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Gears will be a main focus for R.A. Rodriguez. Not only will the company emphasise the quality and extent of its established and growing KHK range of stock and custom gears, it will introduce a range new to the UK allowing even greater custom capability. Since its appointment as sole

distributor for Framo Morat, R. A. Rodriguez has concentrated on the Framo range of drive systems. These include compact slip-on geared motors, linear actuators and push-pull linear chains, all based on modular design principles and customised to suit each application. Also new is a European


New developments in industrial connectivity being featured by HARTING include families of high temperature

connectors and devices with high mating cycles plus interconnectivity products for smart network infrastructures and power systems within the industrial environment. A major new development is the Han(R) HighTemp Series

which enables the reliable transmission of signals and power at temperatures up to 200°C in industrial environments. The design is based on HARTING’s well established Han(R) B

and Han(R) E series with the addition of high quality temperature-resistant materials and heat-resistant design applied to all components including contacts, insulating materials, housing, seals and grounding elements. During development, the resistance of these components was verified in HARTING’s in-house testing laboratory. These high temperature connectors offer significant savings in

equipment design, manufacture and maintenance by removing the need to enclose machine parts which are exposed to high temperatures and clearing the way to modular plug-in designs. The resulting lower wiring complexity results in reduced maintenance costs, fewer outages and minimal downtimes.

HARTING Stand D460 Enter 314

manufactured range of KHK branded high precision racks and pinions. Available with straight or helical teeth, these products are available from R. A. Rodriguez in a choice of sizes and qualities to suit a variety of rotary-to- linear and linear-to-rotary motion requirements.

RA Rodriguez Stand EP150


Supporting the GAMBICA Pavilion Omron will demonstrate the capabilities of the Sysmac Automation Platform. An Omron Delta-style robot will undertake a typical material handling application with every aspect of the machine cell being controlled by a Sysmac machine automation controller. Sysmac offers a ‘total machine

solution from controller to software’ via one machine control through one connection and one software. “The NJ machine automation

Enter 315

controller integrates motion, logic sequencing, vision and sensing, robotics, safety, data management, networking and machine visualisation components using the IEC-compliant Sysmac Studio software,” says Karl Walker, marketing manager, automation. “This truly integrated development environment including a custom 3D motion and simulation tool enables a new design concept to be proved before a machine is created. “All of the control functionality is

performed by advanced software engines, making the system far more flexible than traditional PLC solutions. The Sysmac NJ controller comes as standard with EtherCAT and Ethernet/ IP open networks, providing the perfect match between fast real-time machine control and data management tasks.” Sysmac can offer impressive product


Heason Technology will demonstrate its expertise in positioning mechanics and motion system

design, manufacture and assembly with a series of working exhibits that bring together products and components from many of its distribution partners as complete motion systems. These include a concept rotary actuator that

delivers Ethernet from fixed to rotating sections through an integral slip ring assembly and a multi- axis demonstrator that combines linear and rotary direct drive motors in a display of tightly synchronised motion.

Heason Technology


Stand D192 Enter 316

development time-savings due to its integrated development environment, with a single piece of software being used to configure, programme, test and simulate a machine offline.. One particular feature likely to

appeal to end users is its ability to link seamlessly to the enterprise level. Its data management tool enables integration into enterprise systems via industry-standard databases including Oracle and SQL, facilitating a two-way, free flow of data.

Omron Electronics

Stand G70 Enter 317


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