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Ontario Reining Horse Association 2010 Board of Directors


Carol Ivey - 705-686-3074 email:

2nd Vice-President Harvey Stevens - 705-639-5767

1st Vice-President Mike Munroe

Treasurer Brian Stewart - 905-476-1319

Member Secretary Mary Jo MacDonnell

Recording Secretary Michelle Mahabir

2010 Directors Joanne Milton

John Purdie Dave Alexander Ken Van Alstine Chris Renny Wendy Dyer

Ontario Reining Horse Association News President’s Message

The 2010 show season got off to a great start with two terrific clinics.

First was the April 24th Jordan Larson Clin- ic at Fletcher’s Horse World, which was a fundraiser for the Sired Stakes, and was followed by a one day Jackpot show on Sunday. Thank you John and Sharon Fletcher for donating your facility and for being such great hosts.

On May 1st and 2nd, Joanne Milton of Rus- tic Meadows once again put on a fundraising clinic for the O.R.H.A., raising an impressive $1,200 with clinician, Michelle Ottiger. Our first show of the year, on May 8th and 9th, was also held at Fletchers Horse World and was very well attended.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not treat

us kindly. We had a terrible storm Friday night, which continued on into most of Saturday, mak- ing it a very challenging day that resulted in very disappointing rides for many of us.

While the sun did come out on Sunday, it remained cold and blankets were out in abun- dance!

However, the weekend was brightened by the Saturday evening pizza party, courtesy of Steve Russell and Laura Carr. Thank you Steve and Laura.

Kodak Canada supplied two digital photo booths, so members could print 6” X 8” photos for $0.25 each as a fundraiser for the youth. They also donated disposable cameras for the first 100 competitors, as well as hats. And again, thank you Kodak for your generosity. And Sharon Hart once again stepped up with a donation, putting together Tim Hortons gift baskets for some lucky winners. All in all, some great sponsors made the weekend very special in spite of the weather. Our new entry form has been receiving good reviews, and entries should run more effi- ciently now that the basic information has been input. Just remember, please, to enter ALL your information on the form before submitting it. I hope your Spring goes well and let’s all hope for better weather for our next show. In the meantime, keep on slidin’.

Carol Sired Stakes Fundraiser Reiny Season Clinic by Sharon Jones

I almost didn’t make it to this year’s ‘Reiny Season’ clinic at Rustic Meadows on May 1 & 2. This is my second year in Green as Grass. After the first show of this season on April 25 I finally conceded that trying to convert an ex_barrel racing ‘not bred for reining’ 14 year old mare into a reining horse was not going to cut the mustard. The mare wanted to run round a barrel, I wanted a new horse.

Serendipity stepped in - I went to see a new horse on Tuesday April 27, and immediately fell in love. I called Joanne on the way back from meeting my new beau. “Joanne, I can’t come to the clinic, I just tried a new horse, I am buying him but I won’t have him in time”. Joanne talked with me for a while and gently asked if I could get the horse sooner – she felt that this year’s clinician could help me ‘get’ with my new horse. So, I made several changes to my schedule (lucky me I have a very supportive husband) and picked up my new horse just in time to take him to the clinic.

Joanne was absolutely right. Michelle Ottiger, this year’s clinician, is a fabulous teach- er: she had nine students all of different capabili- ties with different learning styles, all riding hors- es at different stages of their training – Michelle delivered something for all of us.

Clinics are a wonderful way to get to know fellow reining enthusiasts, and as a new person

Sharon Jones, from Georgetown, riding Dexter, a buckskin horse who’ll soon have my number. Michelle gave us all two days of insight and tar- geted attention as well as a good solid workout for these fine athletes, (I think the horses got a good workout too).

Day One in the morning, Michelle had us working on our circles. We were just getting going when the ominous grey skies opened up and let loose their rain, followed by a sturdy dis- play of grumbling thunder and lightning. We took shelter – well it’s OK for us to get wet and the horses to get wet but those saddles? Got to keep them dry. That plus the lightning was, as Queen put it in Bohemian Rhapsody, very very frightening.

Once the rain had subsided we got right back into the circles programme with Michelle helping us recognise when our horses were duck- ing in or shouldering out and what exactly to do about it. We all had one better direction than the other and Michelle worked with each of us to the point where she was satisfied both horse and rider had learned something. By now we were getting hungry and thanks to a generous donation by Ron Lubinski of Y Not Farms, we had some truly delicious burgers at 1.30pm.

In the afternoon we worked on lead changes. As the one manoeuvre that can frustrate even the most confident of horse people, Michelle made it simple for us all.

The Sired Stakes Fundraiser May 1st and 2nd at Fletchers Horse World was a huge suc- cess.

The weekend started with a Meet and Greet Friday night with top N.R.H.A. rider and clini- cian, Jordan Larson. Saturday’s clinic was well attended with 15 horse and rider combinations and a large number of auditors. Jordan did an excellent job of critiquing and coaching each rider, with his calm and supportive style, and rid- ers and spectators alike all benefitted.

This was followed by another fun party Saturday evening. On Sunday, there was a Jack- pot show that was well attended in spite of the rain, and the Clinic participants got to try out some of what they had learned.

All of the proceeds from the Clinic went directly to the Sired Stakes Futurity and Derby, and Committee Chair, Ken Van Alstine, would like to thank his committee members and the Fletchers for their hard work and generosity.


(All shows tentative unless noted as Confirmed on the website) June 19/20 - Kemptville Slide Reining Show, Kemptville. Contact Maureen Venables 1-800- 585-1784; July 17 - Spirit of Excellence Reining Show, Y Not Farms, Meaford. Contact Ron Lubinski 519- 538-0510

Jul 30/31/Aug 1 - Canadian Reining Classic, Fletcher’s Horse World, Waterford. Contact John

Fletcher 519-443-7333 Aug 14/15 - Spooks Gotta Gun Futurity, London Agriplex. Contact Ken Van Alstine 905-384- 2008

Sept 15/16 - OBBO Futurity Reining Show, Western Fairgrounds, London. Contact Harvey Stevens, 705-639-5767; Oct 23/24 - ORHA Grand Finale Reining Show, location TBD Nov 6 - ORHA Banquet, Holiday Inn, Guelph

to the sport I was glad to have such friendly companions. Everyone was very supportive of each other and especially understanding of me as I was working with an unfamiliar horse. (a horse who was testing me as much as I was testing him). My clinic friends for the weekend were Larissa Brown from North Bay, riding Owen, a lovely big grey horse. Wendy Dyer (a fellow ex_pat Brit) from Keswick riding Blondie, a pretty mare with a flaxen/sorrel mane. Gail Gim- pelj from Guelph, riding the incomparable Vanna, Betty Wilkie from Elora riding Skip, a tall Dun gelding with kind eyes, Jennifer Chan from Toronto riding Chicky, a cute little roan mare, Cheryl Hodgkin from Amherstburg riding Slick, the chestnut with the curious black splodge on his rear and Lloyd Diehl from Elmira, riding Calvin, a solid sorrel with an enthusiastic demeanour, Darlene Patten from Caledon East, riding Lacey, a beautiful palomino. And me,

Sunday, Michelle put us through our paces on turn_arounds, stopping and fencing. Whether the horse had just started the process or was a pro, Michelle had strategies for improvement and focussed her energies again on us individually. At the end of the two days, everyone felt they had learned something new: new strategies they could take home and put into homework prac- tice. You could see the improvement each of us felt over the two days. Personally, I am very happy Joanne persuaded me to attend – I’d have missed a fabulous clinic if I hadn’t. Thanks to Michelle and of course to Joanne and Rustic Meadows volunteers for making it a great clinic. I have a head full of stuff to practice and hope that Dexter doesn’t have a penchant for running round a barrel.

Kudos to Joanne and everyone supporting the clinic – we made $1200 for the ORHA! Sharon Jones and Dexter

News from OBBO Committee, Our day at Trots and Slots - See Page 12

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