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our 60th reunion next spring. The Nelsons have two great-grandsons: 2-year- old Nathan lives in Texas and 1-year-old Victor lives near Boston. She hopes to see many of you at our 60th. Gloria Atanas Plaut attended a ceremo- ny at the Collegiate School in NYC that celebrated students moving up from the middle the upper school. While there, she spotted dear friend Connie Swedlin Sultan, whose twin grandsons, Harry and Isaac, are in the same class with Gloria’s grandson Connor. Gloria’s son Christopher and Connie’s son David grad- uated from the school in 1980. Both women share fond memories of Skidmore and Collegiate. Sally Wagman Hoge offers a tribute to her friend Pat Spencer, who died on March 31. Sally says, “She managed her struggle with multiple sclerosis with courage, continuing to be the pleasant, kind, and thoughtful woman she was throughout her life.”

I have been helping my companion of 19 years, Chuck, move into a nursing home; he will probably stay there for some time. I am concentrating on trying to sell my house. My daughter Anne was married last August in Michigan. MARDI DUGGAN DREBING 4215 CLEVELAND ROAD SYRACUSE, NY 13215-2415 MARDIFLY@AOL.COM

Susan Leach Ryan and Kevin moved from Port Ludlow, Wash, into a lovely retirement community in Santa Barbara, Calif. A son lives nearby with his wife and two teenage children. Susan loves living in a beautiful area where flowers bloom most of the year. She and Kevin miss boating but are close to the water in their new home. They have great fun walking on the beaches with their 2-year-old rescue poodle, who brings them much joy and laughter. Suzanne Hoben Hinchey reports that she continues to fight cancer with chemotherapy and is “very proud of Skidmore.”


Marilyn Moore Bradley is delighted that six of her 11 grandkids have finished college. Wendy Strebe passed along the sad news that her mother, Gayle Stein Bishop, died on June 5.

Gayle was a delightful friend: funny, vivacious, and interested in the world around her. Her big garden in Connecticut was always important to her, and Wendy and her siblings are planning a memorial garden in Costa Rica to cele-

brate Gayle’s life. Gayle, who battled Alzheimer’s disease for many years, was a lady of great charm, beauty, and elegance. AVERILL DAYTON GEUS 2 OLD ORCHARD LANE EAST HAMPTON, NY 11937-3911 631-324-1229 EGEUS@OPTONLINE.NET

Hope Thompson Kerr recently talked to Pat Naigles Lyons. Hope was planing a three-week trip to China and Mongolia this fall, including riding camels in the Gobi Desert and living in yurts. “What more can you ask for?” says Hope. She would love to hear from any classmates who have been to Mongolia. She recently spent a pleasant day walking NYC’s High Line (30th to 12th streets), which is quite an experience. Hope saw Doug Wilson, husband of Debbie Grigg Wilson, in Boston, where he was promoting his new book, The World Was Our Stage; Spanning the Globe with ABC Sports. He dedicated the book to Debbie and mentions her often through- out its pages. Alice Bemis Wiggin attended her first granddaughter’s wedding. Other grand- children include a Navy man, a teacher, a nurse, an EMT, an English teacher in Korea, and a medical researcher. Alice’s daughter taught herself to quilt. Stephanie Merber Lench, husband Mike, and their son and grandson joined Janel McKay Carlson on a safari in Tanzania in February. They saw wilde- beests, elephants, lions, leopards, Cape buffalo, and rhinos. A cheetah jumped on the hood of their van! In June, the Lenches took two granddaughters to Greece. Looks like they get the grandpar- ents of the year award! Ada Vapnek Ciniglio is not slowing down as executive director of ArtTable (, a 1,200-member national organization for professional women in the business of visual arts. She travels to arts pilgrimage sites for work and splits her time between homes in Sag Harbor, N.Y., and NYC. Ada encourages classmates to stop by her NYC office; she’d love to see you. Life is going well for Irene Greenberg


Stern. She enjoys keeping up with Sandee Chernow Byrne and is proud of her grandson, Colin. Ann Talbot Brown and husband Bill enjoy living on Cape Cod and in Vero Beach, Fla. Their five granddaughters are “a delight.” Ann sees Sidney Wright Coursen ’58 and husband Beau often. She also talks regularly to Bonnie Ward

Wood and wishes she lived closer. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, is home

to Phebe Grauer Appleton, who sings with the St. Marks Choir and the Evergreens (a group of retired people who love to sing). She also enjoys gardening and researching local history. Phebe would welcome visitors and is happy to give tours of area wineries. Marcia Seymour Hanson and husband Paul spent three weeks in California visit- ing family in the Bay area. They partici- pated in the Napa Valley Tour de Cure to raise money for diabetes, spent three days backpacking in the Sierras, drove down the coast to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, attended their granddaughter’s track meets, and spent time with a son and daughter-in-law visiting from Singapore. Marcia still teaches yoga, most- ly private classes.

Margaret Bishop Maynard splits her time between Lake George, N.Y., (where great blue herons hang out on their beach) and Annapolis, Md. She stays busy keeping up with her children and grand- children. Margi recently talked to Sue Schanck Fawcett, who is still enjoying horseback riding. Judith Fletcher Baker enjoyed her new home in Maine this past winter, despite the snow and frigid temperatures. She took an interesting art-appreciation trip to Cuba in December 2013. Thea Woodfin Reinhart maintains her private practice as a psychologist in Irvine, Calif. Her forensic specialty is cus- tody and family reunification cases. In her leisure, she writes children’s books for fun. Most of all, she likes time spent with her husband, children, seven grandchil- dren, one great-granddaughter, and many wonderful friends. Harriet Kaye Sobol’s husband, Thomas, is the former New York State education commissioner. He recently authored My Life in School: A Memoir, available on Amazon.

I am saddened to report the death of Dorothy Hearne Sundstrom on May 15 after a long illness. We extend condo- lences to Dottie’s husband, Roy. I helped start a new plant clinic for my local master gardener group. I am also on the landscape committee for my condo- minium, where I have enjoyed planting some trees and rose bushes. BECKY BECKWITH BALLENTINE 801 S. PITT ST., #220 ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314 BBBALEX@VERIZON.NET

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