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14/ JUNE 2010 THE RIDER Fabulous Weekend At 5 Star Ranch By Margaret Nippalow

What a fabulous weekend at Five Star Ranch for the Josh Lyons Clinic on April 23-25th. Josh was very informative and everyone had a great time. He was very friendly and easy to understand, more like a good friend than an instructor. Friday night was a question and

answer period as we watched Josh work with his demonstra- tion horse, Flash. The crowd was mesmerized as Josh per- formed for us, showing us the many higher level trained horse maneuvers and then rolling the horse over and sitting on his belly.

Saturday Josh worked with

a green horse, a handsome 3 year old Canadian gelding named Taz. Josh showed us the ground breaking process, round penning, shoulders in, hips out, forwards, backwards, sideways and first few rides on a young horse. The horse’s trainer was asked to come in and try the methods. By the end

of the weekend Josh had grown to like Taz very much, as we all did. He may have been won over to a different breed of horse! Many questions were asked and answered. I personally, as a new horse owner and first time clinic participant, learned so much.

Sunday morning Taz was brought out to put some finishing touches on his previous days train- ing. It was a thrilling and very enjoyable week- end, the first clinic to the start of many more for me and probably others!! Sunday afternoon we watched Josh work with a very frightened horse named Ava who was having a problem loading onto a trailer. His gentle yet firm method eventu- ally won her over. The owner, Diana Macdonald was brought in to practice the methods and was very pleased with the results. I was so excited to head home and try some of the methods on my horse.

By Diana Macdonald

Problem Loader Goes For A Ride

You are probably wondering how Ava, the problem loader from the Five Star Ranch clinic is doing. Well, we finally got back to practicing again and twenty minutes after starting, she was back in the field, having accomplished all we set out to do. Twice she tried pushing through me - once on the ground prior to the first loading and the second once I had her on the trailer the 3rd or 4th time, she decided to turn around and come out over the top of me. We resolved both issues by going back to the forward and back commands on the ground away from the trailer. Since then, I’ve



loaded her a good 20 times and she now steps back off the trailer only as many steps as I ask and will reload right in the middle of unloading. This is where she was at before she decided she didn’t want to ever leave the home farm again. The final frontier - We recently went on a short road trip to pick up another horse and decid- ed to take Ava with us for practice. We loaded her after a couple of test loads at home, tied her in the front of the trailer for the first time and was on our way. Once there, we put her in a stall for a half hour while we collected my other horse, load- ed the tack etc, had a cup of tea and then reloaded Ava who was still doing well all the way home. Once we arrived, I asked her to back off and immediately back on - and she did.

Many, many thanks to Josh and Five Star Ranch for helping us work through this “bully”. I feel that I can once again start working her with the hope of getting her in the showring where she belongs. Better late than never! for official announcement of our new Orangeville location.

204 Main Street North, Powassan, ON (705) 724-1313

Third Annual Al Humphrey Memorial Ride SUNDAY, AUGUST 1, 2010

Pledges raised by this year’s ride will benefit:



*25 kilometre marked course through the scenic winding trails of York Regional Forest * *Top Ten Pledge Earner Awards, Individual, Team & Volunteer **Set your own pace **Radio Checkpoints * * Horse Holders * Wake-up Coffee ** Lunch Stop * Spot Prizes *Overnight camping available** Saturday night campfire * Individual, Team & Sponsor Entries** After Ride Entertainment & Bar-B-Que *

Starting at Al’s Tack Shop Check-in from 7:30 am Start times from 8:00 am Rider Registration Fees:

Prior to June 25 $25.00 • June 26 to July 25 $45.00 • July 26 to July 31 $65.00 Rider and Volunteer Registration NOW OPEN

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY, LIMIT OF 300 HORSES & RIDERS Please Note: Registrations will not be taken the day of the Ride

Registration Forms and Information available at OR

Al’s Tack Shop,4812 Vandorf Sideroad, Stouffville, Ont L4A 7X5. 905-640-2011,

The Al Humphrey Memorial Ride, in honor of Allan Stewart Humphrey (October 10, 1932 – February 2, 2006,) or as he was known to most “Al” of Al’s Tack Shop, provides an opportunity for the horse community at large to make a positive contribution to the lives of others by raising funds for deserving non-profit organizations. During his life- time Al gave selflessly in support of many deserving organizations and charities. It is in this spirit that the Al Humphrey Memorial Ride has been established. Recipient chari- ties and/or organizations are named on an annual basis.

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