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this simply creates a very large market for change machines located adjacent to gaming machines. People don’t visit banks to withdraw coins, they take their cash from bank accounts via ATMs – via notes. The 1990s saw the technological advancement for note readers. Gaming operators around the globe have reported an uptake in their cashboxes due to note readers sited within gaming machines. The old adage is to make things simple for customers and note readers fit the ‘bill,’ very nicely.

Operator feedback spans a whole category for note readers – from an essential component right up to nuisance. The latter statement needs to be seriously questioned. To understand this, one must ask the question of the revenue generated by the person responsible for the machine. The UK market has seen margins tighten for pub owners on AWPs. People can only focus on things that bring them money. If AWP revenues continue to slide and the return no longer outweighs the time and resources invested… this then becomes a question for the whole industry chain to answer. The blame can be placed on the note reader, but the cause comes from another source.

For example, if an AWP is placed in a pub that is a managed house (in other words belongs to a chain of pubs and the landlord is an employee of the company) – the money placed inside the coin hoppers within the AWP does not belong to the landlord – he or she is the landlord and so follows the company guidelines. In such a case the landlord ensures there are enough coins for pay-out. If that were not the case the note reader would be inactive, so as game play is only via coins (to prevent coin starvation). This might be the right solution for the operator, but has proven very unpopular with players, leading to operator opinion that a note reader is unnecessary. This often happens when the money in the hoppers comes straight from the pockets of the landlord , such as in free houses. The capital within the machines could be used elsewhere. This is a normal human reaction and better operator eduction may not necessarily change his or her behaviour.

Legislation also plays its role in the placement of note readers. Some countries allow note readers to be fitted for change purposes only within the gaming machine. The AWPs in Belgium in bars and restaurants are such an example. Although change machines were often nearby, operators found from their surveys that cashbox take increased (sometimes dramatically) when the note changing facility was incorporated within the machine. From a psychological perspective, players appear to feel more in

IFYOUWANTSOMETHINGDONE... Cashless gaming provides players with new ways to play and win money. The ever-growing acceptance of cashless gaming internationally has raised the question as to how to support the players in attaining cashless payment. Tickets are paid out by the machines as winnings, but where do the cards come from? How can the player redeem the winnings on a printed piece of paper or card? The cage does and continues to provide this service. However, when all players have winnings that need to be redeemed, the demand on the cage rises over its intended limits. Gaming management wish to avoid players queuing at the cage. The solution is, therefore, to provide self- service terminals.

HESS Cash Systems from Germany has brought the necessary experience in money redemption and payment, collated from many years of successful global sales in the banking industry. The Polaris Scorpion caters for a wealth of player cash- handling options. Should the player win in coins, he or she can exchange these for notes at this terminal. TITO or winnings on a card can be exchanged for cash. Indeed, the player card can be


purchased from this terminal and the player can check the card balance as well. The gaming operator can have hand or jackpot wins paid out by the Polaris SCORPION. Chosen employees can receive a card each for the terminal to manage these pay-outs. Management can set individual pay-out limits on the card per employee. As the terminals are web-based, each and every transaction is monitored in real time and can be accessed from the Internet via a secure link. Therefore, the Polaris Scorpion is a multi- functional self-service terminal.

HESS Cash Systems provide island cashless solutions as well. An excellent example is the Polaris Scorpion Compact for carded cashless gaming. Players can buy the smartcard at this terminal and also check their balance on their card. The terminal offers full administration capabilities via the intranet to the customer. The small footprint with elegant design means that it can simply be installed at the gaming premises.

HESS Cash Systems markets its casino products around the world and can cite successful installations on all five continents. The ‘made in Germany’ seal provides the market with the necessary product quality. The terminals provide the gaming world with more control over their cash transactions in the casino or gaming hall. Less money in a cage and more in protected terminals translates as increased security for the personnel. The simple player operation has ensured that such terminals are quickly accepted and thus used by the player. It is a win-win situation for both players and staff.

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