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MAINTENANCE PLANS FOR synthetic thermal fluid systems

Maintenance plans introduced by Global Heat Transfer are designed to ensure compliance and increase productivity for facilities operating systems using synthetic thermal fluids


hermal fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer has launched three

maintenance plans: essential, premium and ultimate. Each is designed to ensure compliance and increase productivity for companies that operate systems using synthetic thermal fluids for heat transfer. In addition, all come as standard with a rapid response facility to help a business cope in the event of an emergency.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS The essential maintenance plan provides all the basic requirements to ensure efficient operation and employee safety in accordance with DSEAR (The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations of 2002) and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) standards. The 36-month package includes biannual thermal fluid sample and analysis, 5% top-up thermal fluid and a thermal fluid return programme for compliant waste management. A wide range of thermal fluids are

available to firms opting for this level of service. Furthermore, the essential maintenance plan offers safety training in the form of half day in-house session for up to six people and a system safety survey to meet insurance and health and safety requirements. The next level: premium maintenance is

designed specifically for companies which need to run at optimum levels to meet high standards and customer expectations. The duration of this plan is significantly longer, lasting three to five years - depending on the individual circumstances of the business.

annual heater service and waste management through a fluid return programme and on-site safety training.

This premium maintenance plan

contains all the elements detailed in the essential level in addition to thermal fluid sampling and analysis four times a year and a biannual system safety survey. Companies can be assured of the safety and compliance of their systems as a two-day DSEAR audit is conducted annually in line with HSE legislation and insurance requirements. Further benefits of this package include

Global Heat Transfer has launched three maintenance plans: essential, premium and ultimate

MAXIMISE ASSETS Global Heat Transfer's ultimate maintenance package which is the highest of the three service agreements allows high output companies to maintain productivity and maximise assets. The ultimate maintenance plan has been proven to reduce the overall cost of maintaining thermal fluid by up to 50%. In addition to the benefits offered by the other plans, with the ultimate maintenance level customers receive as much thermal fluid analyses as required and system safety surveys are conducted quarterly. The ultimate maintenance plan which lasts three to five years makes use of the thermal fluid reprocessing programme which allows for highly effective use of energies. "The three levels of maintenance agreements we've created respond to the needs of companies irrespective of their size, scope and industry sector," explains CEO Clive Jones. "The common elements for all three agreements focus on compliance and staff safety as well as rapid response as standard in case of emergency. That is because we understand that all manufacturers have the same basic safety and maintenance requirements that must be observed."

Global Heat Transfer

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Energy management system reduces consumption by 40%

Electronics and maintenance products distributor RS Components has cut its energy consumption across 10 UK sites by almost 40%. The business’ 10,000 sq ft to 22,000 sq ft trade counter warehouses were fitted with energy management systems from Vickers Electronics, cutting gas consumption CO2 emissions by 372 tonnes. The solution connects to the heating system and models where heaters can be turned on or off to ensure optimum heating across each warehouse while stock is delivered. “Our trade counters operate throughout the day and we offer more

than 550,000 products from 2,500 leading suppliers so there is often a lot of movement in the warehouses and this naturally causes heat to


escape while doors open,” explains environment and sustainability manager Ken Simpson. “Vickers’ system saves us tens of thousands of pounds every year on our energy bill which we have re-invested into further energy-saving projects as part of our wider sustainability strategy. So far we’ve fitted intelligent lighting systems at trade counters plus replacing HID lighting with more efficient LED units at some trade centres and planning to roll out these changes to additional sites.”

Vickers Electronics

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