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PREVENTING COLLISIONS while improving productivity

“We have

made significant progress toward the safe automation of certain warehouse processes..."

“That’s why Crown invests so much

Order pickers equipped with wireless control and scanning lasers that identify potential obstacles have been introduced by Crown to provide improved productivity while preventing collisions


uickPick Remote is a technology that can be employed with Crown’s GPC

3000 Series order pickers. Wireless control means operators no longer have to return to the truck’s operator platform as they can move the order picker forward at the touch of a button while keeping both hands free. Scanning lasers built into the truck identify potential obstacles positioned in front or to either side of the vehicle, preventing collisions. An automatic steer correction ensures that the order picker travels along aisles in a straight line and at a constant distance from the racks.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY When picking orders from the lowest racking level, operators normally spend an average of 75% of their time on foot, much of it backtracking. The solution offers major opportunities to cut time, effort and costs. The system drastically reduces how often the operators must return to the operator platform and means they do not have to walk as far or in as many different directions. This significantly reduces the amount of time required to fulfil each pick order and increases productivity over the order


picking process as a whole. During field tests, individual pick orders were precisely replicated and the time required to fulfil them was measured both with and without QuickPick Remote. The outcome of these long-term tests

showed that productivity between first and last pick of the day increased by 10% on average with gains within the aisle up to 25%. This innovative technology is an ideal solution for low-level order picking in large retail and wholesale operations using high density storage. “We know that cutting costs is our customers’ number one challenge,” says vice president Europe Ken Dufford.

QuickPick Remote brings technology, workflow efficiency and operator activity together in a systematic order-picking process that reduces operator fatigue while improving productivity

time in developing pioneering materials handling solutions that fully satisfy real world needs in today’s logistical environments. With QuickPick Remote we’ve made significant progress toward the safe automation of certain warehouse processes as part of a carefully formulated warehouse automation strategy.” With QuickPick Remote working processes are simplified, resulting in significantly higher order-picking performance while operators are placed under significantly less physical stress. They spend up to 50% less time walking, cutting in half the distance they must carry a load; climbing on/off the operator platform is reduced by up to 70%.

REDUCED PERSONAL RISK Thanks to these improved working processes, operators can get more done with significantly greater economy of motion and less personal risk. QuickPick Remote means order picking

Everything to hand: QuickPick Remote's glove-mounted control makes for faster, stress-free order picking

activities are less tiring, accidents and injuries are reduced and employees feel more motivated. The corresponding reduction in lost time and associated costs, as well as the improved employee job satisfaction underscores the system’s effectiveness. QuickPick Remote brings technology, workflow efficiency and operator activity together in a natural, systematic order-picking process. It’s a rare productivity improvement solution that results in operators slowing down and yet getting more done - safely.


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