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on natural ammonia refrigerant. With a 1.2MW cooling capacity the plant features three 400kW screw compressor package units, each fitted with a high efficiency electric drive motor. The two frozen food chambers are served by eight evaporators which maintain a constant air temperature of -24 degrees Celsius. The evaporators operate with pumped

circulation ammonia via a surge drum and open flash economiser vessel. The cold store evaporators have a hot gas defrost system with waste heat rejected to the atmosphere via three air-cooled condensers.The evaporators and air- cooled condensers incorporate EC fans with integral variable speed drives. This enables efficient operation and yields significant energy savings particularly during periods of part load. The refrigeration plant is housed in a

A leading logistics business has installed a high efficiency cooling system from Star Refrigeration as part of expansion to its cold storage facilties designed to provide 25 years of reliable service


earsley Logistics has invested in a bespoke high efficiency cooling

system from Star Refrigeration as part of an expansion to cold storage facilities at its flagship distribution centre in Lancashire. As the UK’s largest cold storage and logistics company, recent expansion at the site included the construction of two 57,000 cubic metre cold storage chambers for frozen food. Star was chosen to supply a highly efficient refrigeration plant to deliver cooling for the new cold storage chambers. With over 40 years experience

in industrial cooling systems for the cold storage sector Star is currently providing planned preventative maintenance at the majority of Yearsley Logistics’ UK distribution sites.

LOWEST LIFECYCLE COSTS The bespoke refrigeration plant was designed to provide Yearsley Logistics with over 25 years of reliable service with the lowest possible total lifecycle costs in terms of energy usage and maintenance. Star engineered and installed a single stage pump circulation plant operating

With a 1.2MW cooling capacity the plant features three 400kW screw compressor package units, each fitted with a high efficiency electric drive motor

dedicated plant room adjoining the two new cold storage chambers. It has been designed to accommodate an additional refrigeration system to serve a third chamber as part of a future expansion plan. This includes extending the pumped glycol underfloor heating system which utilises waste heat from the refrigeration plant oil cooling circuit.

Logistex exclusive UK partner for VanRiet high capacity shoe sorter

Logistex has partnered with VanRiet Material Handling Systems to bring its high capacity shoe sorter to the UK warehouse and distribution market. Particularly suited to solutions requiring high throughput, the shoe sorters are among the fastest and quietest on the market with a maximum speed of 3 metres per second. The Closed Deck version ensures no dirt and dust will enter the sorting system so maintenance and the chance of damage is minimal. Constructed of standard modular components, the configuration is designed to customer’sr specific handling needs. The standardised modular approach with regard to mechanics and controls ensures that the shoe sorter can be integrated effortlessly in a new or existingr system. Logistex says it has the industry skills to install sorters as a single addition or as part of a fully integrated automated solution and the engineering expertise to maintain equipment and keep it running for years to come, guaranteeing a good return on investment.

Logistex T: 01536 480600 Enter 353

COMPUTERISED CONTROL The refrigeration plant is controlled via Star’s fully integrated Telstar touch screen computerised control system. This features intelligent functionality including compressor sequencing, evaporator optimisation, floating suction pressure and load shedding to minimise plant operating costs. Independent refrigeration engineering consultancy and plant specification was undertaken by Star Technical Solutions (STS); mechanical and electrical contractor Star M&E Solutions (SMES) was responsible for supplying plant control panels and all electrical works on site. The plant is now being maintained by Star’s Manchester branch operations team under an extended warranty agreement. When it comes to designing and maintaining energy efficient cooling and heating systems, Star works with strategic partners to deliver low carbon, cost saving solutions.

Star Refrigeration

T: 0141 638 7916


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