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Center at the veterinary school of Western University Health Sciences in Pomona, Calif. She was recently elected a distinguished fellow and practitioner member by the National Academies of Practice, a body of health-care profession- als who advise policymakers in Congress and elsewhere. Janet Ingalls VanDine was elected to a four-year term as Republican state com- mitteewoman for Lycoming County in Pennsylvania; she is the recording secre- tary for the Pennsylvania Federation of Republican Women. A 1991 graduate of Leadership Lycoming and a 2014 graduate of the Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series, she has served on the Lycoming County Republican Committee’s executive board for 30 years. Janet and husband Bob have twin daugh- ters beginning their senior year in college: Ellen at Penn State’s School of Music in horn performance with a minor in Russian, and Dorothy at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music in organ per- formance and sacred liturgy. Ellen Waters and husband Paul have two children, Dana Sclafani ’05 and Ross, who graduated from Harvey Mudd College in California. Both kids worked for Lehman Brothers, Dana as an investment banker in NYC and Ross at the Eagle Energy subsidiary in Houston, Texas, and now they’ve both changed jobs but stayed in their respective cities. Ellen and Paul are retired from long careers in banking, finance, and education (Ellen did a 10- year stint as a teacher). They spend five months at their home on Figure 8 Island in Wilmington, N.C., and seven months at their home in the Woodlands, just north of Houston. Ellen was lucky enough to travel with Dana through Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. In May, they toured the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, and Russia. Ellen enjoyed summer at the beach swimming, biking, reading, and watching the waves with a beer in her hand. A New York Times-bestselling author of sports-related nonfiction, Sally Williams Cook recently published How to Speak Baseball: An Illustrated Guide to Ballpark Banter, co-written with James Charlton. In it, Sally seeks to “decode the amusing, clever phrases that pepper commentary about the sport” and share anecdotes that illuminate baseball history. She observes, “It’s been a big hit, and although the book hasn’t been out long, it’s already in its third printing.”

’76 48 SCOPE FALL 2014

Beth Boynton is a professor and director of the Hill’s Wellness

Debbie Davis Winnick is the director of development and public relations for the Needham Community Council, a small, private nonprofit in Needham, Mass. She and husband David, a ’75 Union grad, celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 22. Their daughter, Rebecca, and her hus- band, Jonathan, both Union grads, live in Silver Spring, Md., with Ellen’s first grand- child, Dylan, who arrived on February 6. Son Benjamin lives in Boston. Debbie and David spend as much time as possible at their home on the Cape in Orleans, Mass. Debbie works in clay and runs Raku fir- ings at the Potters Shop & School in Needham, where she collaborates with well-known Raku artist and author Steven Branfman.

Susan Gleason So welcomed twin grandsons Brandon and Jonathan in December 2013. They are the children of her son Andrew, who runs South Bronx United, a soccer nonprofit. Joan Karsten, who has been connecting with classmates on Facebook, is grateful that Skidmore roommate Barb Mahlum Bartlett found her online. Joan is also in touch with Lynne Gull, Melinda Halpert, Ellen Waters, Katherine Durham Brechner, and Cindy Haak Ahmuty.

Matt Rosen passed along the sad news

that Christine Wright Hanley died on May 2. He offers this tribute to our friend and classmate: “Chris possessed both physical beauty and a beautiful spirit. In her work as a resident assistant in McClellan Hall and head resident in Thompson House, her quiet confidence, caring, and concern for others were always palpable. These qualities, along with her intelligence and ability to con- nect with others, were cornerstones of her life as a mother, friend, and business owner. Her positive attitude, combined with the loving support of her family and friends, enabled her to manage her cancer with incredible grace and resilience. We extend condolences to husband Daniel and their four children, including Christina Hanley Becker-Birck ’06. INGEBORG HEGEMANN CLARK 26 KERRINGTON WAY STOW, MA 01775-1036 IEHEGEMANN@GMAIL.COM AND NANCY REEVES REARDON 420 SOUTH GREENWOOD PASADENA, CA 91107-5019




History major Charlotte Bonelli never thought she would return to the Saratoga Springs area to research a book. But she did, in preparing Exit Berlin, about an extended Jewish family whose members flee Nazi Germany to points around the globe. Charlotte, who is director of the American Jewish Committee Archives and Records Center, based the book on WWII- era correspondence from the estate of a German Jewish refugee who headed for America a week before Kristallnacht and who tried to help the relatives she left behind. Charlotte did genealogical research at the New York State Museum in Albany, N.Y.

Cynthia Blum Carroll resides in London, where she serves as a nonexecu- tive director on the boards of BP and Hitachi. She is also a board member of two nonprofits, Grassroot Soccer and the Institute for Advanced Study. She and husband David have four children; three attend school in the US, and the fourth is still at home. After spending most of her career traveling around the world without her family, Cynthia says she is happy to finally participate in family activities and events: “It has been wonderful to step back and relax a bit!” EMILY WALKER BRACCHITTA 36 FLAT ROCK ROAD, APT. 5 FITCHBURG, MA 01420-2282 EBRACCHITTA@GMAIL.COM


Deborah Mangold Perez and Bob Perez had a great time dining in Saratoga during Reunion. They met up with Bob’s brother Paul Perez ’84, Richard Schneider and wife Michelle, and several other ’79ers one night at Gaffney’s. The next evening Deborah and Bob joined Richard and Michelle at Scallions. Carter Jones Meyer was sorry to miss Reunion but did see photos of the big weekend: “It looks like ’79 was rocking the T&L,” she says. Daughter Kit graduat- ed from Kents Hill School in Maine and is

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