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chlorine-free water additive that is
hypoallergenic and non-corrosive. Ian
Robinson from the company describes it as
a saturated complex ionic aqueous solution
containing copper, silver, zinc, aluminium,
gold, manganese, nitrogen and iron, a The Newport Centre is the first leisure preventing biofilms and pseudomonas, as
combination which eliminates the need for centre in Wales to install the Wapotec well as Legionella control in spa pools.
chlorine, algaecides and flocculants. These system, which effectively combats “The system also addresses the matter
ions bring about a change in the enzyme potentially harmful biofilms and of cost to the business and the
processes of algae and bacteria, breaking pseudomonas. The system also provides environment. The Newport Centre didn’t
down their DNA structure and cell walls. 24-hour online monitoring of a pool’s have to close down the pool during the
“PoolSan is documented as effective, with water quality. refurb, as it would have if it was installing
several years of independent trialling One of the largest multi-purpose sport, UV. More important, Wapotec TCDO has
supporting its performance in public pools,” facilities in Wales, the Newport Centre the lowest environmental impact of any
adds Celina Brown, Managing Director of chose the system to ensure highly advanced disinfection system. It’s
PoolSan Direct, the company that supplies efficient flocculation, filtration and relatively new over here, but it’s used in
the product to the hotel and leisure industry. disinfection – the three essentials to over 30 countries around the world.”
“Our corporate clients have made the clean, safe ,clear, hygienic water. Nick Sims, Operations Manager
decision that using it is a better option than Supplied by swimming pool water added: “The Wapotec system has given
traditional chemical treatments. It meets the treatment specialists Gaffey Technical us the water quality we were aspiring to
strict requirements for keeping pools clean Services. Wapotec is a two-part system and helped towards achieving other
and enables ethically responsible companies delivering advanced flocculation, business objectives such as reducing our
to minimise their carbon footprint and filtration and oxidation using a TCDO environmental impact and operating
environmental impact.” (tetracholorodecaoxide), which, in the costs without impacting on the quality of
Other alternatives available include presence of free chlorine, converts to service we provide.
PoolSafe’s AquaKlear electronic water chlorine dioxide, a disinfectant that “Clarity improved visibly within 24
treatment system, which will help reduce avoids the formation of chloramines. hours of installation. Before, when we
cleaning time and provides a number of The data is relayed to a website, had a standard hypochlorite system, the
additional benefits, including less chlorine allowing operators to check water water clarity would decline markedly
use, reduced backwashing and the quality at any time. when we had high bather loads. This no
elimination of the need for coagulants. The centre needed an advanced longer happens, chloramine production
“Commercially, all pool operators are system as the environment was is down significantly and we will see
aware of the importance of good water particularly challenging, with high bather costs reduce in pH control, backwashing
safety – duty of care and health and safety numbers, shallow pool water, higher and chemicals. The system is extremely
legislation ensures this,” says Baulcombe. water temperatures and the turbulence simple to use and has reduced
“However, for the operators, the ultimate caused by a wave machine and flumes all operators’ workload.”
responsibility for the operation of the pool posing problems for pool managers. Another big plus is the monitoring
lies directly with the site personnel. For Andrew Gaffey at Gaffey Technical equipment, which sends water quality
leisure groups, standards, procedures, Services Ltd says: “The system produces data to the Gaffey Technical Services’
guidelines and training ensure that the excellent water quality and as the TCDO web portal, allowing operators to
majority of pools are run safely and well.” doesn’t produce combined chlorine or document and monitor disinfection levels
Next year could see a major change in the THMs it’s very effective in combating and water clarity 24 hours a day.
way REACH, the new European Community pool odour and eye and skin irritation.
Regulation on chemicals and their safe use Because the system provides a chlorine
considers swimming pool chemicals. dioxide residual throughout the whole of
( 01706 226581
A policy meeting is due to report soon on the pool volume it’s also excellent for
trends against high uses of chlorine in
pools. It is thought to support more
research into chlorine alternatives and to
provide access for funding for safer options.
REACH deals with the Registration,
Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of
Chemical substances. The new law came
into force on 1 June 2007.
The use of chlorine is known to be “on
the agenda“ of both the EU and the World
Health organisation and the indications are
that the new body will flex its muscles later
this year.
“There is no concern about being anti
chlorine and REACH has to look at things
over a longer period but it is safe to say
that natural alternatives, even those which
may need a chlorine boost are more likely
to be favoured over the next five years,”
said a EU statement.
While smaller domestic pool owners are
switching to chlorine free alternatives, the
local authority and commercial pools are
unlikely to switch until there is a major
policy change from an organisation such
as PWTAG. spn
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