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hoping to entice her to visit Boston. Laura Henderson is enjoying her first year of retirement from her position as collections manager-registrar at the Miami University Art Museum in Oxford, Ohio. She spent the first three months in Florida with her 98-year-old mother. Laura also stays busy with historic preser- vation projects for the City of Oxford and running her freelance editing service, the Predator Editor. East Hampton, N.Y., resident Jane

Aberman Baringer’s first grandchild started college in 2013. Her younger daughter, who lives nearby, temporarily set aside her culinary start-up, Cait’s Baked, to assume the position of head pastry chef at the popular Mary’s Marvelous. Jane does administrative work at East End Pediatrics, and husband Jim does fine woodworking. Jane also sits on the board of Food Pantry Farm, which grows organic vegetables for five local food pantries and operates a domestic- abuse shelter and child-care center. Jane grows her own organic veggies at an adja- cent community garden. Skidmore roommates Judy “Kos” Koslowski Kirsten, Roseann Birrittella, Rett Harper, and Judy del Peso Landry travel across the country to maintain their close friendship. Rett kicked off her 70th birthday celebration with Kos in San Diego.

Sandy Berk Jacoby and Richard’s family includes three sons (two of whom are married), a long-awaited and “precious” granddaughter, and a mom about to turn 100! Sandy looks forward to our 50th in 2016. Artist Diane Burko quips that she became “bipolar” in 2013. She was invit- ed on a sailing residency on a vessel with 26 other artists traveling to Swalbard, just below the Arctic Circle, and she also trav- eled to Antarctica. She has two solo shows: Glacial Perspectives at the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University and Seeing Glacial Time: Climate Change in the Arctic at Tufts University. Marjorie Sherwood Freeman tutors dis- advantaged women in Bridgeport, Conn. Over the last two years, both of her stu- dents passed their GED tests and are pur- suing further education. Her 26-year-old son, Danny, who has high-functioning autism, is happy in a group home with other young men just a few miles from Marjorie. We extend condolences to Marjorie, whose husband, Richard, died of a heart attack earlier this year after a bat- tle with complications from diabetes. You can find photographs by Carolyn

Bates in every issue of Vermont Magazine, published six times a year. We lost classmate Kathleen Anne Burns Catapano to cancer on January 15. Kathleen joined the Peace Corps after graduating and later became a teacher, retiring from CUNY’s Medgar Evers College; she was an advocate for peace and justice and a dedicated humanitarian. We extend condolences to her family. I enjoy my family-law mediation prac- tice in Brockton, Mass., after practicing family-law litigation for the last 40 years. We moved to Boston in 2013, then actu- alized a lifelong dream of owning a sail- boat, which we purchased in Rochester, N.Y. We’ve sailed LoDolce Vita through the locks of Lake Erie and down the Hudson River, through the Long Island Sound and Cape Cod Canal to reach Boston. ANN C. LODOLCE LODOLCE & ASSOCIATES 1350 BELMONT ST., SUITE 104 BROCKTON, MA 02301-4430 508-583-2424 ANN@LODOLCEFAMILYLAW.COM

When the company she worked for was sold in 2012, corporate communications specialist Sandy Colony followed a long-held dream and opened her own travel planning business. Personalized Odysseys specializes in the kind of trips the NYC native had planned for herself and friends over the years: small-group expeditions to remote regions, catering to baby boomers, espe- cially women. This year Sandy’s company led tours to Namibia, Nepal (which Mary Whitaker Taber joined), and Vancouver Island; trips toEthiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Turkey are being planned for 2015. Sandy’s second-career venture was recently featured in the New York Times. Peggy Baker Rennels and Susie


Merrick Bacon took a spectacular trip to Bryce and Zion national parks. Pam Scharmann Stewart and husband Douglas enjoy gardening and have gone on a number of cruises. The couple had a great week at Sebago Lake in Maine with their children and grandchildren this summer. Pam studies bluegrass banjo, directs a 10-voice early-music group, cooks, and reads.

Marion Thomas Manning and Jim moved from Indiana to their home out- side Sedona, Ariz., which will now be their full-time residence. They love the scenery, hiking, great weather, and friend- ly people. All four of their grandchildren live east of the Mississippi, so the

Mannings have become frequent flyers. Rita Camera Johnson and Win love their daughter Amy’s baby, Neve. They introduced her to Earline Furber Rubel and Ed in Florida this winter. My daughter, Linden, son-in-law Bryan, and I traveled to Chile to visit Bryan’s parents, who live there a few months of the year. I had never been to South America, and found it beautiful and inter- esting. LORRAINE RORKE BADER 146 SHRADER ST. SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94117-1017 415-902-6134 LORRAINE.BADER@GMAIL.COM

Susan Hirsch Schwartz and her husband winter in Palm Beach, Fla., where this year they enjoyed the company of Letty Derman Thall, Eliza Cocroft Bailey, Kathy Cole Kelly, Jan Brophy Billingsley, and Marsha Petersen Kenny.


Diana Atwood Johnson suffered from a mysterious, life-threatening lung illness last winter. She recovered enough to accept an honorary doctorate of humane letters from the University of New Haven in Connecticut and a community service award. “Life is good and forever challeng- ing,” she muses. Nursing major Carol Feiker Wetherbee runs her own home-care business, GG Geriatric Care Management, which pro- vides comprehensive health care services to the elderly; see Linda Pizzica Garrettson entered the sprint portion of the Captain Morgan Ironman Triathlon in St. Croix on May 4. She finished a half-mile swim, 8-mile bike ride, and 4-mile run. She was proud to wear her “Swim/Bike/Run” hat along with the Saraswati jewelry she sells during the competition. Ellen Sherman’s son is a sophomore at Colgate. Ellen served as a judge for Skidmore’s Freirich Business Plan Competition last winter. Barbara Roberts Magid sends a correc- tion: She retired as the director of profes- sional services at Sheppard Pratt Health System in Baltimore, not the director of the entire organization. We wish her well in retirement. Judith Erickson was appointed dean of Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn School of Nursing at Long Island University earlier this year. She was formerly dean of the School of Nursing at Jacksonville University in Florida, where she helped launch its College of Health Sciences and establish a doctor of nursing practice

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