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New inverter-based AC/DC power source

based AC/DC power source for AC/DC GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (MMA) welding. Heliarc provides superior AC/DC GTAW (TIG) and outstanding AC and DC SMAW (MMA) performance, including cellulosic (E- XX10, E-XX11) electrodes. The Heliarc power source uses inverter technology, which delivers significantly increased

E energy efficiency and superior

functionality in a package that is lighter, smaller, and less expensive than old, less efficient SCR technology machines.

Easy-to-achieve, optimized arc settings

enable the operator to weld aluminum using a pointed tungsten. The tungsten remains pointed improving arc starts, heat input and arc stability, thus assuring high quality welds.

Heliarc’s pulse

current allows for smaller HAZ (Heat Affect Zone), better control of the weld pool, and less plate deformation.

In AC GTAW (TIG) mode, the power source uses high frequency (HF) only to initiate the arc, compared to older power source technology which requires HF to be continuous. Heliarc’s fast switching AC process removes the need for HF during welding, reducing electrical noise and the risk of interference to surrounding electronics.

ESAB Group (UK) Ltd. Tel: 0800 389 3152 Email:

enter 828

New KBK Aluline light crane system

solution. Reduced rolling resistance enables operators to move loads weighing up to 2,000 kg, by hand, with minimum physical effort. The new light crane system


comprises hollow section aluminium profiles, in four sizes, which deliver improved rigidity and a higher load capacity. In addition, all profile sections benefit from lateral slots, which are compatible with the ITEM system, making it an ideal platform for the addition of other industry standard accessories for bespoke solutions. The two larger KBK Aluline profile sections are available with optional integrated conductor lines, eliminating trailing cables, for improved functionality and a clean, modern appearance. The spectrum of applications for the light crane system ranges from small workshops to complex interlinked material flow applications, including semi-automated production operations. The system is particularly suited to the automotive industry, where high cycle times and precise positioning on production lines are prerequisites. The smooth operation of the KBK Aluline system, with low load dead weight, reduces operator fatigue whilst meeting demands for operational efficiency and safety.

Demag Cranes & Components Ltd Tel: 01295 676100 enter 831 Web: enter 830

SAB, a world leader in welding and cutting technologies, introduces the HeliarcTM inverter-


Guides go for ‘second life’ truck option

t its warehouse in Altrincham, Girlguiding relies on a mixture of Jungheinrich reach and counterbalance trucks to ensure that incoming and outgoing loads are moved safely, efficiently and cost effectively. The 1,600 square metre site stores over 2,000 product lines – mainly uniforms for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and The Senior Section, publications and gifts – which are sold through retailers, ‘volunteer shops’ (usually Guiding volunteers who hold stock which they supply to girls and volunteers

in their local area) and via the Girlguiding website – Stock is

stored on two levels within the warehouse: bulk goods are held in racking at ground level, while a mezzanine floor provides ample space for order picking, packing and dispatch operations. Incoming trailers are unloaded using a Jungheinrich counterbalanced machine while pallets are put away in the racking and delivered to the mezzanine as required using a reach truck. Girlguiding recently replaced its existing reach truck with a refurbished model from Jungheinrich’s ETV range. Like all used – or ‘second life’ trucks – offered by Jungheinrich, Girlguiding’s ETV has undergone a total rebuild at Jungheinrich’s dedicated refurbishment facility in Dresden.

Jungheinrich Tel: 0800 357 457 Web: enter 829

erex Material Handling has completely redesigned the Demag KBK Aluline light crane system to create a versatile and ergonomic modular lifting and moving

Crucial importance

of head protection – People with brain injuries three times as likely to die young

electric stacker handles all pallet types

uropean Handling Equipment has launched the Warrior semi electric counterbalanced stacker. As the latest addition to the Warrior range, the new stacker has been designed as a compact and versatile truck with the ability to handle safely all types and sizes of pallet. The company’s Warrior range comprises an extensive selection of materials handling equipment including hand and high lift pallet trucks, platform trucks, mobile and static scissor lifts, stackers and work positioners plus a range of rugged handling attachments. The new Warrior semi electric stacker provides a lifting capacity of 500kg at 400mm load centre and is available in two versions offering standard lifting heights of 1600mm and 2500mm plus an optional higher lift of 3000mm. With overall dimensions of 2060mm (length) and 840mm (width), the stacker is compact to ensure excellent manoeuvrability in confined operating areas. The truck is powered by a 12 volt battery which is supported by an integral charger to ensure fast recharging for optimum performance in the most demanding applications and environments.

E European Handling Equipment Tel: 01384 423330 S18 MARCH 2014 | MATERIALS HANDLING & LOGISTICS Web: New Warrior semi A

new study from Oxford University1, which found that head injuries triple the long-term risk of

early death, serves to emphasise that adequate and suitable head protection in the workplace cannot be taken seriously enough. The study found that those who suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are more likely to go on to kill themselves or to be involved in fatal accidents, since TBIs may damage parts of the brain responsible for judgement, decision-making and risk taking.

Any kind of brain injury has a

significant impact on early mortality – defined in the study as before age 56 – and even relatively minor injuries such as concussion sustained from falls or during contact sports made people twice as likely to die prematurely, with suicide and fatal injuries the main

causes of death. In 2012/13 there were

196,766 head injuries requiring hospital visits in England alone, of which 125,822 led to TBIs. Approximately 1.7 million people in the United States and one million people in Europe are hospitalised after TBIs each year2.

JSP Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050 Web:


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