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Sprinkler rules to change W

hile welcoming any measures that improve safety within a warehouse

or distribution centre building, the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) - the trade body which represents the interests of some 700 third party logistics specialists – has warned against the mandatory introduction of sprinkler systems within all warehouse facilities. At present only warehouses over

20,000 square metres in size legally need to have sprinklers fitted but the Business Sprinkler Alliance (a collection of trade bodies and other groups) has recently launched a campaign for the current law to be reviewed. “There have long been demands for the

mandatory installation of sprinkler devices within all new warehouses and in some cases for warehouse operators to be compelled to add them to existing facilities,” says Roger Williams, chief executive officer of UKWA. “Among the third party warehousing

and logistics industry which UKWA represents, the words ‘sprinklers in warehouses’ usually raise eyebrows and any talk of ‘retrospective fitting of sprinklers in warehouses’ is guaranteed to get warehouse operators’ blood

pressure creeping up. Given the Fire Service’s policy to allow warehouse fires to extinguish naturally if the blaze does not present a threat to human life, it seems reasonable to expect more emphasis to be placed on preventing the escalation of a fire and suppression systems look certain to be used more widely. That said, there are a number of practical problems that prevent the use of sprinklers in some types of warehouse and in some localities so while UKWA welcomes any steps that seek to add protection to property and people, we will be doing our best to engage with the Business Sprinkler Alliance and other interested parties to ensure that any proposed changes to existing regulations are sensible, practical and applied with a light hand.”


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Facing increasing business demands Forest Sofa spent £400,000 extending its warehouse and adding a mezzanine floor to create extra storage space. The company needed a way of moving heavy furniture to the storage mezzanine from its ground floor production area. movemanSKG recommended its

“There are practical problems

that prevent the use of sprinklers

in some types of warehouses...”

Titan goods lift, a freestanding unit capable of lifting 1000kg 13m and suitable for safety conscious companies that need to transport large or awkwardly shaped loads between levels without putting their staff at risk. The completed Titan travels four metres between the two floors and features simple push- button controls mounted within a carriage console and the doorframes on each floor to facilitate quick and easy operation. The large platform can accommodate palletised loads and it comes with inclusive service visits in the first year of ownership.


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Frame it with ease

Beaverswood have continuously strived to bring new and innovative products to the marketplace. One such new product is frames4docs:

Frames4docs are a unique range of colour coded frames designed for easy and prominent document display. They are perfect for use in offices, libraries and through- out industry to display all types of literature, certificates, information and acts as a reminder for all staff in 5S and Lean manufacturing. The frames are colour coded using red, blue, black, yellow and green. All five of these safety colours comply with British Safety Standards, and are therefore ideal for displaying health and safety information including fire and hazard notices. The frames are also available in mixed colour packs and in sizes to suit A2, A3, A4 and A5 inserts. The magnetic frames have a very strong pull force and can be applied to any flat steel surface. The design allows for easy insertion and removal of documents without the necessity of moving the frame. However if required simply lift and relocate your document at will. The magnetic frame also enables your documents to be displayed cleanly without the use of nails and pins that could damage the fixing surface. The self-adhesive frames have an aggressive adhesive that has been selected to adhere to most sealed surfaces. Self-adhesive frames are permanent and can be fixed to glass doors, windows or partitions. This design allows for documents to be easily changed when required.

For further details on this range and all the identification and labelling products please contact Beaverswood.

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