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HOLISTIC APPROACH TO driver-oriented operation

and powered by Kubota engines. Why a Japanese-manufactured component? “These industrial engines, tried and tested around the world in heavy-duty construction machinery, already deliver high torque at low revs,” explains Marek Scheithauer, head of product management of IC powered counterbalanced trucks at Jungheinrich. “These robust trucks boast extremely durable components and are ideally suited for extreme, tough operations in different climate zones.”

At its recent international trade press conference Jungheinrich confirmed its position as a leader in the business of offering intralogistics products and services to a global customer base


ungheinrich has been busy consolidating its business activities in

the field of complete logistics solutions, concentrating its competence in a unified structure. Employing more than 600 staff around the world, its logistics systems division achieved annual revenue of approximately 286 million euros in 2012. Operating in Moosberg, Germany since the start of 2014 under the name Jungheinrich Logistiksysteme, the subsidiary brings together the Logistics Systems and Warehouse and System Trucks divisions. Jungheinrich Logistiksysteme includes

the departments of sales, finance and engineering and will run the firm’s worldwide activities with management team comprising director of sales and general manager Richard Brandstetter; director of finance Dr Stefan Binnewies; and director of engineering Bernd Tüshaus who remains in charge of the Moosburg plant. “This step means we can consolidate

our logistic systems expertise into a single organisation and position ourselves even better in the marketplace as a provider of complete intralogistics solutions,” comments Brandstetter.

S14 MARCH 2014 | MATERIALS HANDLING & LOGISTICS Jungheinrich anticipates further global

increase in demand for logistic systems – albeit with varying emphasis. “Whereas in Europe the need for cost optimisation is the key driver of complete logistics solutions, companies in growth markets like Asia are focusing on expanding their logistical infrastructure,” continues Brandstetter, adding that the company was anticipating strong growth for complete logistics solutions particularly in the Asian market but also in Eastern Europe, the Near East and South America.

LAUNCHES AT CEMAT Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors, offering a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, logistics systems, services and advice. Underlining its emphasis on innovation, Jungheinrich will launch two series of internal combustion engine powered counterbalance forklift trucks at CeMAT in May 2014 - hydrodynamic torque converter drive trucks handling payloads of up to 3,500 kg with maximum stacking height of 7.50 metres

HARSH OPERATING ENVIRONMENTS Demand for trucks that can operate in harsh operating environments inspired Jungheinrich to apply the latest in-house engineering developments to the truck’s core components including mast, chassis and steering axle. The counterweight is an integral part of the load-bearing chassis while the steering axle was integrated in the counterweight. “Its centre of gravity is not only

extremely low but optimally positioned between the axles,” continues Scheithauer. “This lends the forklift truck outstanding stability and makes additional, electronic stabilisers redundant which translates into high dynamic driving stability and ensures outstandingly good safety characteristics both when stationary and on the move.” The proprietary Jungheinrich

transmission shaft in the new torque converter features an integrated non- wear wet multi-disc brake, resulting in minimal service costs; the encapsulated design ensures harsh external conditions do not diminish their performance. A high performance cooling system functions fully even in very high ambient temperatures. Furthermore, the radiator is a single unit made of 100% aluminium, making the trucks highly suitable for operations in very hot settings and protects them from dust. Thanks to the high grade and rugged components, servicing is fast, easy and economic, requiring minimum technical expertise. “Even in the case of carrying out a

service we can still guarantee high stacker availability and minimise the interruption of internal production and logistics work flows.” During development work design

engineers focused on the operator’s seat. The slim steering column offers greater


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