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Roberta Fast Lazarus, who died on February 20 after a long and valiant fight with infections. Wed to Marvin Lazarus right after freshman year, she was the first married student permitted to continue her education at Skidmore. We remember her as a noted graphic artist and one of the first artists to move from pen and ink to using an early Macintosh computer. She will be greatly missed.

I am also saddened to report the death

of Sally VanderWolk Miller on February 22. We remember Sally as a talented phys- ical education major and teacher. She and husband Jack loved sports and taught their two children to ski and golf. We send our sympathy to their family. PEGGY KAHLES GUYDER 300 SW GOLFVIEW TERRACE, #149 BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33426-4653 PEGGYGUYDER@ATT.NET

Pat Bryant Koedding is learning to use the Internet. She keeps in close touch with her grandchildren and attended the June wedding of grand- daughter Lisa. Pat and daughter Donna took a bus tour of Panama that included a boat ride on the canal. Last fall, Pat had lunch with Loni Longacre Hyser, who had just moved with husband Pete to an apartment at Martins Dam in Wayne, Pa., where Loni works.


A longtime goal was achieved by Ginger Morgan Travis when she rode a paddle- wheeler up the Mississippi from New Orleans to Memphis, Tenn., this spring. She calls it “glorious and all that I could have hoped for.” Anthea Merrihue Turner is VP of spe- cial events for the Friends of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. Her work often reminds her of the time she hung Spanish moss on trees for Junior Prom. Anthea is recovering from a knee replacement. She recently celebrated the 100th birthday of her Fay Bowen, a 28-foot mahogany boat, which she keeps at her summer home on Lake George.

I received sad news from Bruce Dillingham that his wife, Catherine “Cappy” Knight Dillingham, died February 20. Cappy was an advocate for environmental ethics most of her life. Ina Spelke Schnell is very involved in the arts in Sarasota, Fla., only a short drive from her home in Longboat Key. Charlotte Eberwein Sutherland stays busy with travel, friends, and family. She has 10 grandchildren and four great- grands.

Helen Cox Colman and her husband enjoyed a cruise around the world last

year. In March they toured Africa, the Mediterranean, and several Baltic coun- tries.

Nancy Howie sends a big hello to the class. She had lunch with Mary Stirling Campbell and Peggy Sharpe Whitehead in May. They discussed the finer points of being 84 and the fact that they are “glad to be on this earth.” Nancy Hull Kearing ’52 kindly forward- ed news about Inge Jensen Brouard Brown, who was honored in May at the Diamond Jubilee of the Katonah (N.Y.) Museum, which she founded. Nancy was on hand for the celebration, as were Inge’s son Peter, grandsons Max and John, first husband Paul Brouard, and Julia Leete Rabin, the daughter of Ethel “Eddie” Leete Rabin. Sue Russell Bigelow and husband Storrs visited Janet White MacLure here on Amelia Island, Fla., this spring. Janet kindly arranged a “surprise” reunion din- ner with me and my husband, George. We had fun remembering our freshman experiences in Court Street House. PATRICIA GRUMMON CLEGG 4670 CARLTON DUNES DRIVE, #14 AMELIA ISLAND, FL 32034 PATRICIACLEGG436@GMAIL.COM

to Longboat Key, Fla., in the winter, where they occasionally see Shirley Welber Stone. Other months, they stay in their home of 60 years in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. They also maintain an apartment in NYC, where they visit with Dotsie Bernstein Modlin and Elihu and Joyce Levine Eppler and Klaus. The Scheers’ grandson recently graduated from Tulane University, and they had a fun time cele- brating in New Orleans with the family. Bobbie is looking forward to our 65th— she hopes we make it! Dolores Cetrule Kenyon has been in the Clark House Nursing home in Westwood, Mass., for the past three years. Friends say she retains her wonderful smile.


Nancy Lukens Pegnam moved to a sen- ior apartment complex in Hingham, Mass. It offers many advantages, includ- ing four restaurants, doctor and dentist offices, and a retail store. Nancy encour- ages classmates to come visit. Randy Moore Foster recently lunched with Essex, Conn., resident Jean Adams Shaw to thank her for being so good to Randy’s granddaughter, who recently graduated from nearby Wesleyan. Randy also has a grandson who graduated from

Bobbie Neustaedter Scheer and Hum are “going strong!” They go

the University of Massachusetts, a grand- daughter studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and a granddaughter in high school. Her busy family keeps her “young at heart.” She feels fortunate to be in good health. Dotsy Modlin and Elihu had a wonder- ful time in May at the graduation of their grandson Jonathan Markowitz ’14, along with 712 classmates—the largest graduat- ing class in Skidmore history. When the alumni in the audience were asked to stand and be recognized, Dotsy and Jonathan’s mom, Susan Modlin Markowitz ’83, stood proudly and joined in singing the Alma Mater; a few tears were shed. Dotsy says the campus looks beautiful and the Class of 1952 lily gar- den provides a special place for reflection. Sally Evans Hunt enjoys golf, bridge, and Mah Jongg. Husband Ken died four years ago, and she misses him terribly, but she is grateful to have eight wonderful grandchildren and a close-knit family. She looks forward each summer to her return to Chautauqua, N.Y. Class president Dawn Rylander Spitz and Eric spent a glorious six months in Venice, Fla., feeling lucky to escape the Cape Cod winter. Dawn entered a poetry contest sponsored by the National League of American Pen Women, of which she is a member, and won a $100 prize for the best sonnet. On their return trip to Massachusetts, the couple stopped at the league convention in Atlanta, held at the home of novelist Margaret Mitchell, where winners read their entries. Daughter Kim drove from Nashville, Tenn., to record Dawn reading her sonnet and posted it on Facebook. They all had lots of fun! Cindy Hartwig Gyorgy had a wonder- ful three-week visit with family in Norway, which included the celebration of Norwegian Independence Day on May 17. While in Oslo she talked with Dora Holter-Sorenson Berggrav. Dora remem- bers her two years at Skidmore with great fondness and sends love and good wishes to classmates. We were saddened to hear of the death of our “blonde,” Bobbie Bower Pulsford, on April 28. She and Chuck were living in Venice, Fla. We will always remember Bobbie’s beautiful smile, and we send our love to Chuck at this sad time. Bill and I had a wonderful time during Commissioning Week at the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md. Our grand- daughter Julie is now off to grad school at the University of California at Berkeley and then will serve five years in sub-

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