMS International. “WMS games have already shown themselves to be popular in the Italianmarket and are performing verywell at the four licensed casinos in northern Italy.We believe our games on display for the newItalian VLTmarketwill have a high player appeal given their proven success inmarketsworldwide.”

ProductHighlights The product lineup on displaywill primarily feature the Company’sG+themes, includingGame ofDragons II,

SamuraiMaster, Jewels of the Night, Thai Treasures, Neptune’sKingdomII, LuckyMeerkats, Roman Dynasty, the VillagePeopleParty, BlackKnight and SilkKimono. WMS’G+series features volatile, free- spin-based game playwith a player-appealing streamlined interface. Big reel symbols, largewin meters and universal “BigWin” audio creates a high- energy experience designed to help celebrate the win. In addition,WMSwill exhibit four Bluebird2 video andmechanical reel cabinets that highlight the potential for VLT games in Italy. Games in the Bluebird2 platformwill include several successful themes fromthe Bonus Bank category such as Lucky Penny andGoldfish2.



Title: Polaris Redemption Center Company: Suzo Happ

“The Polaris Redemption Center is the ideal product for both casinos and arcades,” according to Marc Aarts, who’s responsible for sales in the Benelux for Suzo Happ. “The amount of possibilities hasmade it a real favourite. Players can change their coin winnings into notes, they can change large denominations notes into smaller denomination notes. The added security is essential tomy customers. The fact that hand pay or jackpot pays can be carried out via the Polaris Redemption Centermeans that personnel can simply and easily pay out the player winnings. Operators can see real- time the transactionsmade on themachine. Indeed, each employee can only operate themachine when their ID card and PIN number are successfully entered. The operator can control each and every employee card individually, setting amaximum payout value per day, for example”.

Suzo Happ has distributed Polaris throughout casinos and arcades in the Netherlands. “We call it the CCC or Casino-Cash-Center Polaris here”, explains Mr. Aarts. “It really has become the cash centre for casinos and arcades. The feedback is excellent and all our customers appreciate the HESS technology,made in Germany. Indeed, Holland Casino fits a CCC for every 150 slots in operation. Suzo Happ has a very strong service network which has been key to the product growth.”

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