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Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Develop- ment Program


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Quarter Horse Program Funding Announced To 2016

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) today announced that the Ontario Ministry of Finance has confirmed a continued commitment to

the highly successful Quar- ter Horse Racing Industry Development Program (QHRIDP). For the 2011 through 2016 period, the QHRIDP will receive a fixed amount of $8 million annually from the Ontario Slots at Racetracks Pro-

gram at Ajax Downs. The QHRIDP was developed by the Ontario Racing Commission with the cooperation of the horse industry to support the development of a strong and sustainable Quarter Horse racing industry in Ontario. Since its inception in 2007, the QHRIDP has evolved as a model for the creation of industry confidence through detailed long-term planning, informed by an inclusive and on-going consultative process with participants and stakehold- ers.

Program objectives are specifically targeted to achieve the goals of the Ontario Slots at Racetracks Program to promote and improve the quality of live horse racing in the Province and to benefit the agricultural sector of the rural economy.

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The fixed funding value of $8 million annual- ly will allow the QHRIDP to continue to build indus- try infrastructure, which include the development of a trained labour pool and the cultivation of local industry expertise, without the element of funding volatility that is inherent in a percentage-based slots commission formula. “The funding guaran- tee puts us firmly on track to achieve a sustainable program for Quarter Horse racing in Ontario over the long-term,” said Rod Seil- ing, ORC Chair. “We are

very pleased with the gov- ernment’s recognition of the success of the pro- gram’s approach and this commitment of funding will allow us to move for- ward with assurance.” To ensure ongoing accountability for Program funding, the ORC will con- tinue to report annually to the Ministry of Finance on how funds have been used and the results achieved. Starting January 1st, 2011, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) will provide an annual payment of $8 mil- lion to the Program,

through to 2016 when the current term of the site- holder agreement at Ajax Downs ends.

In 2014, a consulta- tion and planning process is scheduled to begin, with the goal of developing an appropriate funding mecha- nism for the QHRIDP to ensure stability and sus- tainability beyond 2016. Additionally a con- sultation process will begin in 2012 to determine how best to administer and man- age the horse racing indus- try’s commissions from Ajax Downs going for- ward.

QROOI Updates

1. The QROOI has scheduled a Horse Sale at Markham Fair Grounds for October 29 & 30, 2010. Friday October 29 will be for horses arriving and Saturday October 30 will be the day of the sale.

We look forward to this first QROOI Sale. 2. The QROOI along with Ajax Downs are working with Rouge Valley Hospital Foundation to stage a

Fundraising Event to raise money for the Ajax/Pickering Hospital. This event is planned for Sunday August 15, 2010 at Ajax Downs. The details are being worked on by the Committee and is being advertised as a family fun day.

3. Starting June 15, 2010 there will Live Racing on Tuesday afternoons starting at 2:30PM at Ajax Downs.

Handicapping Brunches at Ajax Downs

May 26, 2010 – The Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program is pleased to announce that two handicapping brunches will be held at Ajax Downs this year.

ing dates:

The handicapping brunches are meant to introduce new audiences to Quarter Horse racing; and to educate attendees on the decision making process involved in making a wager.

You will learn the basics of handicapping, the types of wagers and types of races. You will also learn how to read a racing program and how to place a bet, and you will get some hot tips on how to increase your chances of winning. A complimentary buffet brunch is included prior to the start of the first race. The guest handicapper will be Peter Gross, Sports Specialist at 680 News Radio, Race Commentator for Ajax Downs, and Editor of Down The Stretch magazine.

The 2010 handicapping brunches will be held at the Get Away Restaurant at Ajax Downs on the follow-

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Sunday, June 27th 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Ontario Quarter Horse Association Day at the Races Tuesday, July 13th 12:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Reservations for seating at a Handicapping Brunch must be made through the Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program.

This event is hosted compliments of the Program, however credit card information will be required to reserve your seat. A fee of $25 per person will be charged to your credit card if you do not attend the event. Cancellations will be accepted up to two days prior to the event.

To reserve your seat, please contact: Sandy Anthony, Program Coordinator Telephone - 416-213-0520

or email: New OSS logo unveiled

A new logo for the Ontario Standardbred Horse Improvement Program was unveiled today by the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) and will be seen shortly on all programs including the Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) and the Ontario Resident Mare Program. The logo’s updated bold design retains the tradi- tional colours that have been associated with the OSS for almost 20 years. The fresh look reflects a rejuvenated program, which, as part of the newly restructured Ontario Standardbred Horse Improvement Program, has emerged stronger than ever in 2010.

Through 2010 and forward, the ORC will con- tinue with the consultative planning process that has been established for the QHRIDP to develop long- term and detailed projec- tions for the program, allowing industry partici- pants to invest with confi- dence.


Email: wendy.hoogeveen@ontari- oracingcommission .ca

Contact : Wendy Hoogeveen, Director of Industry Development and Support

Brian Farell

C2130 - Hwy #7, RR #1, Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0 (705) 357-3214

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