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N.Y. A veteran docent at the Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester, she is also in a book club and does custom sewing. She and her husband feel lucky to have their three children and seven grandchildren living in Pittsford and NYC. Annette keeps in touch with Polly Wittenberg Rothstein and Naomi Goldfarb Tamerin. Judith Podlesney enjoys volunteer work with the local rescue squad. She was recently named an infection control offi- cer for her rural county. She says, “Public- health nursing is still in my blood.” Mary Call Tobin and her husband of 56 years, John, have an active outdoor life on Gwynn’s Island, Va. They have an extensive vegetable garden and green- house, from which she cans, freezes, and sells at farmers’ markets. Her challenge is to keep the rabbits out of the green beans and the deer out of the tomatoes and okra. Mary also works for the Matthew County Rescue Squad Auxiliary. She keeps up with all the activities of her children. Son John is a photographer of Alaskan wildlife; see Carolyn “Roxy” Hildenbrand Regan and husband Bob are living life to the fullest in East Newmarket, Md. They are avid readers and have traveled around the world with family and friends. Their latest adventure involved a small canal boat, which they piloted themselves with their children, from Dijon to Paris, France. In the past they made very special trips with their grandchildren to the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica. Anne Bachman Walmsley says, “I’m having a lot of fun.” She ives in Okatie, S.C., and spends six months in Key Largo, Fla., at the Ocean Reef Club, taking class- es from visiting artists through the Art League. That connection led her and a group of artist friends to study abroad with the polymer artist Kathleen Dustin. Anne also creates beaded jewelry. St. Clair, Mich., residents Nancy Shearer Moore and husband Frank have retired from running a travel agency and bank- ing, respectively. They enjoy their four children and 10 grandchildren but have also found time for an amazing trip to Africa, where they got up close to the wild creatures.


Also “enjoying a trip of a lifetime” was Phyllis Atwood Walsh, who traveled to Patagonia (Chile and Argentina). The scenery was spectacular, with panoramas of mountains, the sea, glaciers, and native animals. Closer to home in Wilbraham,

38 SCOPE FALL 2014

Annette Bernstein Satloff is healthy and happy in Pittsford,

Mass., Phyllis accompanied her daughter Wendy to the Boston Marathon in April and the NYC Marathon in November to cheer her on. In June 2013 Janice Sindt Dahlberg and husband Eric made a quick retreat to their Idaho cabin to escape the flooding of their home in Calgary, Alberta. The basement and most of the first floor were destroyed, including two Steinway pianos that Janice used for teaching. Family and friends were helpful and supportive, and a house “rewarming” party was held when they moved back into their renovated home in May. Their daughter Margaret composed a musical tribute that she per- formed for them at the event. Gail Fearnley VandeSande and her hus- band of 56 years, Bill, live in a retirement- community villa on a golf course in Victor, N.Y. They feel fortunate that their children, grandchildren, and many long- time friends live nearby. Bill and Gail visit Saratoga every racing season, absorbing the upscale ambiance of the city and see- ing Skidmore’s new and old campuses. Gail finds it inconceivable that so many years have passed since we were lively freshmen.

Longtime birdwatcher Polly Wittenberg Rothstein found the ultimate birding location, in Guyana. She travels twice a year to the remote Karinambo Lodge, a former ranch that’s now an eco-tourism destination active in conservation research. She says she experienced close- up encounters with the amazing wildlife. Although she no longer runs the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion, she still actively supports it. Mary Avery Gessner and husband Russ have completed training and are now cer- tified members of the Community Emergency Response Team for Cape Cod, Mass. Sponsored by FEMA and Homeland Security, the team handled crowd man- agement at the centennial celebration for the Cape Cod Canal and will be on the ready for the hurricane and blizzard sea- sons ahead.

Joan Bowles Averette is downsizing her living quarters but continues to live at Westminster Canterbury in Virginia Beach, Va. She won five swimming medals in the Virginia Senior Games, which qualified her for the 2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis. Joan is surprised and a bit disappointed that there aren’t more Skidmore alumnae participating. In Alexandria, Va., Nancy Crosby Wells has a successful and rewarding career as a vocational rehabilitation specialist work- ing at government sites.

Barbara Erdmann Evans sends a big hello to everyone. Barbara keeps in touch with Joosje Wethly Anderson-Boehm. Beverly Beatson Grossman has been doing physical therapy religiously after a nasty fall and shoulder injury. As a mem- ber of Women Painters West, she won the top award for 2014 and is eager to start painting again. Husband Felix, recovered from heart surgery, continues to compete in the USA diving meets both here and overseas. Bev keeps in touch with Sue Hecht Goldstein. Barbara Baruch Gibbs lives a contented life in Accord, Mass. Working out at the gym every day keeps her in shape and allows her to mow and shovel her way through the seasons. She and I recently reminisced about being freshmen in Salisbury House.

Newport Beach, Calif., is where you will

find Barbara Fritts Dixon. A former lab technician at Hoag Memorial Hospital, she is now a member of the local Audubon Society, an avid birdwatcher, and gardener. She also participates in two book clubs and attends aerobics classes. Cathy Yacker Winter reports from La Jolla, Calif., that she is “in heaven” hav- ing her son and young grandson living nearby. She is active in two bereavement ministry groups, where she has served as a group leader and a facilitator assistant. A few years ago she and other church members started several small monthly discussion groups, which grew into a large number of groups with more than 300 participants. Cathy keeps in touch with Monica Reis de Janosi. For Nancy Hoagland Steidl and hus- band Dan, it was a hard winter in Rainbow Lake, N.Y., with lots of plowing, sanding, and shoveling. But the days of flowers and water skis finally arrived. Previous back and hip surgery have not slowed Nancy down—she keeps an active schedule at the gym and attends water aerobics classes twice a week. She keeps up with her four children and six busy and successful grandchildren. Joyce Gilburt Hood-Jelliff moved to Scottsdale, Ariz., in 2012. She lost her husband, Bill, to cancer this year. Joyce has appreciated the support and under- standing offered by new friends in a bereavement group, a Bible study group, and the YMCA, where she goes daily. Her twin sister, Joan, was a huge help during Bill’s illness. Joyce is planning to pick up watercolor painting. She has made it an objective to cherish every day to the fullest.

Anne Mintener Heegaard and husband

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