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require backwashing or draining every few sand filters more effective. Which is the
weeks to keep them working effectively. The best filter for one, is a matter of one’s
main advantage of using a requirements and the effort one is ready
diatomaceous earth filter for to put in to clean and modify a filter to
your in-ground swimming pool is increase its efficiency.
that this type of filter offers the very The arrival of the eco filter is likely to
best filtration, trapping particles as add another dimension to a traditional
small as 2 to 5 microns. market where the success and efficiency
Accordingly, if you want your of products has never been in doubt
swimming pool water to be truly ands where there has been a lot of
polished, DE pool filters are a great customer loyalty to one of the three and
option. However, keep in mind that now four options. spn
all of the above swimming pool filters
will help you to keep your pool
clean and well-maintained.
( 01993 778855
Knowing the specific design
features and pros and cons of each
category will simply allow you to
( 01271 378100
choose the type of filtration system that will
be best suited to your individual preferences.
( 01825 790524
While diatomaceous filters give cleanest
water, cartridge filters are low maintenance
ABOVE: Forty years of research and
and do the filtering job well enough. Also
( 0870 458 2354
development have given Pentair’s Triton II diatomaceous earth can be added to make
pool filter a technological edge
While cartridge pool filters have been
available for many years, their popularity and
CASE STUDY: Zeoclere provides magic filter ingredient
acceptance has only recently begun to enjoy The senior management team at agreed with Colin Trimmings a change
a rapid rise. These pool filters for in-ground Fareham Leisure Centre in Hampshire are from the original sand filter media to try
swimming pools use a cartridge element, consistently rated one of the top leisure out Zeoclere-30 on the training pool. The
similar to the kind found under a typical pools in the country. Fareham is a results were outstanding.
kitchen sink, to screen out dirt and other flagship centre, one of 61 sites under the “We first switched our teaching pool
impurities. Often made from reinforced Sports and Leisure Management banner. that, touch wood, is as crystal clear now
polyester material, cartridge swimming pool Technical and support manager at as it was then and we are talking 12
filters have a larger surface area than sand Fareham, Colin Trimmings puts his team’s years later. We were so impressed that
pool filters. This means that cartridge filters success down to a secret weapon they three years later, we switched the main
become clogged less often and therefore stumbled upon more than 10 years ago pool to Zeoclere-30 and simply have not
require less maintenance. In fact, cartridge when they switched from basic sand in their looked back.”
filters usually only need to be cleaned once filters to a specialist media called Zeoclere. Not only has the water consumption
or twice per swimming season. “Now we don’t just use Zeoclere – we been transformed, Fareham has saved
Another great advantage of cartridge recommend it,” says Colin. “I would not money on chemical costs, energy costs
pool filters for in-ground swimming pools go back to sand in our pool filters now and overall maintenance of around
is that when they do need to be cleaned, we have seen what a difference it makes. £8,000 to £10,000 annually.
it’s very easy to do. Rather than requiring “We are more than happy to be “Although Zeoclere-30 is initially more
backwashing, the cartridge element simply associated with Zeoclere-30. It has played expensive than sand, I would
needs to be removed from the filter a huge part in Fareham’s success story.” categorically put payback within a year,”
housing and washed down with a hose. Now consistently scoring in the top says Colin.
While there are inexpensive cartridge percentages of UK leisure pools, the The pool attracts 1,500 swimmers every
elements available that may only last one reports were far from satisfactory back in week to its swim school in addition to
season, there are also more expensive 1995 when, struggling to cope with a packed schedules of thriving swimming
cartridge elements which will last at least bather load that was practically double club, disabled and other specialist users
five years. With respect to the ability of what it was originally designed for, the as well as casual swimmers.
cartridge swimming pool filters to filter out operators were inundated with Benefits:
impurities, they are more effective than complaints from unhappy swimmers. Improves the pool hall atmosphere
sand pool filters as they can trap particles The development of the original Reduce chemical use by up to 30%
as small as 10 microns. swimming pool into a modern leisure Save on water through reduced
The third category of pool filters for in- centre was taking its toll on the hard- backwashing
ground swimming pools consists of pressed plant room. Improve water quality
diatomaceous earth or DE pool filters. As is “Because of the extended swimming
to be expected from their name, DE pool times there was no time for recovery of
filters use diatomaceous earth as their the water, so by the end of the day it
filtration medium. Derived from the fossilised started to get cloudy,” Colin explains.
exoskeletons of diatoms, diatomaceous earth “Chemical use was going through the
is a porous powder with tiny openings that roof while backwashing increased and we
look like sponges when viewed under a were the worst leisure pool in the country
microscope. This powder is used to coat the for water consumption – not the sort of
internal grid elements of the filter, creating a reputation any pool wants to have.”
filter cake which strains algae, debris and Things had got so bad they needed to
other impurities from the water. try something and fast. Zeoclere-30’s
In terms of maintenance, DE pool filters then stockist, Primemix Ltd discussed and
are very similar to sand filters in that they
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