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and an outdoor pool for almost five years
without the need to replace the material.”
“We have just replaced the media in the
filters for a local private school in the
Winchester area using Eco-Glass and after Sand Filters
only two weeks the water quality has The pool water is pushed down through beds of sand inside the filtering tank. The sharp
greatly improved,” concluded Lee. edges of the sand particles hold the impurities back, and pure water flows out from the
In another order Golden Coast has bottom. However, as this process continues, more and more dirt accumulates in the filter.
supplied 360 bags of Eco-Glass, which will be As a result, pressure increases on the filter and the flow of water reduces. When this
used to completely replace the current silica happens, the filter needs to be cleaned through a process known as ‘backwashing’. In this
sand being used in a series of commercial process, water enters the filter from the bottom and exits from the top. This washes away
pool filtration systems in Nottingham. the debris collected between the sand particles. The dirty water is removed from a
With four types of available filtration separate waste line. This process should be repeated once every few weeks. In case the
systems for in-ground pools, deciding sand in the filter gets really dirty it can be easily replaced. The disadvantage of using a
which system is right may seem confusing. sand filter to clean pool water is that a lot of water from the swimming pool is lost and
Yet, sand pool filters, cartridge pool filters this water must be replaced. Moreover, this filter is not very efficient in removing debris
and diatomaceous earth or DE pool filters from water as sand removes particles that are only 20 to 25 microns in size. Particles
will all allow a swimming pool to be kept smaller than these are allowed to re-enter the water in the pool.
clean and properly maintained.
Understanding the various pros and cons Cartridge Filters
associated with each type of filter will A cartridge filter is made of polyester, or any other material that acts as an excellent
simply allow you to choose the system that filtering surface. As water passes through these filters, impurities are caught and
will be best suited for your pool and your retained in them until they are cleaned. Cleaning these filters is easy. They may simply
circumstances. be washed with water from a hose pipe. Some even soak them in a detergent solution
The range of Certikin exclusive Vision for sometime and then put them back in the pool. Although these are more expensive
bobbin wound domestic filters, have than sand filters, cartridge filters are popular due to the low maintenance required, and
proved to be a bestseller in the UK market. also because they can filter impurities as small as 5 to 10 microns.
The range offers unrivalled features such
as a huge 10 inch clear lid making sand Diatomaceous Earth Filters
changes quicker and easier and a dual These filters are the most efficient and the most expensive. The filtering material used is
dump port arrangement means a small diatomaceous earth, which is the fossilised exoskeleton of minute diatoms. The
outer cap can be removed for drainage diatomaceous earth is used to coat the grids in the filtering tank. As water passes
and a larger secondary cap assists with the through the tank, the diatomaceous earth acts as sieves that hold back impurities as small
removal of the media. as 5 microns. These filters are cleaned by the process of backwashing in which the water
The Top Mount Vision is the only one of flows in a reverse direction and removes the dirt accumulated in the filter. The dirty water
its kind to feature a clear valve mounting is then drained out of the system. These filters however run at higher pressure than
ring, allowing full view of the filter in cartridge filters and hence can cause flow loss and extra pressure on the pump.
operation whilst the pump is running.
And for your peace of mind, both Side Eco Glass Filters
and Top mount models come with an The new generation of filters will use crushed recycled glass. In extensive trials it has
impressive 10 year full tank warranty for proved very effective in capturing debris to produce the highest water quality. It also
residential installations. has an exceptional long life and speed of performance. In trials
Forty years of intensive research and the filter has been in operation for five years without needing
development have given Pentair’s Triton II to be replaced.
pool filter a technological edge. Available
from Pollet Pools the Triton II is a major
player in Pollet’s Eco Select product range. because the water is having more and
ClearPro technology, which filters down more difficulty passing through the
to 5 microns, forces the tiniest particles, clogged sand. As a result, sand pool filters
even those up to 5 times smaller than must be backwashed every so often in
other filters, to undergo an intense order to keep them functioning effectively.
filtration process before returning crystal Backwashing sand swimming pool filters
clear water back to the pool. simply involves reversing the water flow so
The ultimate barrier against particles that the accumulated dirt will be knocked
that sand is unable to deal with, algae, out of the sand beds and can then be
pollen and miniscule dust particles are removed through the waste line.
efficiently and totally removed from the Sand pool filters for in-ground swimming
water leaving pools sparkling clean. pools are so popular because they are
Manufactured in one piece using the simple to use and require little
GlasLok™ process means that Triton II is an maintenance and attention. Also, in the
exceptionally strong fibreglass filter that is event that a sand filter becomes
finished with a UV resistant coating particularly dirty and clogged, they are
ensuring corrosion is kept firmly at bay. easy and fairly inexpensive to replace. On
Triton II is the most advanced swimming the other hand, some pool owners dislike
pool filter available and can be used in having to perform the manual task of
conjunction with all filter media for backwashing several times during each
guaranteed fine filtration and long lasting swimming season. However, the main
dependable operation. disadvantage of sand pool filters is the fact
Approximately every few weeks, the that they are the least effective when it
accumulation of impurities in the sand will comes to removing smaller particles from
build up to the point where the pressure in the water, as they typically can only trap
the filtration system will start to rise particles as small as 20 microns.
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