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photography they developed at Skidmore into a new business: Cecilia Gallery is both a showcase for photography and a market- place for high-quality camera straps crafted from Peruvian alpaca wool and Argentinian leather. When Michael, returning from filming for a documentary in Peru, showed MacLean a traditional hand-woven alpaca belt, the idea was born. Reinforced with nylon, the camera straps are favored by some top professional photographers. Saratoga National Bank and Trust pro- moted corporate banking officer Billie Marie Taft-Sitler to assistant VP. Active in the community, Billie Marie serves on the Transitional Service Association board and is an equestrian volunteer for Special Olympics New York. Yolande Schutter got engaged to Navy officer Blair Woolheater; they plan to wed in December. Jonathan Ugol married Samantha


Morrison last year. The couple lives in Boston, where Samantha is an actuarial analyst for Liberty Mutual Insurance and Jonathan has his own design company. KELLY GENOIS KGENOIS@GMAIL.COM

works in the counsel’s office at the New York State Department of Economic Development. Sarah Saviskas is at the University of California at Berkeley for a master’s in city planning with a focus on transportation policy. For the past four years, she has been working at a Seattle environmental consulting firm that specializes in facilita- tion, conflict resolution, and public partic- ipation in such policy issues as salmon recovery, climate change, Superfund sites, and American Indian sacred sites. American studies major Samantha Levine minored in jewelry and metal art at Skidmore, developing jewelry featuring sterling-silver shavings. Even during law school at Western New England University in Springfield, Mass., she per- fected her designs at a Waltham metals studio and launched her own company, Auburn Jewelry. Samantha’s work—ear- rings, cufflinks, bracelets, rings, and neck- laces using sterling silver and 14-caret gold—has been featured by CBS New York, Wag magazine, and fashion Web sites and Uber Apparatus. Heather Gilchrist is the principal at Dolores T. Aaron Elementary in New


Alexandra Besso graduated from Albany Law School in May and

MacLean Fisher and Michael Fleisch ’09 turned the passion for

Orleans. The school is part of the Renew charter network (, working to serve the city’s neediest kids by turning around historically failing schools. Over the past three years, Aaron’s performance grade has risen from F to C. Margaret Bauer was awarded a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship in social psychology at the University of California at Los Angeles. SHANNON HASSETT SHANNON.HASSETT@GMAIL.COM

Amanda Wachtel is overjoyed to have graduated from the SUNY- Buffalo School of Medicine and to have had the honor of singing the national anthem at commencement. She has begun a four-year residency in psychiatry at the University of Chicago Medical Center. She lives on Michigan Avenue with a view of Grant Park and Lake Michigan and says, “I feel very fortunate and have a lifetime to give back.” After four yeas in Phoenix, Leah Sussman moved back east to enter a doc- toral program in physical therapy at Boston University. She is having a great time rooming with Emma Newcombe. In her free time, Leah is usually training for a marathon or other long-distance race. Raina Bretan is happy to have finished law school and passed both the New York and New Jersey bar exams. She lives on the east side of Manhattan and works within walking distance of a bunch of Skidmore alums. Theo Gordon is leaving Charleston for an MBA program at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business. He had a great time this spring tagging along with Emily Rollinson, Don Webster ’09, Stephanie Wein, and Nik Seely ’11 at Reunion. Terence Kennelly moved to NYC, where


he works for Oaktree Capital Management. Emmy Shea has been painting and exhibiting in the Philadelphia area while working as a freelance photographer and social-media marketer. When not in the studio or training nonracing thoroughbred horses, she practices mixed martial arts and competes in Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu. She looks to make her amateur debut this fall in the 115- lb. straw-weight divi- sion, where she is known as “the Hellcat.” Lauren Donovan recently signed on as publicity manager at Penguin Young Readers Group. She previously worked at Random House Children’s Books. She hopes to get back to Saratoga soon. Ashton Frulla has worked in clinical research at Columbia University for the

past two years, investigating topics such as health literacy in the underserved Washington Heights community and novel technologies for remote EKG moni- toring. He recently started an acute-care nurse-practitioner program at Yale. Charles Buell is an English teacher in Busan, South Korea, and says, “Life is great!” Jules Martowski has moved to Waco,

Texas, to start a clinical psychology pro- gram at Baylor University; his focus is addiction and co-occurring psychiatric ill- ness. Jules welcomes hearing from Skiddies in the area and notes, “Baylor has the same colors as Skidmore—crazy, right?” Sara Krasner returned to her hometown

of Los Angeles to finish a master’s in psy- chology at Pepperdine University. “Work- ing full-time in a narcotic treatment pro- gram and going to school at night was an adventure,” she notes. Sara has since moved to San Francisco, where she is work- ing at PLOS One, an open-access, nonprofit, online scientific journal. She also volun- teers as a state-certified crisis counselor with San Francisco Women Against Rape. Dan Haro lives in Somerville, Mass., and works as project lead in the Innovation Institute at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, a quasipublic agency that drives entrepreneurship and economic growth in the technology sector. David Engel has transitioned out of marketing and into market research: he is an associate at Sachs Insights. A resident of NYC’s Brooklyn Heights, He joined Tara Johnson, Melissa Ross, and Claire Solomon to cheer on Keith Petri and Emily Goldman as they conquered the Brooklyn Half-Marathon. Frances Gubler lives in Montpelier, Vt., happily growing vegetables and herbs with mountain man Greg alongside. She is com- pleting a master’s in historic preservation at the University of Vermont and plans to save the built world after graduation. For now, she likes making pottery and cooking. Jake Young recently enjoyed a month- long stay at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program in the hills of northern California, where he completed an art installation, wrote numerous poems, and nearly finished his first book of poetry. He also continues his passion for wine, and in March he was certified as a wine spe- cialist by the Society of Wine Educators. Joshua Stone earned his MD from Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, Pa., on May 18. He is now in a four-year resi- dency in neurology at Brown University in his home state of Rhode Island. Elissa Nadworny recently completed a

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