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Spirax Sarco delivers energy-saving steam project for €340m new-build hospital

SICK returns to Mach 2014 with innovation in action across the board

achieve improved process and production efficiency for manufacturers. From more accurate measurement, communications


to improved factory interfaces,

connectivity and

machine safety, SICK’s extensive R&D capabilities are delivering best-in-class solutions. Visitors to the stand will see new industrial sensors, auto ident devices, machine safety, fluid sensors, vision systems, measurement sensors and encoders that employ the latest advances in measurement and supported interface technologies.

The launch of

the SICK Flexi Loop machine safety connectivity solution achieves scalability, diagnostic insight and I/O connection capacity within a compact space and at a very competitive cost, reducing the cabling needed to meet the latest safety standards.

With a capacity to cascade up to 32 safety sensors / switches on one loop and to create up to eight separate loops it will provide up to 256 sensors on eight dual channel inputs, reducing the clutter of traditional connections.

SICK UK Tel: +44 (0) 1727 831121 Web:

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ICK UK is returning as an exhibitor to MACH in 2014 with broad portfolio

of innovations to

pirax Sarco has delivered a project to provide the steam for heating, hot water, humidification and laundry services at a brand new, €340 million, acute hospital for the Enniskillen Trust in Northern Ireland. Spirax Sarco also provided the controls to manage the steam feeding the hospital’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. The company carried out the work after being appointed by Mercury Engineering, which was contracted to provide building services for the new facility. The hospital runs two biomass boilers, which run at 8bar g and 30bar g to drive the hospital’s CHP generation plant. There are also two oil-fired steam boilers running at 8bar g to generate steam for low-temperature hot water for heating, domestic hot water for hand washing, bathing and cleaning, laundry services and humidification.

S Spirax Sarco UK Tel: +44 (0)1242 521361 Web:

New KBK Aluline light crane system

moving solution. Reduced rolling resistance enables operators to move loads weighing up to 2,000 kg, by hand, with minimum physical effort. The new light crane system comprises hollow section aluminium profiles, in four sizes, which deliver improved rigidity and a higher load capacity. In addition, all profile sections benefit from lateral slots, which are compatible with the ITEM system, making it an ideal platform for the addition of other industry standard accessories for bespoke solutions. The two larger KBK Aluline profile sections are available with optional integrated conductor lines, eliminating trailing cables, for improved functionality and a clean, modern appearance. The spectrum of applications for the light crane system ranges from small workshops to complex interlinked material flow applications, including semi-automated production operations. The system is particularly suited to the automotive industry, where high cycle times and precise positioning on production lines are prerequisites. The smooth operation of the KBK Aluline system, with low load dead weight, reduces operator fatigue whilst meeting demands for operational efficiency and safety.

T Demag Cranes & Components Ltd Tel: 01295 676100

Arco’s range of smart communication solutions

earing damage caused by exposure to noise at work is permanent and irreversible. Research estimates that over 2 million people are exposed to noise levels at work that may be harmful, with industries such as manufacturing, construction, energy and water supply claiming the largest number of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss disablement benefits. Hearing loss usually develops from long-lasting exposure to noise and progresses over time, however damage can also be caused by sudden, extremely loud noises. Working in noisy environments also makes communicating with others more difficult often resulting in the need for the person to remove their hearing protection device to hold a conversation with someone. This may not seem to be a dangerous action; however the combined impact of this could reduce the overall attenuation protection during the working day. In fact removing your hearing protection device to aid communication for just 30 minutes over an 8 hour shift reduces the effectiveness of your hearing protection by half. As part of its commitment to keeping people safe in the workplace, Arco has created an Expert Guide on communication solutions that has been specifically designed to provide guidance on the selection of hearing protection which feature integrated communication capabilities and to advise on the different types of communication solutions available in the marketplace.


Nordson EFD PICO™ Jet dispensing system

Arco Tel: 01482 222522 Web:

Norbar launches new electronic torque wrench


orbar Torque Tools has launched its first electronic torque wrench, the Nortronic®, designed to offer users unprecedented torque and angle

control. To meet the demands of industry for quality control and production traceability, Norbar has designed an electronic torque wrench that is capable of measuring, displaying, storing and transmitting torque and angle target results and receiving configuration settings from TDS (Torque Data System) computer software via a USB or wireless interface. The new electronic torque wrench will provide operators with a complete data management and archiving system. Two way data management capabilities also mean that multiple targets can be sequenced and linked as well as tool settings configured at PC.

Norbar Tel: 01295 753600 Web: / FACTORYEQUIPMENT enter 806 enter 805

High production speed and exceptional accuracy in non-contact dispensing of assembly fluids


ispenses a wide range of low to high viscosity fluids Can apply consistent shots as small as 2 nanoliters at speeds ranging from 150 Hz (cycles per second) up to an industry-leading continuous 500 Hz Combine high production speed with exceptional accuracy and process control Ideal

for high-speed,

high volume applications that require many small, precise fluid deposits. Ideal for use on uneven substrates or hard-to-access areas The NEW modular version now available featuring interchangeable components to accommodate particular fluids and applications. Exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing – Booth #M85

EFD International Inc. Dunstable, U.K. Tel: 01582 666334 Web:

enter 807 FACTORY EQUIPMENT | MARCH 2014 29 Web: enter 803


enter 804

erex Material Handling has completely redesigned the Demag KBK Aluline light crane system to create a versatile and ergonomic modular lifting and

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