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ne of three new research
studies into the effects of
chlorine in swimming pools due
out in 2010 is expected to
report that not enough is being done to
prevent the number of people suffering If there is one water treatment
from allergies caused by swimming. system which is likely to
The first of the reports, from Belgium, convinced a concerned public
follows on from the controversial study of about the health damages of
Alfred Bernard, a toxicologist who in 2008 chlorine then its UV
found children who swam for the treatment.
equivalent of one hour a week in an atg UV’s Technical
outdoor pool with chlorine were five times Director Tony Leigh says
more likely to have asthma symptoms. that more pool operators
Those with other propensities for allergic and designers are set to
reactions were 10 times more likely to have adopt UV technology in the
increased lung problems. bid to reduce exposure to
The 2009 survey, using a larger number potentially harmful chemicals. atg
of children, is known to have uncovered UV Technology’s state-of-the-art “People
more evidence of allergic reactions from Ultraviolet range has provided the swimming in
chlorine. Two more studies, one being swimming pool industry with a high profile pools, using
carried out at Bristol University and the solution for the treatment of pools. splash pads for
second in Texas are due to release findings The range of treatment systems are recreation or visiting indoor or outdoor
on the growth of allergic problems linked proven to improve the pool environment water parks are at risk from waterborne
to chlorine. It is likely to mean that in 2010 by improving water quality. Chloramines infection. Some of these infections are
the specialist pool trade will face more which are the cause of ‘Red-Eye’, skin naturally present on skin, in hair, noses,
national bad publicity about the impact of irritations and ‘chlorine smell’ are broken mouths, intestinal and uro-genital
chlorine on health. down by UV, whilst also inactivating tracts. The vector for transmission is
The official line within the trade is microorganisms, bacteria and parasites both the water and pool surfaces. The
however, unlikely to change – that it would greatly minimising the risk of infections. adoption of UV light should not be
be “foolish” to stray from the view that a “Bathers need to be kept safe,” says seen either to replace the dosing of
chlorine product should always be present Tony, “and pool operators also want to chlorine, or indeed to replace good
in water treatments. The view about the make the experience as pleasant as pool hygiene practices. The UV systems
asthma research has always been sceptical possible, whilst balancing the commercial serve a dual role; primary disinfection
and the advice of PWTAG (Pool Water needs of their business. Traditionally of the waterborne organisms, and
Treatment Advisory Group) is that with so chemicals such as chlorine have been effective photolysis of the combined
called “alternative treatments”, a residual added to pools to provide effective chlorine species.
oxidising disinfectant should always be disinfectants; this has worked well “The strong, acrid chlorine smell
present in the water as well. however organisms have started to associated with swimming pools and spas
Yet swimming pool incidents this develop resistance to chlorine, and is the combination of chlorine with
summer in Birmingham, York and Glasgow several outlined later in this article cannot compounds introduced into the pool,
together with the 2010 reports will be killed using chlorine alone. New often by bathers themselves. Bathers
continue to put pressure on changing that developments in pool disinfection use introduce urine, sweat, hair, suntan oil and
view – driven as it will almost certainly be electrolysis to form chlorine by making other organic compounds into the pool.
by the consumer’s view on chlorine. the entire pool into a very low These react with the chlorine to form
Domestic and commercial swimming concentration brine solution. This seems nitrogen trichloride, chloramines,
pool owners and managers face a choice to be a safer method of chlorinating the trihalomethanes, chloroform, halogenated
of standard chlorine based products or a pool, and is gaining acceptance. hydrocarbons and aldehydes.”
growing range of chemical free products, “A secondary issue for the pool Tony Leigh’s comments come from a
some of which are considered to offer a operators are the by-products formed by report which formed part of his work with
similar standard of water quality. the addition of chlorine to pool water; the World Aquatic Health Code.
The ongoing research throughout the combined chlorine species are irritants,
world, although relatively small and low cause corrosion and are increasingly
key, does succeed in building up the linked by many research groups to
( 01942 216161
public’s conception of the problems with asthma in children and elite athletes.
chlorine. The specialist pool trade’s
problem is that while it needs to take into
account consumers’ concern it can’t risk owners and operators are well aware that According to UK distributor Sally Koob, the
any serious outbreak of illness from a pool. water needs to be carefully checked and product can help people who were
Scientists have shown that outdoor monitored for safety reasons, more can previously unable to use their hot tub or
pools are just as or more risky than indoor always be done to prioritise the issue. pool, and some customers have reported a
ones because harmful vapours remain at That is the background of a growing positive effect on skin conditions such as
the pool surface and do not drift away. number of views within the pool and spa dermatitis and eczema. The system works
And because children tend to spend more industry calling for a more balanced view by eradicating the biofilm that can protect
time in outdoor pools they are more likely on how to get the message out to ensure bacteria, leaving them unable to grow and
to swallow chlorinated water or ingest high quality water. multiply, and in addition, it softens the
vapours containing chemicals that attack Aquafinesse is a water additive that is water by eliminating calcium and scale
the cellular barriers protecting the lung described by its makers as build-up within the tub’s working parts.
from allergens. environmentally-friendly. Requiring one When used in conjunction with an ozone or
The standard of water quality is one of treatment a week, the system is simple to silver ion system, Aquafinesse considers
the most important challenges facing the use and works by breaking down and that no additional sanitisers are needed.
industry, and although the majority of pool removing harsh chemicals in the water. Another popular alternative is PoolSan, a
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