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ROSS LOVERN 245 W 25TH ST., APT. 2C NEW YORK, NY 10001-7102 917-628-8450 ROSS@LOVERN.COM

from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, is employed by Milk Studios in NYC. She exhibited her work at the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, La., and the State Museum of Pennsylvania this spring and is included in a group show in Woodstock, N.Y., being held this fall. Grace is also designing costumes for a Kickstarter film, I Dig Persepolis, a postmodern explo- ration of the assassination of King Xerxes. Carmen Ramos is pursuing an MS degree in nutrition at the University of Utah. He recently completed an intern- ship with the federal WIC program and is working on another internship with Harmon’s grocery stores. MARGARET MYERS MARGARETGMYERS@GMAIL.COM


In Memoriam Alumni

Doris Weake Cruikshank ’33 of Shelburne, Vt., died January 18, 2012. A business major, she worked for the Federal Land Bank before her marriage, and after her children were grown she returned to work as a secretary to the superintendent of schools in East Longmeadow, Mass. She was active in many community organizations, includ- ing Girl Scouts, the East Longmeadow Historic Commission, and the local library board. She is survived by a son, three daugh- ters, 10 grandchildren, and nine great-grand- children including Emily Wallengren ’90. Hazel Wilcox Looker ’33 of Brattleboro,

Vt., died December 7. An education major, she completed her bachelor’s at Castleton College. She was an elementary school teacher and administrator in the Rutland, Vt., public schools for more than 50 years. She is survived by three daughters, nine grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren. Her husband, Charles, predeceased her. Mary Armstrong Cady ’34 of Ponte

Vedra Beach, Fla., died March 12. She was an English major. She is survived by daugh- ter Priscilla Wilder Ambrose ’59, two sons, and niece Suzanne Whitman Diehl ’75. Her husband, Kenneth, predeceased her. Elizabeth Hewlett Hopkins ’34 of Jackson, Mich., died August 8, 2013. A secre- tarial science major, she completed a bache- lor’s in sociology at Adelphi University. She

Grace Sachi Troxell, with a post- graduate certificate in painting

was a community volunteer. She is survived by a daughter and several grandchildren. Husband Milton predeceased her. Phyllis Atwood Conley ’35 of Sarasota,

Fla., died July 22, 2010. An art major, she earned a master’s in education from Rollins College. She enjoyed a long career teaching elementary school in the Seminole County public schools. She is survived by two daughters, four grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. Her husbands, John Bills and James Conley, predeceased her. Eleanor Gunst Oppenheimer ’41 of Boca Raton, Fla., died March 27. An eco- nomics major, she was a devoted civic volunteer. She is survived by husband David, two sons, a stepdaughter and two stepsons, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Marcia Burnett Bouton ’41 of Holmes Beach, Fla., died March 1. An art major, she was an accomplished pastel and oil painter who exhibited throughout New England. She is survived by two daugh- ters, a son, three grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. Her husband, William, predeceased her.

Marguerite Bugbee Fisher ’44 of

Templeton, Mass., died April 12. A physical education major, she completed a program at Harvard Medical School to become a reg- istered physical therapist. She was a physi- cal therapist for several physicians and the Shriners Hospital. She is survived by two daughters and a son, a sister, and six grand- children. Husband James predeceased her. Jean Annett Hochuli ’45 of Pittsford,

N.Y., died January 31. A textiles and clothing major, she was a community vol- unteer, serving such organizations as the PTA, Girl Scouts, and an area music asso- ciation. She served Skidmore as a class agent. She is survived by five children, 14 grandchildren, and five great-grandchil- dren including Diane Wallman ’03. Mary Wolfe DiRenza ’46 of Maple Glen, Pa., died February 3. A home eco- nomics major, she was a volunteer for Holy Redeemer Hospital, the Girl Scouts, and other community and church groups. An avid golfer, she twice captured the women’s championship at the Torresdale Frankford Country Club. She also enjoyed music and needlepoint. She is survived by three sons, sister Jane Wolfe Moore ’47, and five grandchildren. Mary Bowman Shaw ’46 of Cumberland, R.I., died March 9, 2007. A business major, she was a longtime secre- tary for International Packaging Co. She is survived by a son, a daughter, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchil- dren. Her husband, John, predeceased her.

Doris Bluestein Hasnas ’47 of Boynton Beach, Fla., died December 8. She was a nursing major. She is survived by a daughter and two sons. Her husband, Irving, predeceased her. Myrtle Butler Neiman ’48 of Oreland, Pa., died August, 23, 2013. A language major, she was an active member of sever- al choral groups and the Music Theatre of Abington, as well a volunteer for several civic organizations. She is survived by a daughter, a son, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Husband Donald predeceased her.

Carolyn Lapp Black ’48 of Tempe, Ariz., died December 18. A community recreation major, she served in the WAVES as a counselor during World War II. She earned a master’s in counseling and guidance from Kearney State College and was the assistant dean of students at Penn State University’s Ogontz Campus for 18 years. She is survived by two daughters and two sons, seven grandchil- dren, and four great-grandchildren. Her husband, Roe, predeceased her. Anita Crawford Thomas ’48 of Newark, Del., died April 22. An art major, she worked in a family hotel business before managing the Kitty Knight House restaurant in Georgetown, Md., with her husband, Bill. She later worked as an administrative assis- tant for several Newark private schools until retirement. She is survived by a daughter and two sons; Bill predeceased her. Florence Steinberg Ackerman ’49 of Hopewell Junction, N.Y., died July 29, 2010. A Spanish major, she worked for NBC television before joining the family business, Stage Door Furniture, as a book- keeper for many years. She is survived by two sons, a daughter, nine grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Her husband, Murray, predeceased her. Jane Phillips Bay ’49 of Cincinnati, Ohio, died January 30. An art major, she worked as a draftsman before her mar- riage. She was a life member of the Appalachian Trail Club and an accom- plished sailor. She also enjoyed writing poetry, hiking, and making silver jewelry. She is survived by a daughter, a son, and four grandchildren. Her husband Kenneth, predeceased her. Carolyn Dobbins Lange ’49 of Buffalo,

N.Y., died February 26, 2013. A home eco- nomics major, she was a treasurer and book- keeper for the Lockport, N.Y., Public Library. She was also a volunteer with the Lockport Memorial Hospital Guild and a local college women’s club. She is survived by three daughters, two sons, and six grandchildren; husband Mark predeceased her.

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