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The Vikings have landed in South Yorkshire!

C New humidity

and temperature transmitter

measurement of relative humidity and temperature in demanding climate control applications. Excellent temperature compensation ensures outstanding accuracy over the entire temperature working range. Besides relative humidity and temperature, EE210 calculates further physical quantities such as dew point temperature, absolute humidity and mixing ratio. Two of the measured and calculated values are available on the freely configurable analogue voltage or current outputs. The combination of completely encapsulated measurement electronics inside the sensing probe and HCT01 humidity sensor with E+E proprietary protective coating enables the use of the EE210 even under harsh and aggressive environmental conditions. The innovative enclosure of the EE210 provides outstanding protection against contamination. Thanks to the external mounting holes the housing remains closed during installation and so the electronics is protected from construction site pollution or mechanical damage.


E + E Elektronik Ges.m.b.H Tel: +43 7235 605-0 Web:

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he new EE210 transmitter from E+E Elektronik has

been developed for highly accurate

ontrary to popular opinion, the Vikings were more than just marauding warriors. In the 9th and 10th Centuries, they organised commerce in Northern Europe, penetrating the Russian rivers down to the Black Sea and were the first Europeans to reach North America. Now, in the present day, long established company Viking, one of 3M’s leading tapes, adhesives and abrasives distributors, is emulating its predecessors by expanding its trading horizons across one of the fastest-evolving heartlands of the UK manufacturing sector. With a solid commercial footing across West, North and East Yorkshire, Viking is now mounting an ‘assault’ on neighbouring South Yorkshire, with its sights firmly set on further penetration into Lincolnshire and North Derbyshire. The company, started in 1989 in Keighley, has, in conjunction with 3M Tapes and Abrasives, opened its first branch office in Century Business Park, Manvers, Rotherham, at the beginning of the New Year, to coincide with the dawning of its milestone 25th anniversary year in business.

Viking Tel: 0844 412 3435 Web:

Bakery invest in cleaning system A

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n East Midlands bakery has invested in a centralised vacuum cleaning system designed and manufactured by market leaders BVC. The primary reason for the investment was the need to clean up relatively inaccessible areas such as silo penthouses and internal silo tops/bottoms.

The system

enables centralised collection of waste product, therefore removing any health and safety issues of machines being moved by personnel up and down vertical cat ladders. 198 metres of pipe work and fittings are installed, interconnecting 18 hose connection points, serving six internal day bins four above and four below with a final point in front of the BVC static industrial vacuum cleaning machine located elsewhere. The BVC Centurion model Ti80 industrial vacuum cleaner is located in a safe area which does not come in contact with the materials being extracted by the system and is powered by a 15 kw motor, the

machine is protected by a vacuum relief valve which opens when no hoses are attached. Displaced air is filtered within the BVC ‘clear flow’ filtration system and particles collected within a removable 80 litre bin at the base of the filter chamber with the bin provided with a lift and tip facility for emptying.


repeat TNT success F

Preston, Liverpool, Astec Conveyors

ollowing on the success of Astec Conveyors installations of hi-tech sortation systems at Birmingham, Slough,


Durham, Swansea,

Edinburgh and Bellshill depots, Sales Director - Roger Pendleton confirmed the company had also successfully completed a further project at the TNT Crawley depot.

As part of TNT’s strategy of improving depot operational efficiencies,

the UK Network

Development Team has adopted an ongoing evaluation of materials

handling solutions for both existing and new depots. In reviewing the Birmingham and subsequent projects by Astec Conveyors, TNT acknowledged that the new reversible straight-line conveyor system had been extremely successful and would form the basis of MHS installations at all future new and retro-fitted depots.

Several companies were invited to tender for the TNT Crawley depot, which

was the first of a number of planned sites. The tender specification required them to provide an overview of the potential system layout, operating criteria and adhere to a very strict time schedule for installation. New High Speed Two-Stage Switch Unit at TNT Crawley

Astec Conveyors in conjunction with TNT, designed a concept based on similar principles as adopted at the previous depots, providing an effective reversible materials handling system.

However, it was essential that the system capability should be increased to support working shift patterns. In order to achieve this, Astec Conveyors


installed and integrated its new patented high speed, pneumatically operated two stage switch unit, which enabled them to reduce the gap between parcels of all sizes and increase the throughput up to 4000 units per hour.

This unique modular high speed switch sorter from Astec provides a new dimension in integrated system design, offering maximum versatility with bi-directional (left/right) 30° sortation. The compact two-stage module has virtually halved the spacing required between conveyed parcels, which contributes to optimum space utilisation and feeding of close pitched sort lanes.

Astec Conveyors Ltd., Robian Way, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DH Tel: 01283 210333 Fax: 01283 210444

Email: enter 836

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