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Marvin Brown ’49 of Decatur, Ga., died October 7, 2013. A business major, he served in the Army Air Forces during World War II. He forged a career selling insurance for Mutual of Omaha. He is sur- vived by his wife, Harriet, two daughters, and two grandchildren. Dorothy Allen Hall ’49 of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., died April 28. A home ec major, she studied elementary education at SUNY-New Paltz and then taught in the Saratoga public schools. She was an active member of the Saratoga Historical Society, the Yaddo Garden Club, and the Saratoga Friends of the Library. She is survived by two sons and two daughters, six grand- children, and six great-grandchildren. Her husband, Alan, predeceased her. Roberta Fast Lazarus ’50 of White Plains,

N.Y., died January 20. An art major, she was an accomplished graphic artist who most recently headed up that department for an area BOCES. She is survived by two sons. Her husband, Marvin, predeceased her. Virginia Davis ’50 of Lovell, Maine, died October 17. An art major, she earned a master’s from the Rhode Island School of Design. After a stint as a fashion sketch artist for the New York Times and as an art teacher in the Williamstown, Mass., pub- lic schools, she built a 34-year career as art department chair at North Adams State College. An accomplished artist, she enjoyed serving as a docent at Williamstown’s Clark Art Gallery. She is survived by a daughter, a son, two grand- daughters, and three great-grandsons. Betty Jane Wallace Smyle ’50 of Sag Harbor, N.Y., died December 10, 2012. An art major, she earned a master’s in ele- mentary education from Yale University. She was a kindergarten teacher. She is sur- vived by two stepdaughters. Sally VanderWolk Miller ’50 of Pompton Plains, N.J., died February 22. A physical education major, she was also a member of Skidmore’s field hockey team. She was a PE teacher at the Brearly School in NYC. As a community volunteer, she served as a soft- ball coach and Brownie troop leader. She especially loved skiing and golf; she was a three-time women’s champion at the Packanack Lake Golf Club. She served the College as a campaign volunteer. She is sur- vived by daughter Susan Miller Clark ’79, a son, and four grandchildren. Husband John predeceased her.

Barbara Bower Pulsford ’52 of Venice, Fla., died April 28. A physical education major, she taught PE in several elemen- tary schools in Guilford, Conn. She later worked as a town librarian in Andover, Mass. She especially enjoyed camping,

62 SCOPE FALL 2014

sailing, and fishing with her family. She is survived by husband Charles, three sons, and seven grandchildren. Patricia Knight Spencer ’55 of Fort

Lauderdale, Fla., died March 31. A home economics major, she proudly sang with the Sonneteers as a student. She is survived by her husband, Robert, and three sons. Vivian Adams Nylander ’56 of New Bedford, Mass., died February 24. A business major, she later attended the Berkeley School and the New York School of Interior Design. She is survived by a son and a daughter. Her husband, Arthur, predeceased her. Ayako Yoshioka Nakada ’57 of

Madison, Wis., died March 16. An art major, she worked as an Asian art consult- ant at the library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC for many years. She is survived by a son and a granddaugh- ter. Her husband, Frank, predeceased her. Paula Dow Kurtz ’58 of Paris, Maine, died July 15, 2013. An art history major, she spearheaded the creation of the Maine Department of Animal Welfare and the Maine Wildlife Park. She was an avid pho- tographer. She served Skidmore as a reunion volunteer. She is survived by hus- band Ted, a son, three daughters including Hilda Kurtz ’87, and six grandchildren. Sally Grant Morse ’59 of NYC died

March 27, 2013. An art major, she was a freelance political consultant and cam- paign-finance specialist who worked for John Lindsay’s mayoral bid in NYC and Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign, among many others. She was member of the Manhattan Women’s Political Caucus and the Lexington Democratic Club. There are no known survivors. Margrethe Gray Cone ’59 of Phoenicia,

N.Y., died April 24. A double major in drama and American studies, she was an editorial assistant for the Yale University Child Study Center. She is survived by her partner, Peter, two daughters, and several grandchildren. Frances Schwartz Krate ’61 of Proctor,

Vt., died August 24, 2013. An English major, she earned a master’s in English from Columbia University. She enjoyed successful careers in fundraising, magazine editing, and real estate, even founding her own real estate firm, the White River Company, in Elmwood Park, N.J. She is sur- vived by husband Ronald and a daughter. Martha Blake Koleda ’62 of Arlington, Va., died January 11. She was a psychology major. She is survived by her husband, Michael, four daughters, and nine grandchildren. Patricia Coleman Reynolds ’62 of Sarasota, Fla., died April 2. An English major, she worked for Scholastic magazine in NYC prior to her marriage. She served

as office manager for her husband’s engi- neering firm until her retirement. An avid golfer, she also enjoyed painting. She is survived by husband George, two sons, daughter Barbara Reynolds Kaylor ’91, and six grandchildren. Linda Fairley Musselman ’64 of Jackson,

Mich., died April 20. An English major, she had a long career as an adult-education and alternative high school teacher for the Jackson Public School System. She enjoyed travel, boating, and playing bridge. She is survived by her husband, Terry, a daughter, and four grandchildren. Mary Lee Fisher ’67 of Norwalk, Conn.,

died November 27. A history and art major, she earned a master’s in education from New York University. She was a school administrator and most recently served as an elementary school principal in Tiburon, Calif. She is survived by two nieces and a nephew; husband Jerry predeceased her. Margaret Zapple ’68 of Harwich Port, Mass., died March 23. A speech and drama major, she enjoyed a long career as producer, writer, and operations manager for public TV stations WGBH in Boston, WQED in Pittsburgh, and WPBT in Miami. She retired to Cape Cod in 2007, where she served as managing director and producer at the Harwich Junior Theater. She is survived by a sister, Barbara Zapple Walker ’69. Janet Schneider Coulton ’70 of Scituate, Mass., died January 22. A Spanish major, she was a freelance copy editor. She is survived by a son. Linda Juszczak ’73 of Washington, D.C., died March 26. A nursing major, she earned a doctorate from Yale University and was a longtime pediatric nurse practi- tioner as well as a pioneer in school health care. As a founding board member and later president of the School-Based Health Alliance, she helped secure federal funding and develop partnerships in the public and private sectors. Her writings on ado- lescent health and the school-based health movement have been published widely. She is survived by her parents. Charles Oppenheimer ’76 of Portland, Conn., died January 28. He completed his bachelor’s at Wesleyan University. He was a computer systems analyst at Yale University and for the Aetna Insurance and Hartford insurance companies. As a member of the Jammers Wheelchair Rugby Team, he com- peted throughout the Northeast. He is sur- vived by his wife, Lynne. Christine Wright Hanley ’76 of NYC died May 2. An elementary education major, she worked in Skidmore’s development office after graduation, before launching careers in

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