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SaraKay Sherman Smullens has two step-grandchildren and a grand-dog. When they are all together, there is “happy chaos.” SaraKay married Stan 35 years ago, when both had two young children, including daughters named Elisabeth. A vascular surgeon, Stan is chief medical officer of the Jefferson Accountable Care Organization. Clinical social worker SaraKay is working on an evidence-based textbook that addresses the reasons for burnout in her profession. Emergencies in the lives of close friends made attending our 50th impossible. Joellen Maloney Toussaint works at the


Wellesley Free Library. This year she served weekly for over 16 months on a federal grand jury and vacationed in Aruba. She enjoys time with her grand- children.

Diane Macht Solomon and Todd have moved on to their next adventure: return- ing to Tampa, Fla., to live in an apart- ment in a continuing-care community. They take advantage of all the social, intellectual, and recreational activities offered there. Diane notes, “We are living a cruise-ship existence every day!” A mini-reunion was held at Carolyn Crowther Cook’s home in Old Lyme, Conn. Carolyn was joined by Gayle Schiring Duncan, Judy Weaver Lupse, Jane Stephens and Sally Wickes Hayes. They had a wonderful time catching up. For Jacqueline Merriam Paskow, “Life in widowhood has turned out to be not as lonely as I feared.” Although she retired in 2007, she still teaches occasionally at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and took a group of students on a study tour of Berlin. Her ongoing projects include learning Hebrew, playing the violin, and babysitting her 2-year-old grandson in Brooklyn, N.Y. She’s pleased to stay in close touch with Elli Rachlin Halsey. Joyce Shulster Pustilnik passed along the sad news that roommate Martha Blake Koleda died on January 11. The class extends condolences to Marte’s hus- band of 50 years, Mike, and their children and many grandchildren. Joyce has lived in London on and off for the last 10 years. Earlier this year, she traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, for two weeks. She visit- ed Antwerp, Belgium, to see her roots and also stopped in Ghent, Bruges, and Brussels, where she visited a cousin. Joyce’s daughter Amanda presented her with a beautiful granddaughter, Allegra Rose, in June. Elli Rachlin, who had spent a weekend in 2013 with Marte Koleda and her won- derful family, sang at her memorial serv-

ice. Since Marte was known for her wicked sense of humor, Elli selected the Gershwin song, The Lorelei, which includes a favorite line of Marte’s: “I’m gonna bite my initials on a sailor’s neck.” Marcia Drew Hohn and Joyce Pustilnik also attended the service. Jane Schwager recently spent a month at a charming bed and breakfast near Elli’s home in Rhinebeck, N.Y., so she could explore the Hudson Valley and visit Saratoga Springs. Elli and John invited her to join them at the Williams Inn in Williamstown, Mass., where John plays piano with a band, and Ellie got to sit in for a few numbers. Gay Mulligan Scarborough and Fred joined them there for dinner. Susan Vanek Heidtmann and husband

Henry celebrated their birthdays in April by flying WWII-vintage P-51 Mustang fighters out of the Stallion Corporation airfield in Florida. Susan had flown the plane several times, but it was the first time for Henry. He now understands why she loves this annual adventure. The cou- ple was thrilled to fly in formation and perform aerobatics. The planes are equipped with video cameras, so Susan and Henry can share flights with family and friends. Lynn Garrett Meyer and George enjoyed two trips to Japan, where he taught at Hyogo Medical School in May after spending March in Tokyo and Kamakura. The couple had a wonderful reunion with friends on Ishigaki Island (near Okinawa) and explored that beauti- ful semitropical region. While in Hyogo (west of Osaka), Lynn helped George’s students with their English and served as a “mock patient” for medical history-tak- ing. Their 17-year-old grandson visited them for a few days; they toured shrines, temples, and Mt. Fuji among other adven- tures. In July the Meyers were joined by their 17-year-old granddaughter in Uganda, where Lynn worked with the fac- ulty at the Bwindi Community Hospital School of Nursing. Nancy Smith Bushnell had a lovely time hanging out in beautiful Sarasota, Fla., earlier this year. She and Victor were also in Denver and in Jackson Hole, Wyo., visiting two of her children. Nancy Cutter Parker, Lynn Pringle Anastos, Glenda Arentzen, Bobbi Mann Bigham, Brenda Baekey Milhan, and Linda Blanquart Smith held their rollick- ing, four-day, bi-annual mini-reunion in Portsmouth, N.H., in May. Nancy says, “The town will never be the same.” Lynn reports that the entire hotel knew the

“reunion ladies” from their great merry- making and almost constant laughter. The group is considering a Mississippi River cruise for their next gathering. Linda observed, “I think we may be the six luck- iest people on the planet, to have each other all these years.” Cynthia Guy Slack and Walter celebrat- ed their 50th anniversary in June with a cruise to Russia, followed by trips to Paris, Rome, Venice, and the Dalmatian coast. Cynthia’s jewelry business is still going strong and gives her the opportunity to be really creative. The couple also travels to search out interesting handmade beads. Mollie Klee Heron embarked on a five- week trip to Europe and the Middle East this spring to help sister Pat celebrate her 75th birthday. The siblings spent time in Amsterdam before arriving in Jerusalem for Passover and Florence for Easter. They later joined a group of five women from Kentucky and visited Ireland and France. In March Sue Corbet Thomas enjoyed a “rather serendipitous” mini-reunion in Vero Beach, Fla., with Inez Zagoreos Scribner, Sherrie Tatham Davidson, Sara Lee Lubin Schupf, Sue Wilhelm Hand, and Terry Tiffany Sullivan. Sue also for- warded an article about Brenda Baekey Mihan, who was honored by the Princeton Health-Care System Foundation for 50 years of service as a hospital volun- teer.

Once again, Lollie Engel Triebold and Dave spent March in Spain, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Costa del Sol with an Irish mass and parade followed by music and dancing. The couple also visited Jerez, where the country’s sherry is pro- duced. We extend condolences to Bobbie Bigham, who lost her husband of 50 years, Ken, in March and also to George Reynolds, whose wife, Patsy Coleman Reynolds, died in April.

My husband and I are active in our

church: I chair the Arts and Design Committee and Ben chairs the Property Committee. I also serve as treasurer of the Plymouth Chapter of P.E.O. As foster par- ents for the New England Brittany Rescue, we prepare about 12 dogs for adoption each year. In May we joined 37 others on a two-week pilgrimage to Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. We spent time with a Palestinian family, ate and drank with the Bedouins in Jordan, took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and swam in the Dead Sea. In addition, we toured sites in Jerusalem, Masada, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Qumran, and Petra. It was an awesome trip.

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