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IN-VEHICLE GROUND LIFTS minimise tripping hazards

Stertil Koni lifts within the new super depot are nine sets of four Stertil Koni ST1075FWF wireless mobile column lifts that incorporate an advanced communication system. These are rated individually at 7.5 tonnes and can be used in pairs or in multiples for buses with a greater number of axles. In this way, a set of six lifts, for example, would provide a total lifting capacity of 45 tonnes.

MECHANICAL SAFETY LOCK Significantly, up to eight lifts may be controlled from a single column to ensure smooth and synchronised movement of all the lifts at the press of a button. An additional level of safety is provided by an independent mechanical safety lock fitted as standard to all the mobile column lifts, allowing a raised vehicle to be ‘parked’ on the locks. Furthermore, in common with all Stertil

To ensure maximum flexibility and staff safety GoNorthEast installed Stertil Koni lifts in its warehouse because the rams and headpieces are flush with the floor, restricting tripping hazards


o North East commissioned Stertil Koni to supply all the vehicle lifting

equipment at its new £8.5 million super depot at Gateshead Riverside. The centrepiece of the Group’s two-year £30 million investment programme, the facility is located on part of the former Dunston power station site. Replacing two existing depots in the

area, it covers 5.75 acres and accommodates 160 buses plus more than 500 drivers, engineers and support staff. To ensure maximum flexibility and staff

safety it was decided to forego pits in favour of lifts, all of which were supplied by Stertil Koni. Three different types of lift were specified because they offer advantages for particular tasks and vehicle types in addition to providing what is considered the most flexible capability for future developments.

REDUCING TRIPPING HAZARDS Two of the lifts are twin ram, fully recessed in-ground models providing a safe lifting capacity of 32 tonnes. While allowing unrestricted access to the underside of a bus when in the raised position, all the rams and headpieces are flush with the floor level when lowered, therefore reducing any tripping hazards

and allowing better vehicular and pedestrian movements within the workshop. A larger, fully recessed in- ground lift provides a lifting capacity of 48 tonnes and features a set of three rams. This model is perfect for lifting a range of 3-axle vehicles including 18 metres long Bendibuses that service the local MetroCentre Shopping Centre. Similar lifts have been used successfully for some time by the Group at Camberwell in London and in Oxford. Stertil Koni supplied two fully recessed Skylift platform lifts offering respective lifting capacities of 20 and 25 tonnes. Both lifts are used to simplify work on a wide range of vehicles which, for the larger model incorporating a 14.5 metres long platform, again includes the Group’s fleet of Bendibuses. An interesting feature of the Skylift

Koni lifts, the wireless mobile column lifts are able to raise and lower all types of buses including double deckers, safely and securely. To support the installation of Stertil Koni lifts the company supplied a range of ancillary equipment including axle stands of varying heights, jacking beams, wheel handlers and special wide- platform access steps. Go North East chose Stertil Koni to provide ongoing service and maintenance of the lifting equipment in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

“We are delighted that Stertil Koni has been selected as

and groundbreaking project...”

sole supplier of vehicle lifts for this prestigious

BLUEPRINT FOR FUTURE “The new Go North East super depot is a convincing blueprint of what we can expect for the future of bus companies throughout the UK,” says Stertil Koni’s general manager Tony Edge. “We began working with them at the planning stage back in 2011 and have liaised closely at every step of design,

development and installation. My team and I are delighted that Stertil Koni was recognised as a company of sufficient size and reputation to have been selected as the

models is the incorporation of special floor plate infill sections that rise up from beneath the lifts when they are deployed, ensuring that there is no exposed hole, thereby removing the risk of an accident. Completing the line up of


sole supplier of vehicle lifts for this prestigious, groundbreaking project.”

Stertil UK T: 01525 852564 Enter 306


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