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Resort spa
T_h e spa employs two.fittedthree.fitted people in total, but Lanzerac Spa was built by local craf_t smen and uses wood wherever possible (above
has yet to partner with South Africa’s middle); the spa makes the most of its surroundings with large doors opening
Broad-Based Black Economic Empower- onto the surrounding ground (above lef_t ); and Spafari treatments (above right),
ment Act (BEE) – created af_t er apartheid which are administered outside in the shade of willow trees
to give previously disadvantaged groups
greater economic opportunities – because
the law doesn’t apply until there are
more than five.fittedzero.fitted members of staf_f . T_h at said, ing the brand to other spas and salons.
already three.fittedzero.fitted per cent of staf_f at Lanzerac Spa Delivery has just been taken from Israel
are black or mixed race. Max says: “We of the f_i rst batch of the omnivorous garra
employ local people, not because of the rufa obtuse f_i sh, or ‘doctor f_i sh’. T_h is is
BEE laws, but because it’s the future.” a species which feeds from human skin
but which only eats dead cells, providing
exfoliating ‘f_i sh therapy’ which is particu-
T_h e recent demand for medical spa serv- larly good for alleviating skin conditions
ices in South Africa has led the Lanzerac such as psoriasis. T_h e Lourens’ will also
Spa team to introduce a new Skin Clinic, be creating a range of treatment packages
adding Botox, microdermabrasion and using f_i sh therapy.
chemical peels to their of_f ering. T_h ey’re Meanwhile, Sosumi has three other
hoping this will appeal to the many guests projects in the pipeline that it is currently
who stay at the Lanzerac Hotel to recuper- consulting on and planning to operate.
ate af_t er intensive surgery. T_h e biggest, a one.fittedfour.fitted-treatment room, ZARseven.fittedm
Next to be introduced will be Dr Fish™ (USdollar.fittedeight.fittedseven.fittedseven.fitted,two.fittedfive.fittedzero.fitted, Euro.fittedsix.fittedone.fittedfive.fitted,zero.fittedfive.fittedzero.fitted, sterling.fittedfive.fittedtwo.fittedeight.fitted,four.fittedfive.fittedzero.fitted) spa, is
Spa T_h erapy, a range which the Sosumi Spa scheduled to open at the Gatsby’s Pepper
team have trademarked and which they’ll Club & Spa in the Cape area early next
provide exclusively in South Africa, licens- year. Due to open in March two.fittedzero.fittedone.fittedzero.fitted is a
ZARfour.fittedm (USdollar.fittedfive.fittedzero.fittedone.fitted,five.fittedfive.fittedzero.fitted, Euro.fittedthree.fittedfive.fittedone.fitted,six.fittedzero.fittedzero.fitted, sterling.fittedthree.fittedzero.fittedtwo.fitted,zero.fittedfive.fittedzero.fitted)
spa with eight treatment rooms at the
Abuja-owned Sandralia Hotel in Nigeria
Lanzerac estate: a history and in June two.fittedzero.fittedone.fittedzero.fitted, an eight-treatment
room spa costing ZARthree.fittedm (USdollar.fittedthree.fittedseven.fittedsix.fitted,one.fittedfive.fittedzero.fitted,
Stellenbosch in the Western wine from grapes which wine cellar established. T_h e Euro.fittedtwo.fittedsix.fittedthree.fitted,seven.fittedzero.fittedzero.fitted, sterling.fittedtwo.fittedtwo.fittedsix.fitted,four.fittedfive.fittedzero.fitted) is set to launch at
Cape province of South were grown on the land. spa was also launched in Centurion Hotels’ Swan’s Rest hotel lo-
Africa was founded in one.fittedsix.fittedseven.fittednine.fitted Af_t er her death, the estate October two.fittedzero.fittedzero.fittedfive.fitted, at a cost cated in the Gauteng province.
by the governor of the Cape changed hands several times of ZARfive.fittedm (USdollar.fittedsix.fittedtwo.fittedtwo.fitted,one.fittedzero.fittedzero.fitted, While there remains a range of rival
Colony, Simon van der Stel, until one.fittednine.fittedfive.fittedeight.fitted, when parts of the Euro.fittedfour.fittedthree.fittedseven.fitted,three.fittedzero.fittedzero.fitted, sterling.fittedthree.fittedseven.fittedfive.fitted,eight.fittedzero.fittedzero.fitted). spas from the Stellenbosch region and
who named it af_t er himself. homestead and some of the Today, Lanzerac is home further af_i eld, the heritage of the estate
T_h e land that houses the outbuildings were con- to one of the Stellenbosch which surrounds the Lanzerac Spa and
Lanzerac estate, hotel and verted into a luxury hotel by region’s most distinguished the way staf_f look af_t er customers gives it a
spa was bought by aristocrat owners David and Graham examples of Cape Dutch strong foundation for future success.
Elizabeth Katherina English Rawdon. T_h ese buildings architecture. T_h e grounds Spa manager Lindi de Wet says:
for sterling.fittedone.fittedeight.fitted,zero.fittedzero.fittedzero.fitted (USdollar.fittedtwo.fittednine.fitted,two.fittedzero.fittedzero.fitted, were also designated as spread over one.fittedfive.fittedzero.fitted hectares “Competition is always good. We want
Euro.fittedtwo.fittedone.fitted,zero.fittedzero.fittedzero.fitted) in one.fittednine.fittedone.fittedfour.fitted. national monuments. (three.fittedseven.fittedone.fitted acres); of these, five.fittedzero.fitted to have competition. Even a small salon
T_h e property then under- T_h e estate was acquired by hectares (one.fittedtwo.fittedfour.fitted acres) consist in Stellenbosch can be competition if it
went extensive alterations, as Cape businessman Christo of vineyards, which produce takes your locals. But competition makes
well as a name-change from Wiese and his family in notable cultivars such as you stronger. It gives you the ability to
Schoongezicht to Lanzerac, one.fittednine.fittednine.fittedone.fitted. T_h e hotel was then sauvignon blanc, chardon- continue to provide extra and dif_f erent ele-
and Mrs English went on extensively remodelled, the nay and the region’s famous ments for your guests and makes sure you
to bottle the f_i rst Lanzerac vineyard replanted and a pinotage grapes. always of_f er a f_i ve-star service.” ●
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